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  1. ............ Yet! Now, you're thinking! Come up with the patent for a design, and you might find yourself a rich man one day. EDIT: Ahem! Excuse me. ".... find yourself to be a rich man..." No offense intended. [] Dude! You are definitely not just pretending to be a lawyer. Grammatically, you could have simply changed the phrase to "find yourself as a rich man."
  2. Hmmmmm....I don't think any competitive diver in the world would agree with that sentiment - same goes for any competitive gymnast (I don't know any competive skaters so I can't comment there). The same amount of "judging" that goes on in these sports is the same level that goes on in basketball, football, rugby, hockey, etc etc...Think I'm crazy? Go talk to some diving judges and see how structured the scoring system is. The only reason different judges give different scores is because they don't all see the same things...and that is something that happens in every sport (especially rugby and water polo, where the refs will even have the explicit option to not call something). The thing is, a goal is a goal. The ball, puck, or other object is in the net or across the line or not. A home run is a home run. Any other judged event cannot claim this totality. A racer crosses the line before the next racer. If you want to participate in a "sport" where you must be known by the judges, pay your dues, etc. as is heard countless times in "sports" like figure skating, then go ahead and believe it is a sport instead of a combination of politics, coaches politics, international politics and oh yeah by the way performance by all means live your dream.
  3. Yet cigarrette lighters in cars are not child proof.
  4. The very idea of cup holders in a BMW is repulsive. They are safer than their drivers as a car, only the coffee spillers are at risk.
  5. Very cogent codhead. If only we lived in a Brave New World, with such beautiful people in it.
  6. By the way, Jeff. Have you had a chance to experience any of the "classical" music recommendations?
  7. Our last posts were almost simultaneous. You answered my last question in a way. However, would BMW be at fault for not providing cup holders to the driving idiot?
  8. I repeat my question: Where does responsibility and liability intersect?
  9. I do see it as a two way obligation. Any driver by law knows the rights of the road and the duty to avoid pedestrians. Therefore the driver also knows that hot lava between the jewels while driving is at your own risk.
  10. So, to continue my last post, if this person was driving a BMW, would not she sue not only the lava dispensing company, but also the car manufacturer because they did not foresee that some customers would try to drive with hot lava in their laps, and therefore should have provided cup holders?
  11. As I understand it, the company in question knew that the product was lava, yet did nothing to lower it. That still does not excuse someone from driving with hot lava in their lap in the first place. Where does responsibility intersect with liability? Why does BMW not have cup holders? (because you are in a car for driving, to get to point b from point a, not to enjoy a meal or hot coffee on the way).
  12. Oldie, you missed my long post on page 1. Your knives cannot be made safer. Mfg. wins. So you are saying that if it is conceivable that a moron could cause injury to itself and technology exists somewhere on the planet that might have prevented this moron from injuring itself then the mfg is liable?
  13. What about the knives Jeff, the knives!
  14. I think we all understand the history and theory of harmful product laws. Most of us have problems with responsibility vs. liability. Caveat Emptor is a Latin term, hence has been around since before the birth of Christ. Where does the concept of common sense intersect with manufacturer liability? I know that is what the courts are designed to resolve, but many times the verdicts don't make sense. Your example of a blade guard does little to clarify this issue. Obviously a power saw can cause serious damage when used improperly. So now lets take the average high end 12" chef's knife. These have been around for ages, yet there is no "blade guard" for these, and they are more common than a power saw. Put in the hands of "stupid" they are as dangerous as anything I would want to be around. I have used my chef's knife many more times than my power saw, and regardless that in my case no serious injuries have resulted as of yet, on average, the chef knife is a far greater danger (due to far greater usage) yet it has NO BLADE GUARD! When I whack the end of my finger off, will you get me lots of money from Henkels or Solingen for this oversight? Or will it be thrown out as frivilous like many other lawsuits that should be, but are not?
  15. Moon, you should not need replacement parts. I have never heard a story of anyone having to replace a part unless they abused it. I have run a 1980 Yamaha integrated, a sub $400 sony av receiver, and now a $250 panasonic av receiver through mine and not had a problem. These are Klipsch products hand crafted in Hope, like your cornwalls. I bet you have not had to replace anything on your corns, have you?
  16. When I listen to my Forte II's playing a Mozart piano concerto, I can almost hear the piano on stage or in the room. It is not quite like either one, but close. It is close enough to visualize the hammers hitting the keys though....
  17. Those were grackles, they make a hell of a high pitched racket and leave a lot of birdshit. They congregate en masse seasonally, I remember when they would turn the sidewalks white (mostly) at TCU.
  18. Great joke! However BMW's have'nt had carbs since the mid 70's.
  19. I think this opinion would be seriously in the minority. I believe that the general opinion around here is that the Cornwall is about the best Klipsch used bang for the buck you can get. It has a smooth, deep frequency response and is not terribly dependent on placement as many other cabinets. The only other Klipsch that come close in terms of sound value, are the ForteII . Michael No doubt, Cornwalls and Fortes rock. Once you go there the next stop is Khorns if you have the space and the corners.
  20. Jacksonbart, there is a calendar out there for you of women's curling. Check it out. MHO is that this is more of a sport than figure skating or even diving because events that depend on judging are inherently less sporting than an event that determines a clear winner by the nature of the game, like armadillo racing for example.
  21. I am curious about upgrading to separates. Is it better to pair a more current processor and an older amp for budget reasons? Would an older processor such as a Sunfire TG original be adequate or are the newer features critical for enjoyment? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  22. My Forte II's were some of the first made and have a date on the back. My pair of later Forte II's do not have a date that I can see. If the date on yours is 1986 then they would have to be the original Forte's. The easiest and quickest way to tell is measure the passive radiator in the back. A12" cone is the original series, a 15" cone is the series II. Experiment with placement as the others have said and enjoy! _____________________________________________ Enjoying Forte II's since 1989.
  23. Looks fairly tempting to me. Does this unit only do Dolby PL and not PLII? Is it better to go with a newer processor and then an older amp for budget reasons when upgrading to separates? Edit: I will start a new thread for this question, reply there please.
  24. Down here the grackles will congregate like that. Never seen that many crows at once though, it must sound awesome.
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