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  1. ---------------- On 1/9/2005 2:20:19 PM DeanG wrote: Seti -- would it make a difference if I told you that I have it on good authority that the AK-4 Klipschorn sounds "better"? ---------------- Ok now if it is a quality issue that makes all the difference in the world absolutely. That I can understand. You are right a diy kit would be very cool for the Jubilee. The industrial version is a monster would love to hear that....
  2. ---------------- On 1/9/2005 1:24:56 PM DeanG wrote: A rather esoteric item. Production models would run around $13K -- and who would buy them? How many here have bought new Klipschorns? So, Klipsch should gear up for Jubilee production so they can sell three or four pairs a year? Something HAS to be marketable before it can feasably be brought to production -- that is just reality. There is a pro version of the Jubilee. If one was so inclined, they might be able to purchase the bass bin, and then DIY the tops and networks. I do think Klipsch should at least offer the home version of the Jubilee as a kit -- in honor of The Man. ---------------- I believe Klipsch has what it takes to market the Jubilee properly and get it to market perhaps even a limited trial run. Just seems it would be worth it to bring one of PWK's last designs to market. As far as who would pay for it look at what some people spend on speakers. It seems some morons out there think it can't be good if it's not expensive hell I know some. I call it dollar psychosis. I would bet they would sell more than a couple a year. Hell It would be really nice to see something new come out of Hope again.
  3. ---------------- On 1/9/2005 8:29:51 AM paulparrot wrote: ---------------- On 1/9/2005 3:53:32 AM seti wrote: ok so what is going on with the jubilee? are they going to sell this beautiful speaker? ---------------- Klipsch has no plans to ever sell the real Jubilee. ---------------- I can't believe that I hope PWK haunts them. I guess the computer speaker market is more important grrr. Isn't that one of the last speaker designs he worked on.
  4. ok so what is going on with the jubilee? are they going to sell this beautiful speaker?
  5. That site is tas....priceless OMG ROFL http://www.cofanifunebri.it/padrepio1.jpg http://www.cofanifunebri.it/cristoeuropa1.jpg http://www.cofanifunebri.it/bruna.jpg I might just order a calander.
  6. Sound track to the Last Temptation Of Christ Passion - Peter Gabriel HA! - The Creatures featuring Leonard Eto monster percusion is the only way to describe it. Of course my all time favorite is Marcel Marceau live in paris Twins? Pictures?
  7. I would just watch audiogon and maybe save abit more money. My friend has one of these and likes it NAD 521C http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?dgtlplay&1110250003 plus you could always get a dac later.
  8. ---------------- On 1/6/2005 2:12:16 PM Gramas701 wrote: a true audiophile would not only give the type of mouse and what it ate for breakfast, but the scietific readings that went along with that mouse. ie the velocity and wind speed of that fart ---------------- Don't fotget the best feeding method for the mouse to produce the best acoustical farts.
  9. ---------------- On 1/5/2005 9:34:46 PM Allan Songer wrote: CAN YOU HEAR ME? http://www.virginmegamagazine.com/?aid=C10 ---------------- Dead Kennedy's what a great punk band insane funny lyrics.... M.T.V - Get Off The Air Fun Fun Fun in the fluffy chair Flame up the herb Woof down the beer Hi I'm your video DJ I always talk like I'm wigged out on quaaludes I wear a satin baseball jacket everywhere I go My job is to help destroy What's left of your imagination By feeding you endless doses Of sugar-coated mindless garbage So don't create Be sedate Be a vegetable at home And thwack on that dial If we have our way even you will believe This is the future of rock and roll How far will you go How low will you stoop To tranquilize our minds with your sugar-coated swill You've turned rock and roll rebellion Into Pat Boone sedation Making sure nothing's left to the imagination M.T.V. Get off the M.T.V. Get off the M.T.V. Get off the air Get off the air See the latest rejects from the muppet show Wag their **** and their dicks As they lip-synch on screen There's something I don't like About a band who always smiles Another tax write-off For some schmuck who doesn't care M.T.V. Get off the M.T.V. Get off the M.T.V. Get off the air Get off the air And so it was Our beloved corporate gods Claimed they created rock video Allowing it to sink as low in one year As commercial TV has in 25 "It's the new frontier," they say It's wide open, anything can happen But you've got a lot of nerve To call yourself a pioneer When you're too gd-damn conservative To take real chances. Tin-eared Graph-paper brained accountants Instead of music fans Call all the shots at giant record companies now The lowest common denominator rules Forget honesty Forget creativity The dumbest buy the mostest That's the name of the game But sales are slumping And no one will say why Could it be they put out one too many lousy records?!? M.T.V. - Get off the air! NOW!
  10. ---------------- On 1/5/2005 3:00:49 PM mdeneen wrote: "I'd imagine the AC provided might be a bit cleaner, though. ====== Usually it's much, much worse as a result of very cheapo inverters. mdeneen ---------------- Thanks glad I didn't just assume and just buy one.
  11. ---------------- On 1/5/2005 3:09:18 PM DeanG wrote: My hearing isn't very sensitive. I routinely listen at 160db. It doesn't sound very loud though. http://forums.klipsch.com/idealbb/images/smilies/9.gif"> ---------------- wow man do you have neighbors? At that point does the music levitate you?
