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  1. I think it was from the second batch made after Baldwin. The speaker was owned by Armstrong inventer of Fm radio. Pic of 47 before I bought it and article from 47 with what I think is the same speaker. The front id tag is missing even in 1947.
  2. i have a 1947 built Khorn that has fabric over raw plywood. btw love you 48
  3. Yamaha NS10"s are the one to find
  4. I pretty shure the stones mobil unit had Tannoys and Auratones for moniters. Using belle klipsch just would not make sense , maybe cornwalls.
  5. Cds never sounded as good as tapes made on my nakamichi dragon.
  6. Does not look like any factory JBL I have ever seen . The JBL 4320 is a front loaded ported cab like a Cornwall. The botom bass cab sure looks like a khorn or clone.
  7. Bill, Just measured the bass horn side walls and top and bottom they are 3/4 ply. Spent a few hours looking and can't not find any pics of another La Scala like these.
  8. I ended up buying the la Scala's today. The sound very much like the first year La Scala's I have with the sideways bass cab. Going to use the two rare pairs as a vintage theater/pa set up with scott 220-a mono amps. Love the look of black fir cabinets. Its cool that they are 69 vintage. Thanks for all the info.
  9. Cool they were sent to the music box , listend to my first khorn there as a kid. They had a real real nice display listing room. Any more history on why the vertical Lascal's were offered as a custom order?
  10. Are they factory custom order? Never seen another pair like them looks like the photo type with biger bass cab.
  11. I just scored some lascala split tops on the bay for cheap . Anyone have some split bins for sale? empty is ok.
  12. I would ask 650 to 850 for them If they are mint.
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