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  1. I put up thick blackout curtains behind me in my basement theater.  It made a huge difference in improving the overall sound.


    That said, I’m curious why so many random topics like this are being posted in this section that is designated for discussing personal music systems like Bluetooth speakers.

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  2. 1 hour ago, YK Thom said:

    Have you tried a Roku? I do know the Apple works well but we really aren't in the Apple environment. I find their universe is a little too sealed and proprietary for my tastes.

    I'm going to do some digging on these Firesticks, I like the sounds of their processing power for digital files. I didn't realize they would do 24bit/192kHz high res audio. That is pretty decent and matches my Marantz's capabilities.

    We have a cheap Roku TV in our main floor living room.  I had a Roku box a while back.


    The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K and 3rd Gen Fire TV Stick support high res audio.

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  3. 20 minutes ago, YK Thom said:

    What I'm hoping to do is run something through my receiver. The way I have things hooked up I don't think I would be getting any sound if plugged into the TV itself - unless the Arc would deliver the sound. I'm not very informed with these things. The Apple TV has been plugged in since 2014 - I notice the number of application options shrinks each year. With the gen I have new ones cannot be added. I believe they can with Roku. I made an error the other day and bought a 50% discount Paramount sub. Unfortunately this means I cannot sign into it through Prime or Apple, unless I buy another sub through them which I won't. Rookie mistake.

    I’ve found ARC and eARC to be very buggy and always prefer to plug sources into my receiver.

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  4. 28 minutes ago, YK Thom said:

    Do you plug it into an HDMI port in the back? I hadn't even considered on these. It doesn't look like it has an Ethernet connection though.

    I have it connected to an HDMI input on my receiver, connected to my home WiFi.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Daniel Hernandez said:

    Thank you for the information, also sorry for the extremely late reply but going off your comment of having 2 pairs I paired them up by badging/labels on the back. Please let me know if im correct in how I seperated them or if they are meant to be used as a whole set. If youre estimating ~$1800ish would you think they'd sell for $1000 for all of them? Like I said I got them for free so im not looking for the highest possible dollar, id rather an enthusiast buy them for cheaper than normal and re-sell, refurbish, or recycle them instead of going to a landfill.


    Also it limits me to how many images in one comment so im gonna make 3 seperate replies to show what I have in hopes you can help me label them correctly for advertising.

    If you put them for $1,000 for all three pairs you’d probably sell them in less than five minutes.  Even at $1,500 they’d be a bargain.

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  6. That's a really good question.  If I were doing it I'd start with the left one as shown in the above pic and flip it for the right one so the tweeters are on the inside as well.  There might be info in the box instructing how to best set them up.

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