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  1. Stop Making Sense by the Talking Heads has been praised by Roger Ebert as the best concert video he has seen. It is my personal favorite, I wish I owned it on dvd, only rented the tape so far. -------------------------------------------------- "spent my money, took my car, started tellin' her friends she's gonna be a star"
  2. oldtimer

    B&W 703

    All I can say Phil is: Kicking around on the same ground, have you found----the same old fear?
  3. I have Forte II's as fronts with an academy center. I have thought that a pair of academies would make great surrounds for the space challenged. After installing the academy at center, I have also realized that if there were no interference with the video, with space and set up allowing, there is clearly no substitute for another Forte II at center, and what the heck throw in another pair for surrounds. At today's prices for academies, this could be done for the same or even less dinero. Would you even need a sub? Maybe, but I think it would be the last unit to add.
  4. here's the deal mike. Bid as close as you can to the last second with your absolute highest price you are willing to pay. Your emails to the seller will not be answered, they just want the highest price. Shipping costs are always paid by the buyer. Be patient, perseverent, and ultimately lucky.
  5. I think it is Best Buy's decision not to carry the reference or heritage lines. That was the impression I received from our local salesman, who clearly wished he had reference instead of having to send people away to somewhere else.
  6. Your price is fair. I looked at your ad several times, but I am just not in the market to augment my oiled oak Forte II's right now. Sure, I fantasize about having three pairs for an awesome 6.1 set up in my yet to be built dream house home theater. I just have other priorities right now. As for other's interest, you must realize that while current owners of these magic boxes know how great they are, those who have not experienced them don't, and have no way to audition them unless they have a friend who owns them. I bought mine new in 1989 and it is the best 1400 dollars I ever spent.
  7. "To sum it up, there ain't no seat in the entire concert hall that comes even close to sitting in the middle of the orchestra..." Maybe, but then you wouldn't be a percussionist and how much fun could that be.....
  8. Headphones would be perfect, but....it would be too awkward to be practical. My plan right now is to buy some heresies and figure out if they will work for size. I had no luck finding paradigm minis. the nht's were priced each and not by the pair. I also have a pair of mission 700's circa 1980 that need new woofer surrounds that should do the job if i can fix them and the heresies turn out to be too big, leaving me with a pair of heresies to use .
  9. i am thinking about buying a pair of speakers for my father in law(Christmas present). This is a special case so I will explain the best I can. he is in his 80's and has started cranking up the two Rca baby boxes in order to hear and they are grating for everyone else. Two speakers are required(no sub, no center) and the room is 12X20 with a pass through counter to the kitchen and a hallway at the far corner of the rectangle. The outside walls are almost entirely windows(one 12' and one 20' side). The tv is crammed in the corner of the window side. So, I am in need of something with a small footprint that has accurate full range sound. The only possibility in the heritage line would be heresies. I have not heard much of the newer stuff, so I ask the collective wisdom of the forum for possible solutions given these constraints, plus the desire not to spend more than $400. These are for television use and he watches a rented dvd or tape at night. Thanks to all.
  10. I think you would be much happier if you sold your academy to me . Is it oiled oak by any chance?
  11. I have had that cheap panny for about a month now. My old sony bit the dust and the panny is a gift. It sounds ok with digital input but I am not so sure about analog. I will say one thing in its favor: It has a phono input when nothing else does until you get back up to around the $800 range. I still like my old Yamaha integrated but that does not get me anywhere for HT. After I find an Academy to buy I will probably be looking for something more serious for power.
  12. So now there are two opinions that the rc35 sounds muffled, just when i was set to get one for my forte IIs so i could have a warranty. Anyone else out there have the same opinion, and does the rc 7 also have issues? Is that oiled oak academy still for sale plummer?
  13. Phil, just add the khorns and keep the rc7. Upgrade the rs 3IIs to rs7s. Just thinking of that set up has me salivating.....
  14. plummer, the academy is listed as the perfect match for my forte II's on the klipsch website as a center. Wouldn't you know, my forte's are oiled oak. How much do you want? (it would have to be below what i can get an rc35 for). just wondering.....
  15. the rc 35 seemed like a good choice to me too. their sensitivity is rated 96db while the forte II's are at 99db. I have not found anything else that high, plus the horns would seem to match up well. My forte II's are from '89, still sound great. These old speakers should be called heirloom series instead of heritage! I can't imagine parting with them.
  16. what is the best match for a surround system using forte II's as the front. i don't have a sub, just bought a digital receiver, and need a center speaker. thanks
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