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  1. 7 hours ago, Skeleton Cowboy said:

    What makes you think that? I'm not a tuning freak, I just want a good sound in my car. 

    I’m going to be a little more direct than I was with my last answer.


    This is a forum dedicated to home theater.  I suggest you find a forum dedicated to car audio.

  2. 4 hours ago, harleybaggerdave said:

    After much research I just ordered RP-504cii from Crutchfield. Deciding now if I should save for identical sub woofer that I have, or replace front left and right. This is just like owning a Harley and Jeep, (I have both), just keep spending and upgrading. Keeps me out of trouble though.

    Awesome!  That center will be a huge upgrade.



  3. 39 minutes ago, harleybaggerdave said:

    I was also wondering if I could add the R-120sw to my existing r-121sw because right now it's $300 cheaper than my 121, or should I just wait and buy another 121?

    Don’t mix subs.  If you can’t find another matching sub, sell the one you have and buy two new identical ones.

  4. 2 hours ago, harleybaggerdave said:

    Hey all new to the community and Home Theater. Current setup is Onkyo AVR, front speakers Klipsch RP-500m, RP-500C, Rear surround RP-402s, and  Sub SW121. I’m thinking of buying either the  RP-600mii or floor standing RP-5000fii to replace the 500m bookshelf’s, (leaning toward the floor speakers) I was curious if the 500m would be better for the rear surrounds over the current 402s. Really don’t have room logistics for side speakers too. Going to upgrade center in a couple weeks too.

    . Any input would be greatly appreciated.



    Unless you're going to go with an Atmos setup, the wide dispersion 402s work really well as surrounds.  And, I know we all have limitations based on our rooms but in a 5 speaker surround setup your surrounds are actually your side surrounds, a 7 speaker setup adds rear surrounds.


    For the most noticeable upgrade, I'd suggest upgrading your center and adding a second identical sub.

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  5. Just now, Paulc35 said:

    My RP-8000F do fine on a hybrid by Vincent and an all tube integrated. Plenty of bass too. I know they aren't the RF7


    Holy old thread resurrection.  Sad to see names from this post from members who have passed away.

  6. 7 hours ago, Laiq said:

    So did you end of putting the TV ON to that Klipsch 64 center speaker.Reason I ask I was thinking to do the same.

    My TV is 75 inches Samsung 90 series 2022 


    Any feed back will help me to find out having TV on top of center speaker is good idea or not to do it ?

    You’ll be fine.


    If you click on the name of the person you’re quoting you’ll see that they haven’t been on the forum in over fifteen years.

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