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  1. Thanks, all of that really helps. So, if I understand correctly, and..........just for ghits and shiggles, lets pretend that the receiver sub-ot doesNOT have a lowpass (correct?) filter for 80/100/120 Hz, then I could use INPUT filter as a lowpass (the 80/100/120Hz selection) and then use the OUTPUT filter as a highpass (set at 20Hz or so with a 24db/octave slope)..........this would end up with only frequencies between 20 Hz and 80/100/120HZ going to the sub, right? I guess the Crown XTi1002 offers EQ abilities as follows: 8 parametric filters per channel with adjustable Q, ±15dB boost/cut. which seems that if the filter ranges are user definable (?), then I could fine-tune the frequency response with having up to 8 "bands" worth of adjustment available in the 20 - 80/100/120Hz range, right? About the only thing missing that I would consider very useful is an auto-on function (via a voltage trigger or signal sensing), any specific recommendations on a device that accomplishes that somewhat affordably? Thanks again for all your help. P.S. what is "Q" as it relates to equaluzation?
  2. EdmundGTP, I really appreciate your help, thanks. Since you seem to be someone who really knows this stuff, I was wondering if I could run a couple of other Q's by you.....mostly so I can understand what I'm getting into more fully......... Reading the specs for the Crown XTi1002, it states that is has both input and output EQ filters......what is the purpose of having EQ ability on both input and output? For driving subwoofers, does it matter which is used (or should both be used?). I would think that the output EQ, being closest in the supply chain to the subs, would be of more "importance"? Also, the input EQ has "adjustable high and low shelving filters"............what is a "shelving" filter as opposed to any other kind of filter? Next, there are crossover filters: Crossover Filters: -Adjustable highpass and lowpass per channel. -Butterworth 6/12/18/24dB per octave. Linkwitz-Riley 24/48dB per Octave. -Also includes ± 15 dB bandpass gain and polarity control. - what is "highpass" and "lowpass" refer to? How about "bandpass" gain? Finally, is this the same as "phase control"?: Delay: For signal alignment of driver; 50 mS of total delay. My AV receiver has only a single subwoofer pre-amp output (RCA), so I would need to get to use a "Y" splitter coming off of that output which turns into dual XLR's for the Crown amp inputs, correct? Sorry to bug with so many (probably trivial) questions but I'm not used to all the features and nuances of this pro equipment which you seem to be very familiar with. I just want this conversion to go properly (the first time!). Thanks.
  3. Okay, you're probably right. Now, can you tell me why you chose to go with an outboard EQ (feedback destroyer) as opposed to using the EQ (etc.) capabilities of the Crown amps (especially on the XTi series amps)?
  4. Would there be any issues/conserns with using the lipsch KA-1000 sub amp in this application (outboard driver for ksp400 subs)? http://www.klipsch.com/ka-1000-thx-amplifier I assume that the sub woofers are 4 ohm?
  5. Hi guys, thanks for the responses. You can read their specs at: http://www.mbquart.com/en/produkte/car/reference/produkt.php?nr=rce_269 or go to any of their other individual pages and see the same thing. I note that Focal, another hi-line car audio speaker mfg., lists their specs at 2.83V/1m ----- and if I recall correctly, 2.83V is the same as 1W. So if anyone has any recommendations, I'm all ears! I'm looking for some 6x9 and 4" or 5" 2-way car audo speakers with 91-up SPL ratings. Anyone have any experience with some good ones. I would prefer that they be "separates" so that the tweeters can be placed in another location away from the woofer..........thanks!
  6. Okay, I'm used to seeing speaker sensitivy ratings being quoted in the form of db/watt/1m, meaning: - how many dB of sound pressure a speaker will create at a distance of 1 meter when the input is 1 watt. Now, when I start looking for car audio speakers, I see things like: Sensitivity: 2,5 W (90 dB/1m) This is from the german company, MB Quart, supposedly well-known well-respected, very high quality (and price!) products. Am I reading this wrong? Are they saying that their speakers are 90dB at 1 meter at 2.5W Input??????? Which means they are (WHAT) dB/1m at ONE watt input? Am I reading this wrong or is this the newest (?) form of deceptive marketing extrodinaire?
