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  1. I'd like to know who the hell bought all the soft cell albums or better yet who kept their copies. When you go to buy some used vinyl check the "S" section and look for soft cell and your bound to find 10 to 20 copies of the same bloody awful LP. Kraftwerk good soft cell bad seti
  2. They just don't look right at all. If that carpenter took one step too close to my belles I would club him like a baby seal!
  3. muh mudder drank scotch de holle time she be pregenant wit me und i um finee i had some trouble with a cdp i bought off of audiogon from canada but the audiogon staff was very helpful with the resolution although i will not by from outside the us again.
  4. I thought they were more fugly can you believe the price LOL.... I'd like to see how they arived at the price.
  5. http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?spkrfull&1107611264 Klipsch LaScala-beautiful custom made LaScala. Solid hard maple furniture quality trim at all corners/joints, glass tops set flush atop beveled hardwood trim. 17S801 and 17S802-late seventies models. Look at the birch grain obtained for these! High end Solen and Musicap parts as well as wound Litz wire. Big difference! Cant beat vintage Klipsch drivers and cabinets; crossovers have improved greatly in 30-40 years and thus the improvements have been taken advantage of here and are incorporated. Have type AA crossovers as well if you prefer and will bring price down by ~$300. Hardwood casing adds stability and tighter controlled base. Think about it. 150 lbs each and these speakers are stunning! Wives will love these! I will place these lascalas as the best looking you can find! Also in performance! LOOK AT ALL PICS CAREFULLY TO SEE QUALITY! $2000 is firm with crossovers, offers with type AA (any choice fine-save money if use standard AA-still great!)These are much better and prettier than new ones costing $3000. Local pick-up preferred. But, will deliver for reasonable price in a 500 mile radius!(depends on distance).
  6. Wow no last minute bidding and reserve not met at $611.00
  7. I keep the speakers oiled every so often. What do you oil them with ?
  8. I have been reading klipsch user reviews via google searchs and several reviews mention some changes that were made to the heritage line. ____excerpt Additionally, this would be a good time to remind faithful readers that any Klipsch speaker requires considerable user tweaking. I would estimate that after 200 hours of moderate volume playing and the removal of a damn redundant elliptical filter in the high horn circuit, the Belles softened wonderfully. ____ What is this 'elliptical filter' and does it warrent removal ? ____excerpt Also, you'll see two, small, black, rectangular 2-mfd capacitors setting side-by-side. You'll notice an identical capacitor that sets perpendicular to them. There is a jumper wire that goes from the lone cap to one of the side-by-side caps. Snip that wire. You've just cut the elliptical circuit. It stores energy and rings like crazy. This removes much nastiness. ____ fact or fiction ? ____excerpt Roll up two small balls of plumber's putty and smooth them over the backside of the metal tweeter horn. This will dampen any ringing. ____ Hadn't heard this one. ____excerpt Mount the crossover network on rubber bumpers available at the hardware store. Lastly, stuff the mid/tweet horn cabinet with as much polyfill as can be stuffed into this recess. ____ Hadn't heard of this one either.
  9. ---------------- On 12/5/2004 9:00:33 PM tomski wrote: I bet on dark stormy nights if you sneek up to their windows and listen, you will hear the "mad scientists" apon powering up their "systems" cry out "IT IS ALIVE"!!! ---------------- To bad they muted they next line in that movie "now I know what it feels like to be God" : ) (Whisper- Also for a group that likes light bulbs,they often listen in the dark,their a very odd bunch) Hadn't thought about that LOL how true. I ran my Belles with solid state gear for a while and it sounded alright but my Belles really came alive with tubes and I am glad I gave them a try.
  10. Can any CDP be used as a transport for a DAC? Musical Fidelity A324 24 Bit Upsampling DAC and Music Hall MMF CD-25 single CD player w/remote http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=3280&item=5735179821&rd=1 6922 Tube DAC PCM-63 PK Decoder for CD-Player http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=14974&item=5735592710&rd=1 THETA COBALT DAC D/A CONVERTER DIGITAL CD http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=14978&item=5736023860&rd=1
  11. Good price unfortunately I am going to be cashless till about January. Wish I had bought a phono pre before I bought a house. drat double drat. He also posted a hagerman cornet based on the 6sn7 bet it's great. http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cl.pl?preaphon&1106372348
  12. ---------------- On 11/16/2004 9:55:23 PM Daddy Dee wrote: Bob, How do you like the Wright pre with the 2a3's? I love my Wright's but have never heard them driven with one of Geo's pre's. ---------------- Hey Dee I am in town and have a wright pre if you ever want to hear it give me a pm and perhaps we can arrange some time for some listening. It was one of the biggest improvements to my system so far. I really really really need the wright phono pre.......
  13. ---------------- On 12/4/2004 6:02:22 AM Timmikid wrote: I'm very happy that it appears that I have won the items anyway, even though it's more money than I thought they would end up to ---------------- Yeah just try to come in under budget on an audio system. I like budgets I especially like the wooshing sound they make as they fly by.
