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  1. Physical grafitti is good too, but the black and white Hindenburg disaster is my fave....
  2. This thread is showing me what I always knew. That is I spend all my time listening to the drums, bass, guitar, and the overall melody but never bothered with lyrics.
  3. You're trippin back now To places you been to You wonder what you're gonna find You know ya been wrong But it won't be long Before you leave it all far behind Lonely feelin Deep inside Find a corner Where I can hide Silent footsteps Crowdin' me Sudden Darkness But I can see Both of these are from the same song?
  4. understand the rules, i'm just guessing, and guessing wrongly. ___________________________________ "its just me mom, I'm only guessing..."
  5. Almost sounds like Never going back to my old school...steely dan, but i am terrible at lyrics. _________________________ I know the past one was sister golden hair. I just had to say what I think of it.
  6. Yeah. Sister golden hair. Lame classic. Sorry, just had to say it. Almost as bad as Forever in Blue Jeans.
  7. Gotcha, plus it was already done I now realize after perusing the first 3 pages. I just posted because I know the lyrics that were before it. Having seen your post about already knowing it i skipped ahead. My bad....
  8. How about: "Shining flying purple wolfhounds show me where you are..."
  9. "As much as I may think myself a man, my youthfull braddigio of maleness has long since departed and I try as hard as I can to be considerd simply as a person. There is nothing in the aspect of a man that you will not find in a woman and sophomoric humor aside (my speciality) we stand tall in our own personal regard only in relationship to those around us. Human are a selfish lot, individually. If left only to ourselves we would be a lazy, shiftless immoral slugs indeed. We only shine in how we deal with and help each other, we only excel with help from others, we only learn because someone taught us to listen. We can gut it out because someone showed us the way, self-pity is drowned when we look outward and around us. I could go on but I think you can take the point." Well put. A famous writer (can't remember whom) once said that you never truly grow up until your father dies. On the other hand, Peter Fonda recently stated that he wants to be an eight year old forever. The truly retarded are the ones who are "selfish...lazy, shiftless immoral slugs." Basically, just live up to the responsibilities you take on, and have the wisdom to know how much you can handle. _____________________________________________________________ "but he can't be a man 'cause he doesn't smoke, the same cigarettes as me..."
  10. I went with one simply because it was so ground breaking(not to mention full of great tunes). Without the first selling as well as it did, there may have never been any more, and Zep would be just a distant memory, like Cream(lol). Now I am seeing kids my son's age and younger wearing Led Zeppelin t-shirts, just like back in the seventies. You don't see Beatles t-shirts(maybe for licensing reasons)or even many Hendrix or Doors....Plus, the cover art, while not all that original, is graphically so cool. ______________________________________________________ "Been dazed and confused for so long....."
  11. Monk's Dream is great and Criss Cross was recorded soon after. Get both, it is almost like a double album set.
  12. Regarding lawyers it is an inside job. By and large they are the ones who make the laws, and do so in such a way as to baffle most outsiders(those without the union card i.e. law degree). Now imagine standing near a cliff, and there is a lawyer lurking nearby. You either have to hire it or you might as well jump off anyway. (insert smiley winky face here)
  13. I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that shielding is necessary unless you have DLP. Or, of course, front projection to a movie screen.
  14. It's called a percussion ensemble at that point, and I'm sure the wags in here have other designations in mind.... _________________________________________________ "We've got to ride tonight, my little homey Kenny died tonight..."
  15. This is probably the best answer overall, but in the spirit of suggestions: Time out---Dave Brubeck Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall Return to Forever---Chick Corea Any Count Basie big band Any Dizzy Gillespie/Charlie Parker Dang! Already out of room and no Miles Davis....
  16. Thanks for the info. I always had this negative impression that PWK was a closet anglophile. I will sleep better tonight.
  17. mmmmmmmmmmmm....... gas...................
  18. Having served on the IOWA and having lost 47 shipmates, I tend to get particular with the details of what happened that day. All I can say is..."Dude!" And thank you for serving our country.
  19. The LaScalas and the rf-7's are two completely different animals. For 2 channel the choice is what you like, one versus the other. If you want to go HT then stay with the rf-7's and add compatible products around them. This is simply a buzz per dollar (bpd) calculation.
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