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  1. Exactly how I feel... What sport can come close to matching Hockey..? NONE!!! Not even close. I could go on and on about this, but I won't. Well maybe a little. Basketball..? You have to be kidding, They whine about as much as Soccer players. OK I have to let it go... MMmmmmmm..... Deep breath, MMmmmmm... Breathe... Thanks for letting me vent, Jeff
  2. Is now the time to tell you, I still have the CP-1's? Maybe a trade? They sound great! My neighbors don't like me as much since I got them..mmmm? Let me know. Thanks , Jeff...
  3. Look out , here comes Michael...! Where are you located? I have a pair myself, might be interested in another pair. Start a new thread and title it FS..Pair of CP-1's in great shape! You'll find someone to buy them for sure. Thanks , Jeff...
  4. Anyone coming up for Sturgis Bike Week..? They usually play here every year, 2nd week in August. If anyone needs directions or hints on places to stay,good food, anything ... let me know. Thanks, Jeff... crawbeaird@yahoo.com
  5. Treehuggers...YUCK ! Where are they when a forest fire breaks out? MMmmmm....
  6. I guess I forgot to mention that the walls were painted already. If you have that much moisture on your basement walls you better contact your contractor. There is something really wrong! You may need to dig out around the foundation and seal it. It should have a coating of tar or something similiar.
  7. Can the wife sew? I just finished building a HT basement similar to yours for a customer/friend. Picture a theatre what is on the walls..? Curtains..! I attached a board to the top of the concrete walls and attached the curtains to that. The more "wrinkles" we put in the curtains the more sound dampening they seemed to have. No firring, no sheetrock,taping,texturing, or painting !!!! DONE..! Thought about doing the same on the lid (ceiling), but ran into trouble with the lighting (recessed pots). Just tryin' to help...
  8. VINTAGE McINTOSH / ALTEC LANSING 846A VALENCIA STEREO - $2200 Reply to: sale-381997863@craigslist.org Date: 2007-07-25, 7:48PM CDT There it is...!!!!!
  9. PAIR of ALTEC LANSING 846A VALENCIA SPEAKERS and an extraordinarily sounding McIntosh stereo system. The system is from an estate of a friend who purchased the equipment, as best as I can determine, new in the early1970s. He was a non-smoker and took good care of his equipment. The ALTEC LANSING 846As have all green tweeters and 15" woofers. They are serial number 5870 / 391822 and 5877 / 391823. The one speaker (5877) that was opened for the photograph had the 846A tweeter marked 806A 16 ohm 6508. It looks like I was the first person to ever open up the back. The walnut cabinets are still quite nice. There are some veneer chips, mars and abrasions on both speakers. One of the speakers has a piece broken from the right rear, top corner and there are several gouges in the wood. For their age the wood is nice. The grills look good. The McIntosh Stereo equipment consists of the MPI-4 Performance indicator, MC 2105 105 watt the Power Amplifier, MR77 Stereo Tuner, and C28 Preamplifier. All of the pieces were fully functional when the system was hooked up and tested. The McIntosh components have the very nice walnut veneer wood cases and are all in very good condition. Each of the McIntosh components has the original owners and service manuals. The system as shown was hooked up to the ALTEC LANSING speakers and the sound quality was simply astounding.
  10. It's a bad habit that I got into a long time ago... I take just about everything I have , apart to see what makes it tick! I learned a lot and it also cost me $ (to have somebody put it back together, with me looking over their shoulder! I'm 6'5" and#290, they said they didn't mind) too..! I took the crossover out of the cabinet and hooked the terminals up individually to speakers that I knew worked. I then changed the diaphrams, hooked up a different Xover, reassembled everything, and WAH-LA they crank..!!!! I had to shut my garage door before MR. POLICEMAN showed up..! I'm currently working w/Mr. Crites and Mr Coultier (I hope I spelled that right!) on fixin' the crossovers and diaphrams..! Thanks to all, Jeff...
  11. Obviously, I'm having trouble attaching the pics so if you want to see them e-mail me crawbeaird@yahoo.com
  12. This must be a new type of screw in fuse...right? Look, one is even cadmium plated, to prevent corosion when water got on them. HAHA! The joke is actually on me since I own these now!
  13. Yes, you guys were right.. they are 301's. Tweeters blown, bad xover, but nice woofs and mid horns. Any offers or advice on rebuilding tweets and xovers. Can't wait to hear these full on!!! Thanks again for spot on advise... Jeff
  14. Can you tell me what theseare and the appr. value..? Klipsch Speakers - $200 Reply to: sale-374332111@craigslist.org Date: 2007-07-15, 10:05AM MDT Two fifteen inch concert speakers. I have the screens that go on the front also.
  15. Looks good..! Nice stands, did you build those too? Did you get rid of the KG4 cabinets? Are you in Minn.? Might be there this weekend... Thanks Jeff...
  16. Hello STL, I was wondering why some speaker makers' ports are in the rear of their cabinet? Is there a diff , front or back? Cornwalls (front) Chorus's,Quartets, Forte's (rear). by the way, how much Xmax does a HED CV 15" have? Thinking of making a pair of CV(corn)scalas... Thanks Jeff... crawbeaird@yahoo.com
  17. Wanna buy mine..? WO's , sound like new.... look good , need room for dbb project. make offer... Thanks Jeff... crawbeaird@yahoo.com
  18. O.K. Here we go... What about Sherwood.? They have a high end line. anyone have any of their gear? Anybody...?
  19. I'm in western South Dakota. Looking foward to hearing my 1st set of K horns. Yes, I do have a large listening area which overlooks the dining room. Thanks again, Jeff... crawbeaird@yahoo.com
  20. Exactly..! I think..? That was a yes... right? So you are saying I should also couple the speaker cabinet to the back wall to eliminate all subsequent diffractions? Where do you buy those? O.K I'll take your advice and try 'em and if I like them I'll keep them on. If not , there is always ebay. Thanks... Jeff...
  21. I'm sure you guys have been through this before but could you explain the plus's and/or minus's of this. I'm debating whether installing foot spikes on my KG4's and 4.2"s is worth it. Obvious is the sturdiness of the speaker on carpet. We have really thick padding and nice thick shag carpet. But acoustically are there any advantages..! At higher volumes I could see some advantages. Would the spikes transfer the sound, through the floor trusses, into my basement? Please set the record straight for me. Thanks again..!
  22. One man's trash is another man's treasure...!! Happy 4th everyone!!
  23. There is a pair on ebay right now and nobody bid @$99 and they look really good. So shipping should be $90 or less depending on where you are at..? So send me pics @ crawbeaird@yahoo.com and I'll wait to hear from you.
  24. I am interested in your KG4 cabinets. Are they oak? I'm in South Dakota. Or I have a pair of tweeters for replacing yours. Let me know. Thanks Jeff...
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