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  1. The obvious is clear between the 2. La Scala's have more mid, Chorus II has more low. That was the setup I had with the La Scala's as my mains with a sub. Obviously. But doesn't quite describe how that relates to the attack of a drum kit or the pitch definition of a bass guitar.
  2. Exactly. I think it should be everyones goal. I should state I do not watch movies through my 2 channel system. I am listening for the attack and feel of the snare and kick drums.
  3. I have used a Crown K2 with an earlier version Cornwall with no success. The K2 is 500wpc and has a damping factor: 10hz to 400hz >3000. The woofers would almost flutter at volume. "One of the reasons" I call the Cornwall a great jazz speaker and the KLF 30 and Chorus II's great rock and roll speakers. Some folks like big warm woolly bass and others like tight chest crunching bass. I prefer the later. I also prefer the same with subwoofers in 2 channel. When I am jamming I am not interested in a "home theater like" foot massage I want a chest massage. As always just my 2 cents.
  4. Congrats. I am anxious to hear comparisons with your Chorus II's.
  5. Tight? If you wanted tight you bought the wrong speaker. Some folks around here call the ole Cornwall a rumble box and I am one of them. It has alot of great characteristics but tight bass with good pitch definition describes a Chorus II not a Cornwall. IMHO.
  6. I have ran an Audible Illusions L1 for years. I paired it with a McCormack DNA1 rev B+ which everyone claims is the cats meow. To these head banging ears I enjoyed the Audible Illusions paired with the Aragon 4004 MKII much better. I also found the combo to sound much better paired with VMPS over Klipsch. I like the Aragon a little better than the Acurus stuff if your going to rock out because it has a bit of a warmer signature. I agree, buying used can save a boat load of money and some of the gems of years past still sound fantastic. I am still sold on the QSC PLX series and the Crown K series of pro amps. But I like to crack plaster so my needs differ from many. I still say if all I ever listened to was jazz I would only want a pair of Cornwalls paired with a nice tube amp.
  7. Have had the QSC 2402 and the Crown K2 you can hardly distinguish the two. I prefer the K2 for the slightly recessed mids. If anything I find it a tad warmer than the QSC but ever so slightly. I actually preferred the lower frequencies of the QSC. But I use a couple of subs to handle that.
  8. I enjoy a little warmer sound myself. Some call it extended highs and detailed but I call it bright. Adcom comes to mind.
  9. I use a Crown K2 and you could do alot worse. I've used Aragon, Adcom, McCormick, Marantz, Yamaha, QSC and tons of other solid state receivers and amplifiers. Save some money and give pro audio a listen. If you don't like it flip it because someone else will.
  10. stormin

    new friends

    I agree. I like Patricia Barber's "Modern Cool" album.
  11. Well, unless you weren't there and they wanted to break-in and steal whatever you are insinuating you have. I carry the one I use and as far as stealing the others they better have some plastic explosives. It is also best to keep politics and religion out of this forum. It seems to always pop its ugly head by a select few. I didn't bring up politics or religion and what the heck does plastic explosives have to do with anything. Plastic explosives is what it would take to get to the guns that you are insinuating that someone could just walk in and steal.
  12. You are going backwards imho. Sometimes it becomes more about the bargain. But best wishes and good luck on the road you're traveling.
  13. Well, unless you weren't there and they wanted to break-in and steal whatever you are insinuating you have. I carry the one I use and as far as stealing the others they better have some plastic explosives. It is also best to keep politics and religion out of this forum. It seems to always pop its ugly head by a select few.
  14. Those are going to be awesome. Congrats.
  15. http://community.klipsch.com/forums/p/129363/1308401.aspx#1308401 Looks to be a pretty straightforward policy.
  16. I believe you're mistaken. Panacea has a post count of 67.
  17. That sucks. Sounds like what I run into with craigslist all the time. I didn't think it was suppose to happen here. Good luck on your search.
  18. Hmm...didn't realize UMG was also blocking that video stateside. It only told me Germany on my end. Not cool. Thanks for the heads up. Well, that's to be expected to a degree with not being able to compare to the first one."It Could Be Sweet" by Portishead typically sounds like this through the web: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKlrUHAZWQ0 Is that without any midbass bump? Sounds like it on my end but I like it. Sounds alot like Sade to me.
  19. I'm gonna pull an "Ethan Winer" here and let the golden ears decide. Grab the earbuds and listen to this, paying particular attention to the quality of the bass: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Om3BvwaE5d8 Then listen to the second song in this one: In the last video, is the subwoofer actually passing a signal? First one didn't work due to the country of origin.[:^)] The second one the bass sounds so horrendous I cannot make an honest comment [:|] Maybe I should have just stated that an emphasized midbass is not natural.
  20. I cannot make sense of that. Please educate me... Dave Wow, this one slipped through the cracks! Sorry for the delayed response Dave. midbass The range of frequencies from 40-80Hz http://www.stereophile.com/content/sounds-audio-glossary-glossary-i-m I realize that you're into some very deep bass. That's cool...very cool. However, I'm referring to music where the kick drum is just that....it kicks. I usually put a bump in the 40-80hz range of my PEQ that is eqing the subs. I've had subs in the past that were capable of digging much deeper....and when trying to play them "deep" with typical rock and roll music that relies heavily on a pulsing, chest pounding effect type of bass the "deep" bass was always lagging behind. Very cool....but never fully "in" the music.....slow. I'm not saying it's neccessary to try and break everything in your house. It just seems that the mid-bass frequencies and up are the most "musical" and they are the most effective for most types of music. Not discounting "deep" bass...I think it needs to be there for the full effect but emphasis on mid-upper bass rather than deep, infrasonic bass will be more articulate and accurate. You will not win that argument anywhere in the audiophile world Scott. Anything to change the natural characteristics of the music or musical instruments will be in direct conflict with the goals of the audiophile world. But after saying that I am with you on the midbass punch and enjoy it immensely. I have a pair of subs that excell in midbass slam but if i want to listen to music in a critical matter they are turned off. Once you overlap your mains with a sub which between 40hz-80hz which actually the punch tends to be more towards 100hz you have left the fidelity of your main speakers. Overlap is overlap and it just becomes personal enjoyment but it is not accurate and never will be.
  21. http://audiophilereview.com/audiophile-music/rip-then-sell-your-cds.html Just an FYI.
  22. Keep it smooth, balanced, tight and let er rip! Stone Sour anyone!
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