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  1. TX-SR605 should be closer to 400 bucks new now. I have an all synergy setup and they souund great with the Onkyo. The only denon I auditioned was a higer end mid-high 988 that sounded pretty good but not enough for the price at the time. You may be able to get a good deal on that 988 model if denon is the way you want to go. gl
  2. I had a similar reaction to a Sony panel it was the kdl-46w100 new 46" panel. it was nothing wrong with the 120hz or 1080p...the problem was the motion enhancer. this is what gives the people the 3-d effect(some call it soap opera effect) that makes it hard to watch. we watched the bank job with the cinemotion on and could not get comfortable watching it. once we turned it off the movie was great and the picture was impressive. We still took it back because it was not much better that my 2yr old 720p LG that has been tweaked lovingly since purchase. ymmv
  3. Have you considered Klipsch architectual/in-wall offerings. Not worth fighting for when new 09/10 Camaro's floating around.]');" title="Stick out tongue - []">
  4. the volume is controlled by your 705 the gain on you sub remains constant. the gain (read power for sub) does not change unless you adjust this directly on the subwoofer. volume is changed with your remote and the onkyo manages line levels to adjust the volume you hear while playing your media. hope the helps.
  5. I say go with an Onkyo TX-sr 606. This is an upgrade to the 605 model which if you researched you would see how great it is...although i could be biased becuase I own the 605. I also own the B-3's and the onkyo pushes them very well and helps movies sound really good. the sub-12 is larger than the sub-10 (which i own) and it will sound great once you have the full system hooked up. gl
  6. Thx. There are so many movies that I have not watched. I'll have to rent that one. If it had really intense primary colors for the scenes than the movie may be HERO with Jet Li and the chick from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The scene you are referring to was in a library with scrolls tied and he stomps the table...catches the cup on his sword...tosses it in the air...slices all of the ties holding the scrolls which causes the mountains of scrolls to fall. this is a great scene for testing your home theater as well.
  7. I have an all synergy set up: fronts - b-3's center -ksp -c6 surrounds- sb-1's and a sub-10. I don't think the c-2 can keep up with your rf82's as I have ksp-c6 which is equivalent to the c-3 and it's great with the b-3's but I think the c-2 would have been a little lacking. ymmv...
  8. I am linkedin as well. It is a great tool for meeting up with people from the past. although I am not sure how I can send you an invite/make a connection with you. all of the other people I made a connection with were prior co-workers.
  9. ita...if not for the best buy I would not have heard klipsch (I know) ...glad it was there although that darn upgrade bug keeps nibbling for me to step up to reference.
  10. I can't quite put Kobe on par with Jordan yet. I can see him as the Clyde Drexler or Reggie Miller of today. my thoughts about Jordan, Magic, Byrd and those type of guys is that no matter when they played the game they would be legendary not just a great player for today. kwim?
  11. all I can say is WOW!! as I watched the first half of the game it was surreal as the Celtics systematically dismantled LA's offense and defense...I can't recall a finals game being so unevenly played before. The 92 game that Bulls beat the Jazz by 42 did not seem to feel the same as this one. Congrats to Doc, Paul, Ray, Kevin, and all of the Celts.
  12. not sure what type of auto you are looking for but edmunds.com has good comparisons and factoids. g/l
  13. series 3-2 Boston. Tuesday's game is coming back to the east coast. this is serious crunch time for Lakers. after the lakers were up by 14 sunday night they almost blew it. I still have to take Boston...but one never knows.
  14. you are right it was 24 points....I'm not a fan of either team but love to see a good game. HD and Klipsch makes the watching that much more exciting...I could hear the Lakers season slipping away. I have to admit I like the idea of Allen, Pierce, and Garnett getting a ring. those guys have all played for years on teams that struggled only to be traded when the respective teams made decent championship runs.
  15. I am not too old..but can remember some of the great rivals in the NBA . The Boston LA rivalry is probably the most famous and exciting in recent history. Although not to be outdone by Boston of the heydays...the current Celtics put on a stellar performance last night to overcome a 21 point deficit to win. I watched as Kobe Bryant, arguably the best player in the game currently, was shutdown by the defense of Pierce. The game was excellent but as the record is now 3-1 Boston, LA is done. anyone else watching this series?
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