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  1. I can just hear DJK's response. The man knew more than most of us combined.
  2. Probably entered some distortion into the mix with only 600wpc.😁 I find at 1600wpc you give in long before distortion sets in.🙂 LOL
  3. I must of liked to rock a little too hard. I couldn't keep woofers in mine. Only speakers I've ever blown anything in over 45 years of jamming. Now the K48, now that's a woofer!
  4. I use to have the same impression back when I ran adcom gear in 1990 when they first came out. I still thought they were the best sounding speaker of that particular line which is why I bought them. Thirty three years later and 40 amplifiers, preamplifiers, integrates and receivers later I have enjoyed them with each and every one. The most enjoyment always comes with huge power with gain controls. Adcom, Forte, B&K, Aragon, Bryston, McCormack to name a few and then I switched over to pro gear. QSC, Crown and Carver Professional which changed my enjoyment in a big way. The ease at which the music leaves the speakers is pretty awesome in my opinion. At this point my Chorus II's are receiving 1600 watts rms and they have never sounded so smooth and dynamic. I also admit I must have a pair of subwoofers that I eq in the mix to complete the full band effect. I have tried many different Klipsch offerings but to me the Chorus II still stands tall.
  5. Reminds me of an ELO song. ”Don’t Bring Me Down”
  6. It would be another new purchase from me.👍
  7. I love my Chorus II's as much as the next guy but come on. There has to be a point where the insanity takes a back seat.
  8. I consider them tone controls. But I am only one voice.
  9. Understatement of the day! That K-48 just can't seem to get enough.
  10. Well I have ran 4 ohm Cerwin Vega DX 9s that dip into the 2 ohm territory without any hiccups. Actually they don't even break a sweat. But what they do for the Chorus II's at low to medium volume is just unbelievable. So much realism throughout the audio spectrum. But when you decide to crack the throttle I am front row at the event. 👍
  11. I'll stick with my 1200 wpc @8ohms / 1600 wpc @4ohms ss monoblocs. What dips? 😁
  12. stormin


    Did Klipsch start carrying the K79 diaphragms again?
  13. That gets my vote. They’ve been pending since the 7th. Fake for sale add…..?. At least it’s not as bad as send payment to an overseas bank account.
  14. I would assume more than you paid for them. Klipsch are off the charts these days. Heck everything is. We aren't in Kansas anymore.
  15. I always just leave everything on unless major storm or traveling for extended period. When fired back up usually about 30 minutes to be back in the groove.
  16. Not in the least interested. Others should be aware of the shortcomings of these photos and be careful of the glowing reviews without more knowledge. I've a little experience with the Chorus variety for the last 33 years. Just be careful.
  17. It is really impossible to tell the condition of these speakers with these photos. It just doesn't appear to me that the seller is all that serious about selling. He states they are clean and maybe they are but then again maybe they are not even average in the eyes of some beholders.
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