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  1. Thanks for the suggestion CECAA850. I was contemplating buying a local one for sale that wasn't working but decided against it. Have too many other projects to complete.
  2. D-Rex

    Best 3D Movie

    I will look for that one to be re-released in Blu Ray 3D!
  3. Good responses! I know it's a crap shoot either way but I have to go from my own experiences of course. I have used several different Fed Ex locations here in Stillwater and Edmond OK and have had few problems and, when i have had damaged shipping, FedEx has been good to reimburse my lost money. It has been over a week now and I still haven't heard a peep back on what UPS is doing with my claim! But I don't honestly expect either carrier to be perfect. I have to agree, it was practically an act of God that my RSW 15 arrived unharmed!
  4. Thanks, that sounds pretty reasonable, matching vintage receivers with vintage speakers. I have been thinking that the receivers have been advancing technology would out perform the vintage but I am hearing you say that is not necessarily the case.
  5. I see some sell for $250 and then one sold for over $400 and someone else is asking over $500 for theirs! So, what is the story on these vintage receivers? Why woudl someone pay that much?
  6. I just paid $700 + paypal fees + shipping for my Cherry RSW 15. However, I wouldn't sell it now that I have it, for less than $850.
  7. Picture of the RW-12 UPS destroyed 6 years ago that I recently repaired:
  8. UPS just destroyed the Marantz 7001 I was shipping to Canada. I paid $80 to have them ship it only to have them destroy it! I even used one of their own boxes and they crushed the side of their own reinforced box! Yes, it was insured but that isn't th epoint to me! This was a very fine piece of audio equipment and UPS just destroyed it ude to either negligence or incompetence, or some combination of both! Logistics my @#$! For comparison, I just had FedEx ship me (in Oklahoma) an RSW 15 from an individual on Minnesota. It had to be the worst packing job in the history of packing but somehow FedEx got it to me without any damage whatsoever, not a scratch! I have used FedEx for over 6 years without issue. I had simply decided to give UPS another chance and this is what I get. My previous experience with UPS had them crushing an RW-12 (I did happen to take this out of storage recently and reconstructed the box so that it works perfectly now and I think looks even better, picture below) I had shipped from Oklahoma to Texas. I had to fight them to even reimburse me with the insurance I had purchased! At that point in time I vowed not to do business with UPS again, yet here I am, 6 years later, in the same situation! So, if you can't tell by now, I greatly prefer FedEx, I can't emphasize that enough. Any other stories out there that might help others make a good shipping decision?
  9. Where can I get a replacement Amp for a Klipsch Sub-10 Subwoofer? Does Klipsch sell them?
  10. Well CECAA850, it only took another 10 minutes of investigating to figure out the hole for the driver was a little too big in places, causing the screws to not properly hold the driver in place. I took it off and rotated it about 3-5" to where all of my screws would make good contact and now it works like a charm! I appreciate your advice... Thanks!
  11. I am sure it was a bit conflicted at first but we got it figured out now! Works like a charm... even with the cherry wood.
  12. I guess this Klipsch amp thing was the first thing I should have checked... I will trouble shoot the driver some more see if I can isolate the exact location of the issue...
  13. I am not sure it isn't the driver, I just haven't experienced anything like this and was reaching for a possibility concerning the driver being bent. If it was the amp, do you know what would be happening to cause it within the amp? It seems to work just fine until you drive it hard and then it squeals.
  14. Instead of the driver having a perfectly flush rim to attach to the front of the cabinet, the driver was warped about half an inch. That went away as I expected when I screwed the driver to the cabinet but I once I heard the sound and where it seemed to be originating it made me think that maybe the driver wasn't getting a good seal. It's using the same outlet and cable that I was using on the RSW 12 and RSW 15. Since there were no problems with them then I didn't think that it would be the outlet or the cable.
  15. I recently pulled my old RW-12 out of storage to repair/replace the front that was destroyed by UPS about 7 years ago. I used 1/2" plyboard and cherry wood flooring as a veneer and I think it looks great. However, when it reaches higher levels it begins to squeak and then puts off a high-pitched squeal. Now, I did notice that the driver was bent so I am wondering if, when it really starts to put out the bass if it is losing it's seal and letting air in and out, creating the noise. Otherwise, I need some other options but it does sound like it is coming from the driver area. Thanks!
  16. Ok, I found a cherry RSW 15, which matches my RC 7 center channel, so, if everything turns out well, I will be selling my RSW 12. I will run them side by side for a few days but I will have to sell the RSW 12. Thanks for all of the advice everyone!
  17. Good advice elite, but these RSW Subs are hard to get your hands on and I have no complaints at all with the Sub, I just wish I would have had th emoney to buy the RSW 15 at the time! But, I rememebr getting a good deal (probably getting better and better as age deteriorates my memory! I could probably leave well enough alone but have an extra sub port on my receiver, and you know how a guy is... when he sees a hole he thinks he needs to fill it.
  18. Yeah, I don't expect to find another RSW, so what would make a good 2nd, considering bang for the buck.
  19. Thanks Willand! Anyone else have any options?
  20. Yes, the RSW12 Sub is a very good sub, probably mor ethan I need if you were talking to my wife. So, I don't need much but I wouldn't mind adding a 2nd Sub if I thought I could get a little more bass out of my system. $300 just seems really cheap for a good sub.
  21. I have a Pioneer CD changer that I bought from Best Buy 20 years ago so I thought it might be nice to have a new one. So, I don't want to spend much but was wondering if anyone had any experience with this CD player? Any other suggestions under $150?
  22. How good is this Klipsch Sub? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882780078&nm_mc=OTC-pr1c3grabb3r&cm_mmc=OTC-pr1c3grabb3r-_-Home+Audio+Speakers-_-Klipsch-_-82780078 It seems like a good price but would it add anything to my system compared to my RSW-12?
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