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  1. I've never heard his gear but I was looking at his phono pre before I decided on the george wright whenever i have enough cash. I'm going nuts with a mmf 2.1 w/grado cart and no way to listen to it The articles posted on his site are really good I've read them all.
  2. If you build it they will buy it..... The more expensive it is the better it is DUH that was first day of marketing. That and making the customer feel like they got a good deal. I think we should start a cable company. Blessed Cabled - cables blessed by the minister or priest of your faith for that heavenly sound : ) Gonna work on my business plan
  3. ---------------- On 11/16/2004 3:01:33 PM artto wrote: Dump the W. Make sure to take of her attorney(s) too ---------------- Not hitched actually but if I ever agree to such an arrangement there will have to be a prenup and the audio room as a pre-existing condition
  4. Thanks for the insight/advice~! Since I don't really care for the look of the foam I could put that up on the ceiling and then put a parachute over it good idea. I imagine my 300B's wouldn't look to hot with melted nylon. I hadn't even seen the architectural area I mostly stay in 2 channel or tech questions. Artto's room is insane wow perhaps after I renovate my attic I will have that much room. I am sure it will be easy to build a room designed to listen to music in before I renovate rather than after as I bought a house that was just renovated. I have 1500sqft in my attic but are sloped ceilings ok? I was planning on one long room but not sure if that would be ok acousticaly I suppose I should do some reading before drawing up plans. Thanks again
  5. OK first of all I don't have a waf to contend with... The room that I use for listening to music is way too live and I have been trying to think of ways to dampen the sound abit more. I have hardwood floors so I put a large rug down which helped a little. I was just thinking about what I could do to the ceiling to help dampen abit more when I thought an old parachute might help. Do you think this could work? Good bad or stupid idea ? http://www.gr8gear.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=2544 http://www.omahas.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=60 http://www.fcsurplus.ca/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=442 http://www.aeroconsystems.com/chutes/p17ft.htm Thanks
  6. I am beating to death "The Darkness"! I think I have it in enough pieces started with a hammer but the sledgehammer was more fun does anyone have a flame thrower so I can finish it off as I don't want it to infect my system again.
  7. This is just strange I think George Orwell was an optimist. We have to deal with spam and pop-up ads but now we are going to have to deal with sound adverts beamed to our heads! This is going abit far. Can this be stopped? I can think of a couple mischievious things I could do with one of these but please don't give this to marketers . Maybe I'm just paranoid but this freaks me out.... What is HSS? HyperSonic Sound Technology is simply the most revolutionary sound reproduction system of this century. Not since the development of the "cone" loudspeaker more than 75 years ago has any technology provided such significant departure from conventional loudspeakers and such a remarkable new approach to the reproduction of sound. How does it work? The basic operating principle of HSS uses a property of air known as "non-linearity". A normal sound wave (like someone talking) is a small pressure wave that travels through the air. As the pressure goes up and down, the "non-linear" nature of the air itself causes the sound wave to be changed slightly. If you change a sound wave, new sounds (frequencies) are formed within the wave. Therefore, if we know how the air affects the sound waves, we can predict exactly what new frequencies (sounds) will be added into the sound wave by the air itself. An ultrasonic (beyond the range of human hearing) sound wave can be sent into the air with sufficient volume to cause the air to create these new frequencies. Since we cannot hear the ultrasonic sound, we only hear the new sounds that are formed by the non-linear action of the air. The HSS System A HyperSonic Sound system consists of an audio program source such as a CD player or microphone, an HSS signal processor, and an ultrasonic emitter or transducer that is powered by an ultrasonic amplifier. The music or voice from the audio source is converted to a highly complex ultrasonic signal by the signal processor before being amplified and emitted into the air by the transducer (emitter). Since the ultrasonic energy is highly directional, it forms a virtual column of sound directly in front of the emitter, much like the light from a flashlight. All along that column of ultrasonic sound, the air is creating new sounds (the sound that we originally converted to an ultrasonic wave). Since the sound that we hear is created right in the column of ultrasonic energy, it does not spread in all directions like the sound from a conventional loudspeaker, instead it stays locked tightly inside the column of ultrasonic energy. In order to hear the sound, your ears must be in line with the column of ultrasound, or, you can hear the sound after it reflects off a hard