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    Do you eat fruits and vegetables?
  2. Jeff Matthews


    A "healthy" diet is one thing, and a diet to lose weight is another. Bottom line (I think) is to count calories. Limit yourself to 1,500 calories per day and walk for an hour a day. Do that, and you will lose weight at a healthy pace - about 2 pounds per week. Worked for me, and Fridays were "cheat days" during which I ate anything I wanted as much as I wanted.
  3. Wow! That Dream Theater was killer! TYFT!
  4. Jeff Matthews


    Too bad you're not over here. My brother has a table, and we used to play a lot. Now, we play a little together since I got kind of busy, but he still plays all the time. He's a good player. I'm a fair player. He re-felted his table not too long ago, and it made an amazing difference.
  5. Jeff Matthews


    They deal with so many patients who will not change their habits that they just give up trying.
  6. Jeff Matthews


    Glad to see you're doing well.
  7. Jeff Matthews


    I still kept my weight at 10 pounds above my optimum. I have been eating crappy food without putting weight back on, but I don't feel as good. I feel heavy inside. I need to change back to more veggies, less carbs, less slop and less deep fried foods.
  8. Anyone wonder what it would be like to take a bath with her?
  9. Very nice! How long have you been vacationing?
  10. Ok. So you are looking to make the Philippines your home?
  11. I'm jealous! Never been in that area, but I have always wanted to go. Do you live there, now? Edit: NM, I started on Part 2 and missed Part 1. Great trip! Enjoy! Send more pics.
  12. I meant "fake" in a different way. Kind of like a person comes up with an idea that he can market niche music and then, goes out and assembles a group for the visual appeal. Much like The Backstreet Boys or the Partridge Family. The members are not actually playing those instruments. You can listen to the video and hear a missing drumkit (no rimshot), missing vocals, etc.
  13. Ha! Interesting, but I think it's totally fake.
  14. Anyone have a clue what the price range will be for good seats?
  15. Don't know why the photos don't render. Oh, well.
  16. Depends on what develops, but I could possibly consider going to the Denver show or something. I imagine the shows will sell out quickly. That's kind of an issue because it means I will have to be decisive.
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