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  1. First frost way earlier than average here. But maybe that's why its an average.
  2. My prices havent changed, since ever. Just sayin'.
  3. Just sayin'-----they make great gifts. You may never have the chance to experience this rare chile again. No one else has this one on the market.
  4. Hot sauce ready for distribution. The chile is a white moruga, a pale whitish yellow fruit with a nice flavor and medium to medium high heat. The usual prices and sizes available. PM for orders and details.
  5. My car door electrical locks seem to hate the cold anymore. Intermittent and hard to trace...dadgum
  6. I like those crisp little seaweed snacks. Not sure if it is actually kelp or some other type. As far as healthy, most of what i like is healthy enough, but I'm getting to the age where I just don't care.
  7. The picture and the neighborhood proves it.
  8. Agreed. But it did start out as a honda anyway...
  9. Hobby? Darn, I just thought it was part of life.
  10. Can Corporate Greed Explain Historic Inflation? Lawmaker Says She Found The Answer (msn.com) Check it out. While your statement can be true, in the current case, it isn't.
  11. 1 through 5 set but alas, on Kindle. I'll look around just in case.
  12. I doubt in small cases you would have to prove anything. If it came to that just show the original new price. But yeah it could reach the utter nonsense plateau if an idiot handled it wrong.
  13. If I had read it, it would make me different from everyone else. Conform!
  14. If they are selling it, then you can bet they have a back door into it.
  15. That's nonsense. The email for the account should suffice. There is more to it than "our" security. There is more to it than "they need more of your money."
  16. I would just go through the motions with the forms and leave it. Only in the case of an audit will it require anything more. The 1099 is informational not proof of taxability. Given the potential nature of the subject, I suggest continuing the conversation via pm if desired.
  17. To anyone interested, instead of in the book thread, let me recommend Barry Eisler's "The God's Eye View." A work of fiction in the action/intrigue genre, but the author gives extensive links for each chapter to real information regarding the surveillance society we live in. Joe Bob Briggs says "check it out."
  18. Umm, they already have your email.
  19. Yes and it can also be used to coordinate with other entities who you are and what you say. Paranoid? Maybe maybe not. What if you dont have a mobile number? Are you cut out of the "system?"
  20. I have been using PP with friends and family with no problems. The last time I tried to sign in, they demanded my phone number. So I haven't signed in lately. They already have the bank account information, why should I provide a mobile number? So, a heads up for hot sauce fans, of which there will be some soon, I might only take checks, or cash equivalents like MOs.
  21. Maybe you missed my use of the word "honest."
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