  14. I think it looks pretty cool. Would be cool to clean it up updated some components and see how it sounds. I would take the black rails/handles off the sides. I tried finding a pic of what it came out of but to no avail.
  15. I'm a network/sysadmin for a small org get to use what I want. Yeah I remember compiling linux kernel 1.3 ug nightmare. I've used it off and on fora while BSD always requires abit more tweaking but can't be beat for stability. SGI\irix are cool but they give me a rash. I use kde when I need to work and gnome when I want eye candy it's getting better though and with Sun pitching in to help with development it should come up nicely. I can't stand pc's but if you wanna talk job security yee freek'n haw. Oops is this #Klipsch or #Geekout. Thanks for the reply will wait for a reply from a modecalc interpreter.
  16. Oh cool thats a bez! If I didn't already have a Wright Pre I would consider giving one a try especially at that price.
  17. You can count on ebay for some strange gear it must be the best store ever! Check this puppy out. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=14974&item=5735236632&rd=1 I was looking for some 6SN7 tubes when I found this preamp very well made for the money I think it would be hard to go wrong. Would sell on audiogon faster I think.
  18. LOL good one didn't think of DOS emulation LOL. Are you running Gnome on FreeBSD? Once I got my teeth into OS X I ditched my linux distros and bsd except of course when I need a good firewall or router I use BSD. I usually don't have to reboot them except for power outages etc. I also should have added that I am a modecalc newbie in fact till i started read these forums the room size never even entered my head as a possible component of my system. I don't completely understand the output. Is this good bad or ugly? Thanks again!!!!!!!
  19. I just did the room size search which yielded the modecalc link I was looking for but the bloody thing runs in DOS which I am sure my OS X unix command line doesn't know jack about LOL..... In short I just measured my audio room and it has 11ft ceilingings. The room is 13.5 ft wide and 15.5 ft long. Just curious how this would stack up on the mode calc. It is not open on any walls and can be closed up pretty good. Any info much appreciated thanks
  20. I in vited a local band over to listen to a cd they had just cut and the guys were floored. They said they couldn't tell the difference on the cd players in their cars or homes but on the Klipsch they could tell a big difference on which tracks were recorded at which studio. They actually based their decision on which studio to use in the future from that experience pretty cool actually.
  21. I like vinyl better but thats just my preference and I've been blessed with having friends with great vinyl systems. My best friends dad had a couple cars among them Mercedes 500SL, 1997 Jag XJS, and a 1970 Dodge Charger totally restored and tricked out. I asked him which was his favorite and for just getting around town he liked the Mercedes but when he wanted to get out and cruise and do some serious driving he would not hesitate to take the Charger. You could argue with him until the cows come home about the technological advances engine/suspension system/*** warmers etc with regards to the Mercedes over the Charger but he said that he enjoyed driving the Charger more. You could also argue whether it was the nostalgia, the sound of that big hemi, or the grab your by your seat performance of the Charger but the fact was he simply enjoyed it more and nothing else mattered to him. I think the same is true for vinyl/digital or ss/tube or set/pp horn/what else is there arguement you can listen to both but what it comes down to is what moves you when you sit down to do serious listening. What makes you want to listen to music all night may not work for someone else. In the end it's all about the love of music. Speaking of which Milli Vanilli just came on the radio ack must change station......
  22. My guess is that a little bastard is just a smaller cornwall ? To me it just looks like a cornwall with abit of a different design but I don't know for sure. Is there a website that has photos etc of known klipsch prototypes and early designs? It would be great if the official site had such a section. I didn't even know about the shorthorn until recently.
  23. A RARE PAIR OF SPEAKERS, ONLY TWO IN THE WORLD LIKE THEM, engineering prototypes by one of the most famous loudspeaker designers in the world, Paul W. Klipsch. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=61378&item=5735297195&rd=1 Really one of two pair ?
  24. ---------------- On 11/30/2004 3:36:57 PM fgarib wrote: TALVIN SINGH! Ever since I've had the KHorns, and even before that, I've been listening to Jazz and Jazz Rock, and eastern string instrumentals (ala Ravi Shankar, et co.). Of course, the odd swingy, "boppy" number would surface its head into my listening, but generally classic jazz. Until, that is, a friend gave me Singh's latest album "Ha". What a sound! I was immediately awestruck by this man's ability to put a modern touch on the classical Raga rhythms. And having heard practically every recording that Shankar has released, I have never heard the tabla sound as good as it does on this cd. If any of you are familiar with this guys work, or other similar albums, please do let me know. I could eat this stuff up! Be sure to give this cd a listen. It'll most likely be in the "Ethnic" section of your friendly neighborhood record store. ---------------- I dig eastern strings and percusion as well. I have been hooked on Ravi Shankars Album Chants which was produced by George Harrison a couple years before he died and it hits my cd rotation often. Believe it or not and don't laugh too hard but the sound track to the last non porn kama sutra movie had some great music on it but really if you dig eastern tunes it had some good stuff on it. I will look for this TALVIN SINGH thanks for the recomendation! The Creatures have a new CD out called HA! which is almost all percusion which is also one of my new favorite albums.
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