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  1. Had to skip into it to get to the beginning of the tune, but this is looking like a good cover, despite poor video/audio production.
  2. I used to have a full head of hair, and I miss it. Assuming she has a choice, I'll never get where she's coming from. 🤨
  3. I know I posted this not too long ago, but I'm listening to it, and it's putting me in a good mood. This album does that!
  4. I know it's more Genesis, but man, these performers are just killing it! I've heard this tune hundreds of times and finally decided to take it upon myself to find out what the lyrics at 7:57, "Heracleum mantegazzianum," mean. LOL!!! Look it up yourself!
  5. I'm playing basketball in the morning, and one of the guys in our group is about 70 and had a replacement about 3 years ago. He's a little bit slower, but he's strong and still playing. I think a lot of it has to do with what you expect out of it, the effort you put into recovery, and good fortune. I've been fortunate to never have had a knee injury. I've sprained ankles many times, and they heal fine. It seems everyone I've met who had a bad knee injury has never really fully recovered. Good luck whichever way you go.
  6. Good. I was just wondering why not just take out the entire mass?
  7. Hey, Travis. I totally missed your post. I sure hope it all comes out well. Is a biopsy risky in terms of disturbing cancer cells and causing them to migrate? I'm not sure, but I hope you asked that question and got an answer.
  8. If your plan gives you a choice, when driving from Zion to the Grand Canyon, the better highway is the western one (59 through Apple Valley, and not 89 through Kanab). I've done both. There's a nice, mountainous area with a pass on the one I recommend. The entire southern part of Utah is magnificent. If you are able to go beyond Bryce Canyon, I can provide additional recommendations. If you can go all the way to Mesa Verde in Southwestern Colorado, as Bubo suggests, I second his recommendation. There are great mountain passes if you enter into Colorado going through Monticello in Eastern Utah. You have to work your way down through Placerville, Ouray, Silverton and Durango. That segment is an inspirational drive. The local nickname is "The Million Dollar Highway," and it might be because it has million dollar views.
  9. I really believe they are trying hard. Go to any cancer website or forum and read about all the clinical trials. They are pumping big money into looking for cures. The problem is it takes time to get definitive results, and you can only imagine how much time is spent testing something to find it doesn't help.
  10. Yes! Glad you can relate, but I don't mean I'm glad you went through it. I see most reactions to my post were "Sad." It wasn't intended to be that way, but I can see why. Crying because you miss someone is healthy, and I'm doing well. In many respects, it left me with a whole new perspective and strengthened me.
  11. On a lighter note... This is one of my all-time favorites of Led Zeppelin. I think it's a masterpiece!
  12. I hope it went well, Bruce. Cancer... it comes in so many types and behaves so differently in different people. I lost my GF to cancer a short while back. I would have done anything - and tried many things - to keep her well and with me. Here's one thing I really want people to know because we learned it the hard way. I don't know that it would have made an iota of difference in our case, but If any of you are ever put to the hard decision of continuing or stopping treatment, all I can say is, "Fight with everything you have." Don't give up early. On Li's 2nd recurrence, she was adamant about not going through chemo again, and this was because it was hard on her (even though to everyone else, it seemed like she tolerated it so well). The doctor sympathized and respected her decision, as did I and everyone else. What the doctor didn't say is that letting the cancer have its way can be even worse than chemo. When she decided to quit, I don't think she fully appreciated what it was going to be like. I know I didn't. I think she figured somehow, it would take her gracefully, but it did not. I was fully ignorant. When her symptoms started becoming unbearable, she had second thoughts and wanted to get back on board. At that point, it was too late. She never had the chance, and she had to ride it out. I still cry... and just started again. Don't give up too early. Li had ovarian cancer, which is very aggressive. I didn't post all of this to bring fear, and I hope it is okay for me to say what I said. I hope and believe that you all have far less aggressive forms. But still, I wanted to share because I will never forget. May you all be with God and He be with you!
  13. Amen! He and I PM'ed a little until one day, I checked in and didn't receive a response. He shared some very wise words, and he was especially kind-hearted. He told me of stories about helping his yardman, etc. No doubt he left a good legacy!
  14. I've heard PET scans are the bee's knees in detection. (Where does that expression come from, anyway?) Was only a single mass detected? In some cancers, but I don't know about yours, chemo is introduced in order to shrink tumors to make surgical removal easier. Sometimes, it might be chemo - surgery - more chemo. In some cancers, it's just surgery. Please continue to post. That goes for the rest of you guys, too. Wishing all of you the best!
  15. Oh, wow! Sorry you just got this bad news. I just read that this type is definitely beatable. I'm praying for you! What is your treatment plan?
  16. That was just awesome! TYFT!!!
  17. I think I've heard of Mahogany Rush before, but I know I've never heard these tunes. Thanks for sharing!
  18. I just now saw this. I'm praying for all of you!
  19. That just makes me wanna puke! 🤢
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