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  1. I'm always needing power cords. A local medical supply company had a bunch of new power cords for a discontinued product. Since the cords on some of my Sansui equipment show their age, I decoded to buy the lot. There's more than I can use, so I'm selling some of the extras. They are Yung Li hospital grade green dot power cord, 9ft. 18AWG 10A 125V 5-15P male, C13 female. Long enough to cut to size for most applications. $6.00 ea., buy 4, get 1 free. Includes shipping to the 50 states. Email me if interested.
  2. Possible, but I seriously doubt a dealer in Fresno, CA would have 20 top halves of a Khorn. I could be mistaken, though. They're still in business. Maybe I should give them a call.
  3. Shall I assume the historian doesn't frequent this forum any more?
  4. Why delete the thread? Someone may come along with help/advice for your project.
  5. I need to take a closer look to see just how similar the tops are. The bottoms, it's quite obvious.
  6. I have an interesting one here (maybe) that hopefully you can answer. I have a set of 1989 K-horns that I believe I'm the third owner of. I bought them from a young lady who had bought them for her late husband, from an audio store that had used them for floor models. They are oak, and the veneer panels on both look similar. The odd thing is the serial numbers. They are: 8912225 (top) 8912206 (bottom) 8912207 (top) 8912208 (bottom) I find it odd that the first top has a "20" later serial number, or could there be a typo somehow? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I know that. I was just trying to glide over his obvious attempt to thread crap. I asked a simple question, explained the reason why, without mentioning whether or not I though the "ratio" was relevant. That way I can make my own "expert" determination. Thanks for the info, guys.
  8. Looks like I'm going with an MSRP of about $1400ea. for the sake of the comparison. I'll calculate it out tomorrow and let you know how I did in the eyes of those who know more than us common folk.
  9. Have fun with the numbers if you like to crunch numbers, but don't give it any weight at all. Just nonsense by a proclaimed "expert." Believe me, I don't. Being I have the best sounding system ever built, I just wanted to see how close I came to the "experts" opinions.[]
  10. Can anyone tell me what the MSRP was for a pair of Klipsch Khorns in 1979/80? There's a "theoretical" ratio of what each of your audio components should cost in relationship with each other. I didn't buy my Khorns until about three years ago, but the rest of my setup is all 79/80 vintage, and I'd like to plug the number in to see how it comes out. Thanks in advance.
  11. Well FUG me!! Nice to find this! I was snooping on a small online auction site I use from time to time and spotted two pair of speakers. There was a pair of JBL 4410 StudioMonitors, and a pair of Fraziers. The bid had sat at $22.45 for two days, so I waited until the last and auto-bid it to $85. It climbed up to $31 and stopped. I had never heard of Fraziers, but they looked interesting, and I knew the JBLs were worth owning. They came from a school, and I hope they sound OK. I have a place for them in my family room if they do. Here's the photo - I pick them up Monday:
  12. If you were in Sacramento back then, I bought my Sansui setup (AU719, TU717, SE7, and SC1330) at Lombards on Arden Way. That's the system currently powering the Khorns right now.
  13. Thought I'd show you my newest acquisition. When I went stereo shopping in 1979, I had pretty myuch decided on buying my Sansui AU719/TU717 setup, and went speaker listening. I stumbled into a stereo shop in Sacramento that was a little too upper end for my wallet, but I went in for a look. In the back room they had a set of Khorns set up for demo. They were way to far out of my price range, but I never forgot the sound. I swore some day I'd own a pair. I spotted these for sale for $1800 on a semi-local CL. I waited a week, then asked if they were still for sale. I told the owner that although the asking price was fair, the most I would spend is $1000. After a few days my offer was accepted. The owner preferred that they go to someone who would use them so we made the deal. Two hour road trip one way to get them, but well worth it. They have the normal occasional scatch, but nothing serious. I'm curious about a few things. First, they are "OL", Oak Lacquered. Most that I've seen were a single piece front, where these have "panels". Is that common or not? Also, according to the database, in 1989 they switched to the AK3 crossover. These are serial number(s) 891225, 8912206, 8912207, and 8912208. The labels are hard to read because they're faded so bad, and since the numbers aren't stamped in them, I wonder if the 8912225 is a typo? Since these appear to have been built in the first week of 89, it's interesting that they have theAK2 crossover instead of the AK3. Makes no difference to me. They're something I have always wanted, and these have a home forever now. Here they are:
  14. The only reason dogs misbehave is because they're forced to live in man's world instead of their own. Some people shouldn't be pet owners. And as far as it being good enough for our kids, some people shouldn't be parents, either.
  15. They say a man's not complete until he's married - then he's finished. I never knew what happiness was until I got married - then it was too late. A married man says to his bachelor friend, "It must be terrible to grow old and not have someone to love you." His buddy replies "Yeah, that's why I never got married." Congrats!!! (I've been married 26 years.)
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