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  1. Where do I get access to a complete classic rock library in FLAC?
  2. While we're at it, I have never used one. What kinds of cables and other accessories will I need? How do you connect it? Is it between laptop and preamp, or a different order?
  3. Distortion blows tweeters. I blew tweeters on Cornwalls with a pretty good vintage Marantz 90 watt integrated amp. 1180 DC if I remember correctly. Moved to a Crown Microtech 1200 and had all kinds of headroom. Never blew a tweeter again. Never had to push the amp. It wouldn't even get warm.
  4. I am getting an Onkyo M-504 with matching preamp. I plan on connecting my laptop with a microphone to RCA cable (unless I should do it differently). I was advised an inexpensive DAC will make a noticeable difference. I was told: An American company makes a 99.00 dac and I read it's damn good. It's the Schiit modi 3e. Can anyone confirm?
  5. I decided on a 2-channel for now since stereo is my primary goal. Will look at TV a little later. I have a question on DAC in the 2-channel forum. Thanks for all the advice. It will be followed in phase 2.
  6. Their listening room was 100% empty. Bummer!
  7. Thank you all for the replies. @MC39693 It's interesting you found a vintage receiver to have better sound than a high end modern flagship receiver and a separate component amp, too. I appreciate everyone's input. I wish I could hear a setup before buying. Maybe I should go to Best Buy and see if they can demo something.
  8. I think I read the SR6008 is about a 10 year old model. Here is a link to specs: https://www.marantz.com/en-us/product/archive-av-receivers/sr6008/810234.html
  9. What about a Marantz SR 6008?
  10. I don't have any amps anymore. Starting fresh.
  11. Can you give some examples of models?
  12. I don't have much knowledge of AVR receivers, but they definitely have a lot of functionality. First and foremost, I want a great 2-channel experience. I have Khorns. I have used a Crown Microtech 1200 with them, and this pair-up will knock your socks off with very clear, authoritative punch. Similar results with a Yamaha MX-something amp with a matching preamp that I used to have. I have also heard Khorns with vintage Marantz receivers. The sound was just "okay" in comparison. What about modern AVR's? Are there killer ones out there in nice used condition for under $750? I really want the quality of sound I have only experienced so far with separate components, but that's not to say that a good AVR can't do it. I am sure the high end ones can, but what about the price range I mentioned? Anyone have experience with both separates and AVR's?
  13. Does anyone use a laptop as a source by connecting the headphone jack to RCA cables into a preamplifier? If so, is the sound quality good? Edit: Do I even need a preamp if the laptop will be the only source?
  14. I plan to buy whatever I need. I'm not looking to fit existing equipment. My laptop is Windows. It would be great to be able to set up playlists and play them. I don't know what's what beyond CD players. I'm out of touch.
  15. What are some good separate amp/pre-amp combos that use this technology?
  16. What's the modern device used to play music over 2 channel? Can you plug a laptop into a preamp these days, or what?
  17. There is a checkbox for poll-only content in the vicinity of the poll title on my Android Mobile view. When I went to set up a new poll, it was unchecked by default. Did you check it? I'm not sure if that is the key or not.
  18. I had Chilean sea bass for the first time. It tasted great! It was sweet, like crab meat.
  19. What we learned from this pandemic is that you can either go out and get sick or stay home and get sick.
  20. No. Weed without ivermectin only cures cancer. Haven't you heard?
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