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  1. Was wondering why my PC was slow hmmm never knew they made tubes....
  2. I am just getting back to vinyl on my own system most of my friends listen to vinyl and I got the bug again. I have an entry level tt MMF2 with a grado reference cartridge. Currently I am building a vibration control system for my rack and on the cheap as well. I am taking one think wood plank for the bottom and a thinner planl for the top with a small lip the same dimensions as my rack then I am going to place a dozen air bladders aka racquette balls between the slabs and hopefully this will be enough to minimize vibration and the cost will be under $100. I have wood floors in a house over 100 years old so the more vibration absorbtion I can add the better.
  3. That amp is dead sexy not in a necrophiliac kind of way though but in the super cool 4 300B's kinda way : ) I would love to hear this amp or anything with that many 300b's/6sn7's YUMMY
  4. I just purchased a NAD PP2 phono preamp to get me listening to vinyl till I can afford a wright phono pre. Was just curious if anyone here had heard this phono stage? It gets decent reviews but for $99 I am not expecting much.
  5. ---------------- On 12/21/2004 2:05:39 AM cyclonecj wrote: Look at the bright side. You now get to experiment. When you re-connect all of the wires, you will know if dog slobber improves or impedes the sound going through a wire. Who knows, maybe there is a future business in this..... I even have a slogan for you..... Dogwires... bring out the best in your woofers! ---------------- Thats bloody brilliant cryogenic dog slobber cables.
  6. 6,000 8,000 13,000 20,000 euros just forget about the numbers budgets are made to be broken i personally like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by
  7. ---------------- On 12/19/2004 11:45:25 PM nicholtl wrote: Which one was better in bed? ---------------- Me Don't know they were not quite right they liked me not knowing which was which fortunately one was a little freakier than the other
  8. I think SET is worth a try but again I am biased no pun intended . I bought my 300B amps not knowing if they would have enough power for me but fortunately they do however everyone is different and loud to one is not loud for another blah blah blah. I wouldn't send my 300B's back for anything but I wold also like some PP quads to listen to as well. I have a friend who has been into hifi audio for 20+years and after hearing my belles and 300B's he wants to try a similar setup with either 2A3's or 300B's. You can always resell gear easily on audiogon if it is not your cup of tea. Check out this Cary http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?ampstube&1108697473 not a bad price but I am probably attracted to it for the shiney factor have fun
  9. I dated twins in highschool I miss highschool had no idea how lucky I was.
  10. Once again where are the pics of these alleged twins? Starting to believe they are with the tooth fairy
  11. I'm suprised there aren't more gatherings in arkansas given how many forum members I have noticed are here and given hope and all. Do they still do tours in Hope?
  12. dam your are right sorry my eyes glazed over too quickly. does it really need a corner could be a nice center channel ?
  13. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=61378&item=5738369465&rd=1 I want these but don't have the funds looks like agood oportunity if they are authentic.
  14. ---------------- Flaming Lips - Yoshimi and the Robots ---------------- I saw the Flaming Lips play in Little Rock at the DMZ now vinos in 1988. They wore crush velvet had a fog machine that malfuntioned and played the weirdest hippi sh1t I had ever heard. I was amazed first time I heard them on the radio.
  15. That is very strange to me? So there target audience is ipod owners and it's tube driven hmmm. I think they gave some marketers a bunch of acid and locked them in a room till they came out with a product it is different. Don't think I would spend that much even though my office could use a system. If I needed to buy an office system I could get some used Heresy's for $500 or under, integrated tube $500 or under, AH!Joeb 4000 CDP $700 and sound better for $1700 or under.
