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  1. reddog5

    Belles SOLD

    I will be glad to hold a few days with no money. He can't pick up until about middle of March. They need to be gone or put in storage with more household furnishings well before then.
  2. reddog5

    Belles SOLD

    Not being evicted, jailed or deported. Spent a couple hours yesterday at local LTL trucking company looking to get the belles to Memphis, no luck. They are still up for sale at $1500.
  3. reddog5

    Belles SOLD

    Doesn't that always seem to happen. Hope you find some closer to you.
  4. reddog5

    Belles SOLD

    I am located approximately 10 miles from the intersection of interstates 95 and 40 in eastern nc. I will get some pictures here tomorrow when I can get access to a decent computer. Only have phone today. Thank you for your interest.
  5. reddog5

    Belles SOLD

    Thanks Budman, I remember that now. I will get pictures on here when I get to decent computer tomorrow. They are priced at what I paid. I have enjoyed them and thought someone on here wanted a pair for their pleasure.
  6. reddog5

    Belles SOLD

    I have a pair of w/o belles in need of a new home. The letter 'J' is stamped on the back, 1971 I think. Tag only on the back of one speaker with serial 8561373. The veneer looks to match on both but I cannot say they are consecutive numbers. I can find no chips, scratches or dings on either. Bought them several years ago from a forum member. They are all original. I am downsizing and they need a new home or to go into storage. I am pricing them at $1500. I am in eastern nc 6 miles off of I-95 and 10 miles off of I-40. Now, let's see if I can get pics on here. May take a while.
  7. expected to bring over $5 million US. only brought $4.1 million. a bargain?
  8. I have a 1900 . paid 600 for it and about a year later had one channel go out. cost me 250 to get that fixed. I really like the sound and how it makes the belles sing. It will have to do until I find something I like better. not sure what they are bringing now but have seen several on CL from 400-900.
  9. My grandmother always told me that the devil kept a very special place in hell for people who abuse animals. I believe she was right.
  10. Found this forum back when I had KG's and not very good equipment. picked up a pair of '81 HWO's and a Mac1900. Very happy with that combination. Found a set of Cornwalls about an hour from me on Friday, picked them up on Saturday. They are '72 WO verticals. matched pair veneer wise but not mirrow image. The sound is unbelievable. Never heard music that good before. Now I know what you people are talking about when you talk about Cornwalls.
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