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  1. Your KP201 really look nice! I don't normally see them in that nice condition.
  2. Oh Man! I just blew the budget on a pair of Velodyne DLS-5000R. I may see if the wife is agreeable...
  3. Over the weekend, I picked up a pair of Velodyne DLS-5000R subwoofers. They have 15" drivers in a vented cabinet, forward firing, 600 watt class D, with some DSP eq. Since I use my KP301-B-Br as mains in my HT, these subwoofers compliment them nicely. I plan on purchasing the new Mad Max on Blu Ray tomorrow to really put my system through it's paces. While these may not be the best subwoofers ever, they were very inexpensive and are just like knew. The PO must have had $50k worth of HT gear in his house, so these might as well be straight out of the box. Now for an Academy center or a solo Heresy.
  4. We will probably be heading up to Hot Springs for a family vacation Labor Day weekend. If so, we may be able to work something out on this speaker.
  5. I am using an RC-7 for now. Someday, I will use an industrial Heresy.
  6. I am in Rockwall - where are you?
  7. FWIW, I have retuned my KP301 cabinets to a lower frequency - mathematically, they are tuned to 38 hz, by extending one of the ports into the cabinet. They certainly have a lower range now. I use mine for home theater/home stereo, so I don't miss any loss of SPL that may have occured by retuning the cabinets. With 125 dB @ 400 watts continuous, I felt I had room to sacrifice (heh, heh).
  8. I have a nice pair of Monte Carlos that I need to put back into service. The cabinet was a freebie, including new binding posts and the original 1" cone drivers. I purchased a pair of nice Blue Bells for the woofers (thanks PM). However, there are no crossover components. Does anyone know how these were crossed over? I'll even take a good suggestion.
  9. My goodness! I don't know how I missed this. If I can get in line, I would love to have this equipment. I have been looking for a project just like this to build up for a close friend. I live in Rockwall and can pick up immediately. I sent a PM. Thx for the generousity, whoever gets the goods.
  10. The HIP - is just a single available or a pair?
  11. That depends on which cabinet they are in. I have a pair of KP301-B-Br in laquered blonde birch cabinets on short risers, no socket at all.
  12. I tuned mine lower by adding a port tube extension [mo][]
  13. I have a pair of Monte Carlo A's as well. I am interested in your refoam project. I have had the back of my cabinets off, but not the grills. My woofers sound great, so I haven't inspected the surrounds. For some reason, I have assumed that they had pleated cloth surrounds, not requiring a refoam.
  14. I'm in Rockwall, TX. I would be interested in checking out these speakers if you can't find a good home for them. Good luck with the speakers and have fun!
  15. I believe your most recent Fraziers are Monte Carlos, based on the size of the cabinets and that they appear to be a two-way system. I have a pair of Monte Carlo A's that I really like.
  16. I only know of two-way Frazier designs. For those, mimimal crossover components help quite a bit. Excellent magnets, including the alloys used, pole piece design, minimizing the voice coil gap. Probably the key, though, are the superior cabinet designs for low and mid bass, combined with excellent horns, make the biggest difference. What is sacrificed is space. Most Fraziers are very large by todays standards, especially when compared to modern speakers in the same niche.
  17. Your La Fiesta's look great! I have had this pair of Monte Carlo A's for about a year, but haven't really done anything with them. The cabinets were very dry and stained, with scratches, dings and one crunched corner. But the veneer is still well attached, the grill cloth looks great and the speakers have both badges. They sounded really good when I tested them out in the garage, but they never really made it into the main rotation. Earlier today, I assembled some collected parts to complete a mate for my orphaned EV Sentry 100A. My orphan had been pulling center channel duty in the home theater system. While it sounded good, I had to constantly adjust the center channel level because of the big mismatch with it's sound and the rest of the speakers. Once I finished the EV, I played the pair of them together all morning and was very impressed by their sound. However, they are ugly as sin, so they came down and the Epi A120 went back in. But, I didn't want to put the EVs back to center channel duty. So, the EVs went into the closet and I cleaned and oiled the Fraziers. I had tried one of the cabinets once before as the center channel, but because it is so efficient, it overpowered all of the other speakers. This time, I wired both Fraziers in series for the center channel and voila! it sounds really great and balanced. The dialog cuts through clear as a bell. And, they look so much better! Now, I just have to do something about veneering that sub.
  18. Missed it by that much! I either missed by less than your "that much" or more than your "that much!" My head hurts.
  19. Put the Bose logos on your new DixieLanders and watch the WAF go way up.
  20. Here are the T/S parameter for the K-48-KP: 05-RE OHMS 3.97 06-LE MH 1.17 07-QM 6.65 08-QE .370 09-QT .350 10-XMAX MM 5.50 11-BL TM 15.93 12-EFF % 3.21 13-FS HZ 41.93 14-MMS GMS 89.35 15-CMS mm/N .1612 16-RMS NS/M 3.5376 17-VAS LTRS 166.07 18-SD SCM 856.34 19-EBP 113.9 20-SPL dB 97.1 I believe I have these woofers in my KP301 speakers. I contacted Eminence and these are the numbers that they supplied.
  21. They made the 301 as a home speaker? it was already a Cornwall/Chorus in the first place... I've had a pair of the road-handle versions for ages. Do yours have the tweeter-protection device on them? Mine have a lacquer birch finish without handles. They are a home version of the KP301. Mine do have two fuses on each cabinet for driver protection, one for the tweeter and I believe one for the mid. I am not sure and will need to look at the schematic again. I have not played around with the port tuning yet. I was wondering if I can install the ports from the front, rather than removing the woofer and installing them from the interior. That will make it easier for me to play with different lengths. But, they may not tune the same outside of the cabinet. Any thoughts?
  22. It is supposed to rain here all weekend. If so, I will put off the automechanicing (is that a word?) and try to make some of these measurements.
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