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  1. The only thing wrong with that plan is the handsaw. Any red-blooded American would have used a chainsaw, nothing lesser. What you show there is nothing more than inexperienced weekend warriors choosing the wrong tool. 🪵

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  2. Most recommendations can and will be debated so I’ll forgo that but to believe or assume that a tube amp is “better”

    for Heritage Klipsch may well be a mistake. Well designed SS amps sound as good as well designed tubes with Heritage. Crappy tube 

    amps sound just as bad as crappy SS amps. They exist in both camps. 



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  3. 37 minutes ago, ODS123 said:

    Couldn't agree more with Claude - break-in is a myth that manufactures allow to persist because it serves their interest by reducing returns.


    I would add interconnects and power cords to the list as well.  ...And probably the idea that separates (power amp and pre-amp as separate components) offer an audible advantage.  These days, integrated amplifiers have S/N ratios, channel separation, and THD that exceed our hearing threshold.  ..Any minuscule improvement gained by separates is not apt to be audible and probably not even measurable.  That of course doesn't mean there aren't other sensible reasons to go with separates.  

    You’re kidding, right? Power cords and IC’s have a period of break-in in order that the virgin wire(s) become better acquainted with the new electrons they’ll soon be passing. They need to play nice otherwise it’s nothing more than a scrabbled mess of unidentifiable “noise” you hear. Maybe orientation is a better term - like the first day of school .

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  4. 58 minutes ago, methylenedioxymethamphetam said:

    I always welcome the RIGHT forum member to come over and listen to whatever setup I have at the time.  Here is the current... 


    Do you plan to reveal the list of possible invitees? You know - the “right” list🤞

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  5. Having owned the “infamous” 396 ll (510 w/mumps, k691) for just a couple weeks I can vouch for their goodness. As good as they sound I find they are much better rounded with a sub, and I’m using an older, sealed active that I think give a better balance. Perched in front of Jubes they are a fine stand in, no they ain’t Jubes but sound really good. The Jubes are so all encompassing most any speaker comes off as “smaller” no matter how fine they actually sound. And while I will never part with my LS I think the 396 to be a cut above. It’s a pretty big step to better a Klipsch Pro model, even the iconic LS can’t match the 510/k691 combo. 

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  6. 44 minutes ago, Chief bonehead said:

    I know right.  My guys and I must suck at this……you can ask all you want.  Doesn’t mean I have to answer. And it’s because my answers will not matter. Mr K had a sign on his desk that I always laughed at…..don’t bother me with the facts. I got my mind made up. 

    Yep. I’ve been meaning to speak to you guys about my “underground” Jubes 😏

  7. Okay, I currently own a Benchmark, a First Watt F3 (Class A of course) Hypex nCore nc400 monoblocks and some other stragglers. According to AudioScience “statistically” speaking the nCores and Benchmark provide the lowest distortion ratings tested. To say either of these ratings highlights or exaggerates any perceived brightness or “sheen” in my Klipsch speakers - they do not. They both provide a blacker background than the F3, barely. I have owned other First Watt and Pass Labs amps which fall the same. 
    For reference my current Klipsch in house are Jubes, LS, H3 and 396. 
    I have owned numerous, and still have single ended monoblocks, tube amps and without question all the above SS amps provide a quieter and far blacker background than tubes. For this reason I rarely run tubes although when I do they sound great. For my ears quality solid state provide the immediate, live sound Klipsch horns offers. 

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  8. 17 minutes ago, mikebse2a3 said:



    Seems a couple on here just can’t except others having different opinions from theirs and if you do your just a gullible “Fanboy”….




    In this day and age people not accepting another’s opinion without being coerced, bullied or called the “label” of the day? Say it ain’t so Mike.

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  9. I’ll be the contrarian here - I have had nothing but good luck with FedEx over the many years I’ve been in the hobby.

    For me, it is my carrier of choice and has always delivered the quickest - . Luck o’ the draw?

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  10. 21 hours ago, Schu said:

    Any Class D will make that speaker THUMP with massive transient response.

    That I will agree although all Class D, similar to Class AB or pure Class A presents different flavors. I believe my current Hypex nCores stand above the Wyred4Sound mAmps I once owned. And the latest and greatest Hypex Purifi supposedly stands above nCore. And on it goes - 

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  11. If “coheres” into a single source means each speaker blending into a center single source or ghost center, I agree. Positioned properly my “underground” Jubes have done this trick for years. Pulled out from front wall and toed as to cross Behind my seated listening position does this is my room. 

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  12. On 5/1/2022 at 12:57 PM, Marvel said:

    These didn't come from a store...


    (The carton was recycled)





    Our neighbors have chickens and couple ducks and have been given eggs from both. Other than the obviously larger duck egg and the intense yellow-orange color of the yolk I really didn’t taste much difference from store bought. Maybe my taster is gone - 

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