surface. For example, if you point the ultrasonic emitter toward a wall, you will only hear the audible sound after it has reflected off the wall. This is similar to shining a flashlight at a wall in a dark room. You do not see the light from the flashlight, you only see the spot of light on the wall. HSS works the same way, except instead of seeing the spot of light on the wall, you hear the "spot" of sound reflected from the wall. For stereo, a separate ultrasonic emitter is required for each channel of audio, one for the left channel and one for the right channel. Why HSS? There are many reasons. The first and most important is the ability to direct or focus sound into a tight beam, similar to the beam of light from the flashlight described above. No other audio reproduction device available today provides this unique ability. The opportunities for applying this characteristic to the reproduction of sound are limitless. Think about the ability in a museum to direct the narration about a specific display only to the people standing directly in front of it. How about the potential to reflect the rear channels of your surround TV from the rear wall of your living room, by focusing HSS speakers mounted on the TV itself - no rear speakers, no rear wiring. Think about the ability to focus sound into a crowd of people on a football field and talk only to a selected few. The following contains a brief list of other uses made possible by HSS: Automobiles - HSS announcement device in the dash to "beam" alert signals directly to the driver Audio/Video Conferencing - project the audio from a conference in four different languages, from a single central device, without the need for headphones Paging Systems - direct the announcement to the specific area of interest Retail Sales - provide targeted advertising directly at the point of purchase Drive Through Ordering - intelligible communications directly with an automobile driver without bothering the surrounding neighbors Safety Officials - portable "bull horn" type device for communicating with a specific person in a crowd of people Military Applications - ship to ship communications, ship-board announcements http://www.atcsd.com/ buy your own $3000 http://www.ioffer.com/bi/infopro--Hypersonic-Sound-Beamer--1.2-16.44-3226323 http://www.popsci.com/popsci/bown/article/0,16106,388134,00.html http://www.sciscoop.com/story/2003/5/21/12299/0499 Makes you wonder if all those people who commited crimes due to voices in their heads weren't crazy?
  8. Stump - A Fierce Pancake http://www.kevhopper.dsl.pipex.com/Stump.html The Creatures - Boomerang http://www.mp3.com/albums/3914/summary.html check out venus sands & speeding Eurythmics 1st album - In The Garden http://www.loaded247.co.uk/index.php?s=C&id=5136 Prince Buster - whine and grind / dog ska war / Judge Dread / rough rider / Toots and The Maytels - reggae got soul / bam bam /funky kingston eek a mouse - border patrol / wah do dem /bitty bong bong / rude boy jamaican
  9. I just searched a couple hours ago got about ten pages of picture discs. I guess ebay is the best store in the world : )
  10. I guess you never really know until it is too late. I just realized they were based out of hong kong. That could put a damper on things I would have thought the market would be hotter there for such an amp. If I had the extra cash I would give it a try I have a friend with heresey's who would be happy with it if it sounded decent. Wish they had posted parts and schematics.
  11. ---------------- On 11/11/2004 2:15:17 PM Daddy Dee wrote: The La Scala was developed for use as a PA speaker for one of Winthrop Rockefeller's campaigns for govenor of Arkansas in the early 1960's. ---------------- I did not know that very strange. I had heard from a local musician that he liked playing at Winrock farms in the good ole days because their stage sound system was all heritage klipsch. I wonder what inspired the Belle's. seti
  12. Does anyone know of a web site that specializes in picture discs? I was flipping through the booklet that came with my talking heads box set and noticed some picture discs that I must have.... I have searched the usual places but to no avail.
  13. Think I'll try both a pair of EH6sn7 and Syl crome top 6sn7. Have you ever seen that purple glow I'm talking about should I just ignore it ? Thanks
  14. --------------- On my Wright 3.5's, I never found anything that sounded better than Sylvania Chrome Dome 6sn7's. That is also what Geo Wright said to use if one wanted to upgrade from stock on his amp. Had to test that claim, and found him to be exactly right! No pun intended. ---------------- Thats what came with my GW Pre I suppose I should pick up another pair. I had some spare tubes that I rolled to but one of them has a deep purple glow on one side of the tube right in the middle the other tube does not do this. What causes this and is it anything to worry about? My 300b's have a blue glow but that is normal and has always been there.
  15. I can't believe it hasn't sold. Looks to be very well built. Could it be a typo ?
  16. I must say I have never listened to them. This was on the creatures album boomerang which I have been listening to over and over again for a while so I am not sure why I only just noticed it but I just could get over how real/natural it sounded.