  12. ---------------- On 1/5/2005 1:33:04 PM yaffstone wrote: You'd get ripple from the battery charger if it was left plugged in. Anyhow, all power supplies are basically made this way. Think of the capacitor used to smooth the ripple as a rather small battery. For absoutely clean power, the trick would be to have a large enough battery to supply hours of listening. The environmental issues, weight, cost, and very small difference in performance (possibly detremental as the voltage drops) are all reasons to keep the amps plugged in and make DC voltage in whatever archetecture one is using (tube or SS). ---------------- Correct me if I'm wrong but could I go to bestbuy and buy the biggest battery backup power supply they have fully charge it and then run on batteries when I listen to music and also have conditioned power as well as battery supplied power? Whats the difference in power conditioners for audio and computer applications?
  13. I have a problem with live music venues especially in little rock. I think that alot depends on the sound man and mic placement. I heard a band that played great music but the sound system or the sound man was screwed. The distortion and lack of ability to discern the individual instruments was so bad that I went to the front to see what kind of equipment I was being abused with and it said EV on the side. Then I noticed that the band sounded great up front because I was hearing everything through their monitors. Is it really that hard for a club to have a good sound system?
  14. ---------------- On 1/5/2005 1:01:04 PM scott0527 wrote: That does look cool. He should include those new parts for $525.00 Me think he mean to include part but he not know english so well. What the heck is he going to do with $250 worth of parts once he sells the tt? ---------------- Perhaps you are right. Dam I read too fast thought it said included what a silly way to do an auction. He should raise the price a little and include the price love the table though. I like the tint of the glass.
  15. J. A. Michell SYNCRO audiophile turntable http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?anlgtabl&1110104374 I tried to talk a friend into this table but he decided on a cheaper table. I would love to own this table much nicer looking than those acrylic tables wish I had the slush fund for it.
  16. ---------------- On 1/4/2005 10:44:46 PM jt1stcav wrote: C'mon now, Craig...does that Mullard look floppy to you? Dusty, yes...floppy, no. ---------------- Ok I have to ask still in newbie mode. How do differnet rectifiers affect sound? What brands are better than others etc? I have a Mullard GZ34 in my pre and RCA black base in my monoblocks was told the rca's were as good as you could get. I have no way to verify. Also how much are tube testers I'd love to know what state my tubes are in or does anyone know of someplace in Arcansaw that test tubes?
  17. ---------------- On 1/4/2005 11:33:32 PM garymd wrote: Pretty sure China Doll was written by Garcia & Hunter. At least that's what the album and various Grateful Dead books I own say. I'd love to hear Slim Whitman's version though. Where can I find a copy? Are you sure ole Slim didn't do a version of Garcia & Hunter's song? ---------------- Sorry you are correct I guess thats what happens when you assume they are two different songs. I was going through a stack of my dads old 45s and 78s and found several Slim Whitman and I couldn't resist. I remembered his music from Mars Attacks and just had to listen. Not sure what to say about him but wow how weird. The guy can sing/yoddle sorta like a slide guitar hard two tell when they seperated. 1956 Slim Whitman China doll I'm tired of crying and all your lying, That's why I'm buying a china doll. Her eyes are bluer, her faults are fewer, Her lips are truer; my china doll. I'd rather have a doll of clay That I could call my own, Than someone else just like you With a heart of stone. She'll never leave me. She'll never grieve me, I'll never lose her - My china doll. I'd rather have a doll of clay That I could call my own, Than someone else just like you With a heart of stone. She'll never leave me. She'll never grieve me, I'll never lose her - My china doll.
  18. ---------------- On 1/4/2005 12:47:29 PM paulparrot wrote: Audio Flynn, Don't you ever get tired of listening to cymbals? Where do you even find CDs of just cymbals? I guess maybe it beats listening to 1KHz sine waves all day. ---------------- I guess you have never heard the Llangollen Cymbal Orchestra simply wicked.
  19. ---------------- On 1/4/2005 9:40:42 AM 3dzapper wrote: The Greatful Dead can open others eyes with their "China Doll". ---------------- Have you heard the original by Slim Whitman? Wow weird sh!t.
  20. Tom Petty - Wild Flowers T-Rex - The Slider / Rabbit Fighter box set ***** The Creatures - Boomerang Bjork - Post / Homogenic Talking Heads - Naked Meat Beat Manifesto - STSRMXS Peter Gabriel - Passion Dead Can Dance - Aion Kama Sutra Soundtrack To show off my system to someone who hasn't heard it before I have a stack of cds that are of high quality and then let them pick what they want to listen to. I hate having someone play something at me that I don't want to hear or am just not interested in.
  21. Never assume just because something is expensive that it is good. I think I would rather have a pair electronluv pre/amps http://www.electronluv.com/html/amp/845_amplifier.html & http://www.electronluv.com/html/preamp/10line_preamplifier.html . Not sure who posted the moth gear yesterday but that looked really cool as well. Hope it sounds good please let us know.
  22. That is nice I was actually looking at audio advisor saw a salamandar rack and thought it would be cheaper to build. Very nice work btw. I was thinking about making my own vibration isolation system for mine but instead I am going to mount a shelf directly to the wall for all my gear. I didn't realize how much vibration my system was getting through the wood floors until I spun some vinyl. I set a record for needle jumping I am sure.....
  23. I would love to have a pair of these someday just to own a pair of klipsch history but how do they sound?
  24. How could anything that looks that bloody cool be bad? Damm that looks nice. Looks to be solid. Have you done a search of completed auctions to see what others have sold for on ebay also you could google it.
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