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  1. Are any Klipsch people going to respond or is this toooo controversial?
  2. Yes I know what you mean! This is not the "normal" Bob James sound/fare, but everything and the Kitchen sink as well.
  3. This is one of my all time favorite CD's and my main test record with a full spectrum of music. No compression. Bob James----Ivory Coast. There must be about 20 used at $1 to $3. Incredible sound. Some are new at around $5. Give yourself a gift.
  4. I had My NAD C272 plugged into a one year old current model Belkin PureAV PF 30 [20080-10] which lists for $299. My Velodyne sub was into a cheap wall surge suppressor. Both are now straight into a dedicated 20 amp outlet. Sounds much better. Fritz is this Pure AV 30 the type you are referring to above?
  5. Jacksonbart, as a fellow Pennsylvanian, I'm wondering where in Pa. are you? I'm in western Pa in Butler, 25 miles north of Pittsburgh.
  6. Just did this in dedicated 20 amp outlet with surge suppressor removed. Sounds much better!!!!!! Thanks Arky!!!!! Question??? What kind of hits is the power amp now getting [if any] and is there a way around this that costs less than my power amp at $500.
  7. Good Ones Guys. You are all safe. At least for now anyway. It used to be zulu, but then I sold my sword. Enjoy!!!!!
  8. If yes, how do I use it? If no, I suggest we get one. There are some members who offer practically nothing of value, but are almost always wiseing off or ridiculing something said. Perhaps we can have a contest to vote for the top five. I have a few picked out.
  9. What is the significance of the 250 watts? How would one surpass it? Does it mean you would not connect a power amp greater than 250 watts/channel? BTW my RF-7 serial #'s are 02320096 and 02320099. Who got 97 and 98 hehe ???
  10. In order of significance, what parts of a system contrbute to, or on the other hand if not good, detract from soundstage. Which parts, if any,have no affect on it?
  11. I have a cheap Sony DVD player and a Sony DVP 9000 DVD CD player. I have a PS Audio Ultralink DAC that I haven't used for a few years that I am going to sell. It worked fine last time I used it. Want to be sure it still does before I offer it for sale. One just sold on Ebay for $291 plus S&H. Does that sound like a good price? So how do I hook it into my system below?
  12. You might consider one or two Power Sentry's at Walmart for about $6. 1120 Joules. Comparable units go for $20 to $45. It has equipment warranty and a light that tells you if you still have protection. Plugs in the wall outlet [no power cord] which is handy.
  13. Take a look at this Belkin power console. You should be able to find one used on ebay for around $100. Get one with very little use ie most of the joules are still there for you. Igot a demo for $52 and love it. It has a plug for a power amp. Higher priced ones have plugs for 2 power amps but have the same total wattage. http://catalog.belkin.com/PureAV_detail.process?Product_Id=250818
  14. OLDbuster. For what you are using the cables, get the blue jean stereo version so you have L/R coloring. When ordering stereo the price is double but you are getting TWO cables.
  15. Does Klipsh put extra terminals on their RF 7's [and perhaps other speakers] for marketing reasons because other companies have it and you don't want to lose a sale for not having them? Or do you recognize that bi-wiring can improve music quality? I am interested in what "KLIPSCH", has to say about this!!!
  16. I just auditioned blue jeans and momoprice interconnects. You could order both and send back either one or both. Monoprice is about 1/5 the cost of blue jeans and 1/2 the S&H. I suggest the mono RG6CL2 cable with the fancy connector. It's further down on their order form and almost the same cost. Monoprice return policy for full refund less S&H is 21 days and blue jean is 30 days. You might like the mono's.
  17. What is being done in a bias calibration? If the bias is off what is the effect? What would cause it to be Off?
  18. On the recent refurbishment of my Rotel RB 990 Power amp they replaced 2 of theseat $15.57 each. What are they and what do they do?
  19. What is it in the construction or materials that add to or reduce the amount of time for an interconnect to break in? Does playing at higher volume break in a interconnect faster? What does the % broken in vs time curve look like in general. Does break in occur faster between some components than others ie CD to Pre amp vs pre amp to power amp?
  20. I had a Velodyne DD 12 list $3000 and RF 7's [ a comlete miss match] Velodyne suggested I get a DLS5000R.list $799 found one new at $550 on ebay. I couldn't hear the DD 12. The base reflex 5000 is perfect in my 4000 cu ft plus space. Consider the DLS 5000R. Be careful of room size and speaker matching. .
  21. I misspoke. Harley is [in 1998] the audio technical editor of Perfect Vision. A writer for Absolute Sound and as of 1998 had over 500 product reviews and articles on high quality music reproduction.
  22. Walmart sells small fans for about $5. Ask Rotel if 1 or 2 of them would prolong the units life span. You will not hear them at normal listening volume. They will definately cool the 1068 for sure.
  23. They are both 200w/c. The 1080 is the current model where as the 990 is around the year 1990. Used the 990 goes around $500 and the 1080 around $750. The 990weighs 32 lbs and the 1080 22lbs. There are several 990 and 1080 owners here on the forums.
  24. Covers just about everything including home theater and sub placement, how to listen critically etc. Well written. Easy to read. 546 pages. I have the second edition 1998. There is a 3rd around 2004 I think. Paper back and hard copy. 3rd edition retail $33 paper back $45 hard copy. I paid $10.74 on used Amazon. High quality paper. Harley was the technical editor for Stereophile for years. They PAID him for his skills.
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