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  1. Man.....that would be...comforting. Could you post a picture(s) of that? Are they on homemade shelves? I have them in 3 media storage cabinets that are of the cheap variety (two pressboard and one unfinished solid wood), in the drawer of my ent. armoire, an Oak lawyer's style cabinet and a small glass front cabinet that I could hang on the wall, but is just sitting on top of the lawyer style cabinet. Oh, I forgot to include the small antique 3 drawer cabinet next to the ent. armoire. I have burned many of them myself. If I hadn't, I'd of gone broke buying the darn things.
  2. CD collection (stopped counting a few years ago when I went over 4,000) 75% LP collection (aprox. 1,700) 22% Reel collection for my reel to reels (aprox. 75 7"ers) 1% Cassette collection (aprox.200) 1.5% 8 track collection (35) .5%
  3. "Very decieving as well, you don't realize how loud they are until your wife is jumping up & down in front of you moving her mouth with nothing coming out. " Hmmmm! That gives me an idea! To the Bat Cave! Tom
  4. Good God! And to think I was excited when I found a pair for $400.00. Fantastic score. Tom
  5. That sounds like a wonderful idea. Who can we get to donate said high quality cable? The cable issue is something I have been struggling with for quite some time. I just can't bring myself to invest a sizable amount of cash in cables, either for speakers or connectors, without knowing for sure that they will enhance my listening pleasure. Every time I think I am ready to give it a shot. I think about it again and decide to wait and hope something will fall my way for dirt cheap. Still waiting.. LOL Tom
  6. Comparing Cornwalls, regardless of I, II, or III is the old apples and oranges thing. Two completely different sounds. I have owned both and continue to own Cornwalls. In my opinion, if you have the room, Cornwalls handsdown. Like Bill says, you may perhaps like the sound of a two way better than the three way. What kind of music do you listen to and how large is the room. Good luck in your quest. Tom
  7. I have owned a single KLF 20 and was very impressed with what I heard. Unfortunately I could not find another single to pair with it, so, I gave it to a friend. I do think that Klipsch got it exactly right with the KG4. The drivers, xover and cabinet just work very well together. I feel the other speakers in the KG series tend to be a bit muddy in the lower frequencies. That could possibly be my environment, I am not sure. When I get the 4's placed just right the bass is full and sounds a bit tighter. There is just something about the 4's that appeal to me more so than the rest of the KG series, with the exception of the 5.5's in a large room. And yes, I do think the 4's sound a bit more refined. Just my opinion. Tom
  8. I have owned KG 3.2's, 4's, 4.2's, 4.5's, 5.2's and 5.5's. In my experiences with these, my favorites are the 5.5's first and then the 4's. The 4's sound wonderful in a medium to small size room. If you have a medium to large room find a pair of 5.5's, if you want to stay with the KG series. I will take the 4's over the 4.2's any day. Tom
  9. I found out that the VPI is an HW-19 MK II. Is this a good table? Does anyone own one or has owned one in the past? Any opinions about this table? Tom
  10. A friend of mine the other day was telling me about a VPI turntable(didn't know what model) that has a Toshiba tonearm on it(doesn't know what model of that either) that is for sale for aprox. $400.00-500.00. My problem is, I have no knowledge of Toshiba tonearms and without knowing what model of VPI, I am not sure what to think. Now, I know that VPI has a very good reputation, but, I have never heard one and I don't have a clue about the Toshiba arm. I beleive it has a mono cartridge of some sort on it. Any experienced Klipschsters out there have any info. or opinion on this issue? Tom
  11. The tech's name is Pat Hickman and he is located in Southwestern WA. his website is http://www.classictubeaudio.com/ I am very pleased with what I hear from this old amp. When I first brought it home a couple of years ago I liked it. I now love it. The Belle's and this amp make beautiful music. Tom
  12. My Scott 299D is sounding pretty awesome at the moment through my Belle's. Fresh recap and matched tubes make a wonderful difference. So, it would be my suggestion that if you go the vintage route, recap and match tubes regardless of which unit or units you choose. Tom
  13. Well, if I was frightened before listening to this baby with the Belle's, I can say without a doubt, I am terrified now. I couldn't wait any longer , so, I put this little amp in the main system and WOW! The soundstage opened up, the clarity and overall musical experience has just jumped up a couple of notches. I guess I will give it a month or so before I revisit my solid state stuff and determine if there are changes needed. It is all coming back to me now why I was so smitten with it when I first bought it. It sounds even better now. Damn this is fun stuff. Tom
  14. I'm starting to get a little frightened. Will I sell off my solid state gear to get more tube gear? Will a tube cd player sound much better than this old Denon? Will I need to take out a loan? Tom
  15. I don't know about caps and such, so, I left that up to the gentleman who did the work. I put my trust in him and hoped he would do a good job and use high quality parts. I know that he did use good quality Mylar caps and made sure the tubes were matched as well as he could with the stock he had on hand and the NOS tubes I had already rounded up. He has been working on tube type audio gear for over 30 years and he owns some amazing pieces. A couple of the items I seen at his place would surely be equal to (in value) a piece of real estate . He had some Atmosphere (not sure of the spelling of this manufacturer) monoblocks and preamp and a pair of MBL Radialstrahler speakers. Unfortunately I didn't have an opportunity to listen to them.
  16. I drove the 300 mile round trip to pick up my recapped and tube matched 299D yesterday Hooked her up this morning and played a few cds and am now listening to Peter Frampton Live lp.. Wow! and it's caps aren't totally burned in yet. I am very pleased. Money well spent. Oh yeah, I am just listening through the Advent Legacy's. I can't wait till I hook up the Belle's. Tom, aka, Happy Camper!
  17. Did you ever find an M97xe? I just bought another from J&R.com for a grand total of $62.00. They have them in stock at this time. Just thought I would check with you and give you a heads up. They sent mine out 2 hours after I purchased. Tom
  18. http://www.radiolaguy.com/PDF_Files/Hickok600-600Acalibration.pdf Thank you very much. Any idea about an updated tube chart?
  19. My buddy just picked up a 600A and is looking for a calibration manual and the most up to date tube chart available. Anybody have some suggestions? Tom
  20. I just got my M97XE in the mail today. I searched for a couple of months before I found one for a whopping $69.00 shipping included. I ordered it through Buy.com and a company called Focus Camera out of New York was the Shipper. Good luck with the search. Have patience. Tom
  21. Thank you for the headsup on this, but, unfortunately I got tired of looking and purchased a replacement from Klipsch after I sold the speaker to a friend. I think the deal offered in Albuquerque is a far better deal than I made. Tom
  22. Yes, they are evil. I have a friend who has turned to the dark side. He started with some Stromberg Karlson, (I think I spelled that right) mono-blocks and has just picked up a sweet little Jolida integrated. He has accumulated quite a mass of various tubes and is always on the lookout for more. I fear there is no hope for him. Tom
  23. I'm diggin' it. I think it's beautiful. Can't help but wonder how it will sound. Tom
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