  7. I'm bored today, so I'll share my useless thoughts: 1) Howard Stern is an idiot, but a very smart, shrewd, and successful one. A perfect symbol of these times, you might say...... 2) The Constitution was written to be interpreted as black and white, not indeterminate shades of gray. Getting away from the vagaries of wishy-washy political interpretations by each new government was a prime consideration for the founding fathers (go look it up for yourself). It wasn't meant to be a "living, breathing" document but one that was pretty much chiseled in stone...you know, kind of like the ten commandments! Either "thou shalt not kill, period" or just forget the whole thing.... 3) Freedom of Speech means you allow precisely the behaviors that some of you guys are suggesting being prohibited. It's the speech that you strongly and even violently disagree with that must be free to occur, not just what you already agree with or have no feelings about or just "kinda disagree" with. That is, if you REALLY believe in "freedom" of speech. If you REALLY want THE PEOPLE to have the power and control of the government, RATHER THAN THE OTHER WAY AROUND. 4) THE PEOPLE have the right to be stupid, childish, self-centered, repressive, racist, bigoted, uneducated, etc. and to pass any laws they wish to override and do away with the Constitution. They can like Klipsch or they can like Bose. They can express those opinions or all them dang Bose owners can be shut up, shut out, or even better yet, shot at sunrise. 5) Democracy and "freedom" is a messy, nasty, conflict-happy affair. It's much better to live under the rule of a tyrant or dictator. I would much prefer it if everyone just did things my way, and shut the hell up about YOUR opinions. Life would be so much easier for me in that way. 6) Weak people prefer to be ruled. Rulers like weakness and for people to fight amongst themselves...it makes the job of ruling so much easier. Rulers always have the best interests of those who they rule over at heart. Especially if they are good looking or wealthy. Then you should vote for them for sure. Never mind what they say. Never mind what they do. Don't ask too many questions. A peak behind the curtain could upset them... 7) Zip cord is as good as Monster cable. Low wattage SET amps beat the tar out of solid-state or tubes. Friends don't let friends drive Chevy's, but driving drunk is okay.....my goodness, we wouldn't want to hurt someone's FEELINGS, would we? Oh yes, one other thing..... 8) Weak people have thin skin. Sticks and stones have pretty much been outlawed, so now we've got to go to work on outlawing certain names (words). 9) I told you I was bored........ 9
  8. Allan, what is so special about the Mac EQ's that they won't work on other speakers? Doesn't an EQ simply vary the level of different frequencies being passed to the amp?
  9. And what is wrong with excess? I seem to recall an ancient greek proverb: "Everything in exccess" -Aristotle 380 B.C.
  10. Hey, not only do I know that guy (i'm in Atlanta). but he's the one that got me hooked on Mac equipment, so now I'm poor and homeless but have a really killer system....with Klispch speakers, of course. The tall thin speakers are Mac XRT26's....the pair of XRT24's is in the back of the room. By the way, he also has 3 Super-Duty cars, for those of you who also adore hi-po cars.......
  11. The most interesting thing that I've heard on this subject was that the pace of music directly affects your heartbeat rate (and thus, in response, many other biological functions). In other words, music that has a beat that is FASTER than your heart rate (approx. 60 beats-per-minute) will AUTOMATICALLY increase your heart rate and thus produce a "hyper" effect on your body, physically and psychologically. Vice-versa for music that is "slower" than a your heart rate. Note that this effect would also depend upon just where your heart rate is to begin with, and of course different people have different heart rates depending on genetics, recent levels of activity, physical conditioning. etc. That's why "mellow" music tends to relax you, and fast music tends to make you want to dance, etc. And I assume we all know what "sexual" music refers to (interesting that men and women find different beat paces to be sexual...now there's a hot topic...). But I digress.....now, the interesting thing is that this is an inbred, automatic response, which means that it is genetically "programmed" WAY deep in the brainstem (the most basic or "reptilian" part of our brains). Okay, genetically programmed functions are almost always evolutionary driven survival or mating mechanisms, so perhaps some research as to what the probable environmental circustances that led to this trait would be a interesting topic, certainly worthy of at least a B+........
  12. I've just spent the last hour and a half reading thru this entire thread. I learned something interesting about electronics and had more laughs than I can remember. The perfect 3-ring circus. Everyone, please don't stop. Keep the knowledge, learning, and the flames FLYING! And may the best ballwasher win.........
  13. Here is Poochie Deluxe, after a hard night of rockin' and rollin' in front of the Khorns.......
  14. Greetings all, could someone go over for me (once again, I'm sure) the proper step-by-step procedure for bi-wiring a set of '99 Khorns. Thanks!
  15. Hello everyone, I think I blew up a tweeter diaphram, as my '99 Khorns make a scratchy sounds on high notes. They should be the stock tweeters. What version tweeters do they use (K-??) and where do I get the diaphrams, and how hard are they to replace? Also, what must one do to properly bi-wire these beasts? Okay, thanks for the help! Len
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