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  1. Guys, Subject line says it all....for a moderately loud old-school R&B band, would the KPT-100's be a viable choice for monitoring near-field on stage? This is the band. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEWpAjxABtE I see some 15" slants on stage. This is an auditorium/movie theatre. They usually play much more modest venues. Any info helpful, thanks.... Chuck Snow
  2. SSD, These are some beautiful surround sound speakers you have there, lol..... I started with one pair of H-I's and was happy and had a stable situation for 25 years. Then I joined this forum. Since I joined the forum, I have added: 1pr Pro H's, 1pr split-cabinet CornScalas (a DIY cross between a Cornwall and a LaScala), 2pr KP-3002's, and 2ea KP 115 SW's and a pair or AL K TracHorns with Atlas K55 drivers, not to mention a butt-load of crossovers, amplifiers, subwoofer control units, multieffects processors, preamps, etc. Two of the most interesting gear finds were the Yaquin tube buffer(unity-gain, just smoothes the digital ice-pickiness out and adds a bunch of dynamics, especially to bass and drums) and the BBE Sonic Maximizer. Take a picture now and 10 years later, surprise yourself. Welcome and congrats on finding a hobby that won't rot your brain or steal your soul...and by all means, rock on... Chuck
  3. This might be a way for me to solve my stage monitor problem..... Where are you located? I am in Birmingham/Hoover . Are cabinets and motor boards intact? Thanks, Chuck
  4. Let's go to Kentucky and 'splain it to him...or perpetually ignore him....the virtual death penalty...I was willing to forgive a little ignorance, but you're right, smells like the bottom of the dumpster behind your neighborhood fish market...
  5. His last post kinda ruffled my feathers. Fellas, It could be that he just is not aware of the amount of gear that passes back and forth via this forum,and does not know of the collegiality and family-spirit that pervades the forum, nor of the generally accepted high class level here. Just a thought...
  6. I am very interested in the 115's. Please email me , cedwinsnow@yahoo.com , with a phone number so I can call you and work out the details. If you are in Wytheville, that would be a 6.5 hours, but if they are in good shape, and the price is right, it would be a worthy road trip. I will not be situated to do it until about 3or 4 weeks from now because of work and family obligations, but I most seriously want to get these. In fact, you could consider them sold, given the above caveats. Thanks, Chuck Snow
  7. MJ, Please reconize(trucker CB term) I only alerted our fellow-travelers to the sale, I am not the one who sold the H's. Blessings, Doc
  8. Good looking H's, great price. http://bham.craigslist.org/ele/3920434153.html
  9. And the Selenium phenolic-dome driver is just a little less than the Atlas diaphragm, and the replacement diaphragms for them are around $10.00 each. Sound is similar.
  10. Found this while looking around the Southeast. Somebody was looking for some in the garage sale section, I think. Here's the link: http://nashville.craigslist.org/ele/3801381899.html Happy hunting!!
  11. Youthman, thank you so much for posting this alert! With the help of my Daughter who lives in Tampa, I was able to get these. They fit into the back of her Passat just fine, and will be ferried north to Montgomery in a couple of weeks when my baby girl comes for a visit. I already had two of these, and they are so good, I wanted another pair. I have the first pair biamped with an active crossover and have adapted the crossovers and added a pair of the ALK (made by Martinelli)Trachorns for midrange and am using the horn in the cabinet for high frequency. The midrange horn driver is a Selenium phenolic, and the hi-freq driver is a Selenium titanium. That is my TV sound and rear channels for music. Set up this way, these speakers compare favorably to my Cornscala mains, except the bass is better. The speakers were in great shape, and the price was good. KP3002's are fantastic! Thanks again, Chuck
  12. Forum, There is an unusual variety of Klipsch gear for sale on Craigslist in Birmingham, some reference series, couple pair H's, sweet pair of KG 5.2's, pair of the Chorus, some Mirages, and a couple sets of computer speakers. Enjoy... http://bham.craigslist.org/search/ela?zoomToPosting=&query=klipsch&srchType=A&minAsk=&maxAsk=
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