  17. ---------------- On 11/11/2004 1:28:19 AM sunnysal wrote: btw, IMHO the EH 6SN7 is a gaint killer. it sounds GREAT for the money...I think you should buy a pair of those, tony ---------------- The 6SN7's are for my George Wright pre so I have some recomendations for tube replacement from him. What other 6SN7's do you guys like? I should get a couple pair when I order so I can do some tube rolling. I have found tube shopping to be overwhelming because there are so many choices black base/red base/silver top etc and I am a newbie to buying tubes. The other night almost tore up my listening room looking for a cricket and it turns out it was just on a song I was listening to LOL. I felt like an idiot.
  18. Bauhaus, The Police, REM, Negativland, Killing Joke, Green River/Mudhoney, Primus, Kraftwerk, Einsturzen de Neubauten, Possessed, Bad Brains, Slayer, and Cocteau Twins also come to mind. ---------------- I forgot about negativeland i have some of their vinyl. Then there is This mortal coil with david byrn, and members from dead can dance, Cocteau Twins, siouxsie and the banshees, xymox and others.
  19. Seti, Funny - I think of a number of those as the 70's rather than the 80's: Talking Heads, The Clash, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Cure, the specials etc. etc. I am fairly sure we were listening to them in the mid to late 70's at school. ---------------- Oh yeah forgot U2 they're bloody brilliant. Most good punk/new wave did have roots in the in the late 70's but continued well into the 80's and beyond that if you want to get technical about it how many 70's bands started in the late 60's lol. The 80's wasn't some kind of graveyard for music. However, I think the record companies had gotten too big for their briches in the 80's and thought they could release just about anything. At least I didn't try to put Marc Bolan in the 80's LOL.
  20. The 80's had a massive amount of great music but like now it also had a massive amount of CRAP. When I think of the 80's I usually think of the Talking Heads, The Clash, Siouxsie & the Banshees, midnight oil, The Cure except their last 4 dreadful albums, Men at Work, devo, the specials, Art of Noise, the replacements, the slits, wire, camper van beethoven, the pixies, the cars, inxs, kate bush, oingo boingo, Violent Femmes, stump, the selector, the dammed, dead can dance, ministry, fugazi & tom waits just off the top of my head.
  21. ---------------- On 11/10/2004 4:22:40 AM jheis wrote: MaxG: Your selections fit in just fine. Not everyone is a head banger. My taste runs to jazz & blues, but I appreciate anything that's well done - which, IMHO, does NOT include rap in any way, shape, or form. James ---------------- Thats too bad you should check out Beastie Boys - Check your head there are at least 3 tracks on their that everyone I have played for enjoys. Their latest cd to the five bouroughs is really good as well.
  22. I had seen some vintage 300b tennis balls but not the 6sn7 bummer oh well all looks no performance hmmmmm think I dated a girl like that once. I don't have a backup pair of 6sn7's so I have been shopping for some since my sylvania's bit the dust. thanks
  23. These are so cool looking but I have never seen them until now these would look so cool in my gear. Has anybody heard any of these or know anything about them? http://www.fotop.net/weaudio/n7/6sn7_tennis http://www.fotop.net/weaudio/n7/cv181_white
  24. ---------- Plus I am leery of no balance and tone controls. Opinions? Thanks in advance. ---------------- what are these tone controls of which you speak i have balance but haven't had a tone control in years can't say i've missed it either. I did find this with a remote. For $350 don't see how you could go wrong you could sell it again if you did't like it. Almost bought one of these myself but ended up with a george wright preamp instead. http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/auc.pl?preatube&1100053710
  25. You can always watch the classifieds @ www.audiogon.com and buy and sell different amps until you find what you really like. There are other amps I would like to add to my aresenal as I do not see myself parting with my 16watts of 300b's. I think SET deserves a listen to as well as some pp amps. Why limit yourself hear it all then decide. I would really like to hear some airtight \ quad forty \ macintosch \ vac \ ArtAudio \ BAT amps but there is not a good audio shop anywhere close to here. Examine the build quality as I have heard some DIY amps that seemed to be held together by little less than a prayer that sounded dreadful. I have canary audio and george wright gear that is very well made and can recommend but when you see well made gear you can just tell sort of like sitting in that Mercedes. If you have questions about a certain brand members of this forum are great because chances are someone here has probably heard and taken it apart LOL. I also tend to listen to the people that actually listen to the gear not just those that sell and review it so you might want to catch some of the threads at www.audioasylum.com . Good Luck
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