  16. Hmm never thought about the safety factor. The main reason I leave them on starting Thursday night is the impatient factor because I like to listen all weekend. If I am home tunes are on and I just hate waiting but I suppose an hour or two is really not that long to wait. I've never had any accidents with audio gear going up in smoke if I did I would have a cow : ) Have you guys seen this tube based clock ? I want one too cool! http://www.audioadvisor.com/store/productdetail.asp?sku=NIXIECLOCK&product_name=Nixie%20Tube%20Clock Thanks for the input
  17. ---------------- On 12/14/2004 6:02:39 PM wheelman wrote: I have windows xp professional and never had a crash. So are there more benefits to a mac os than reliability? Because mine seems pretty stable. I do notice after a year or two it's starting to slow down. The downloading of web pages are starting creap a bit. I had xp me and it crashed all the time. Then again I was a beginner, and man was it frustrating learning on a computer that crashed all the time. Any recomendations on how to get my web pages to pop up quicker? Sorry if this is off topic. I figured I would sneek a question in on the tech talk. ---------------- I have to use windows and os x for work but for personal use I prefer OS X just a preference like ss or tube. I had a win2k pro computer go almost 2 years without a reinstall which was a record for me. Now with all the adware/spyware/virus/trojan issues that are out it can be easily avoided by using mac os x. I have issues with an OS that will let software load on your computer without your knowledge just by visiting a webpage very dangerous imho. I wish I had bought my parents a mac as I spend many hours a month cleaning up after them. I think as an OS windows was at it's height with win2k pro and or win98 se. If you want to see how bloated and slow windows has become put win 98se on a new machine and it will just scream. I think this is why alot of people are using linux/os x instead of windows now. If your internet connection has slowed down it could be because of to much adware/spyware try running adaware if you haven't already. good luck
  18. Wow Thanks for all the feedback. I think part of the problem is that I am a tad impatient and I want it to sound good NOW! It could be in my head that the longer they are on the better they sound but I know there is a big difference between a cold start and a couple hours afterward. The most I listen to my system is on the weekends or after a mentally grueling day perhaps I will try just turning them on in the mornings and turning them off at night over the weekends. It may be my subconcious brain trying to get my turn burn out my 300bs so I can try the new sophia 300bs http://www.sophiaelectric.com/pages/se/princess_300b.htm thanks again for all the info
  19. At my last job I was in charge of a 4TB SAN well RAID 10 so that made it 2TB and yes we managed to slice a bit off for ourselves for storing mpg/mp3s. Dam that was fast nothing better than fiberoptic storage. I miss that leviathan and it's blinky lights.
  20. ---------------- On 12/14/2004 12:06:00 PM No Disc wrote: I believe Panther 10.3 is 64-bit. I could be mistaken. If you have a G5 it is 64bit gimmie gimmie ---------------- On 12/14/2004 11:56:08 AM mdeneen wrote: I regularly daisy chain 160GB drives on Firewire with OS X and have no problems. Same drives are also accessed wirelessly from other computers running iTunes - again, no problem. But hey, it's a MAC and 32-bit UNIX is far more reliable than DOS! mdeneen ---------------- Unix is lightyears ahead of DOS\Windows hmm let see it's been in development since the 60's.
  21. Hmm now I have seen problems with PCs if they temporarily loose connection with a firewire drive this can lock them up perhaps when you plugged in the other drive it temporarily lost it's mind and seemed to be unavailable which sent winders into the downward spiral. Just a guess have you tried shutting down the computer plugging them the firewire drives in perhaps even in a different order and then booting up?
  22. The best tweak I have found so far is to simply leave my tubes on as much as possible. I have recently started turning them on Thursday so they will be toasty by the weekend. The difference in cold and warm tubes to me is the difference between night and day. My only question is how much electricity does all this tube gear suck up? 2 x 300b monoblocks 1 x wright preamp and a cd player. The cdplayer isn't much but what about the tubes is it any more than solid state. I have never seen this brought up and was just curious. I gues I could turn off all the electricity in my house turn on the tube gear and watch the difference in meter spinage. This may be a dumb question but hell I want to know
  23. How many puchcards would it take to fill my crappy mp3 collection ? Hmmmmmm It couldn't possibly cost that much to run HAH. A friend and I were going to pick up this old mainframe from Chicago until we found out the Power/AC bill alone was $10K a month. It was free but the WAF factor would have been off the charts.
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