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  1. Thanks Carl. I have read alot of your posts as well regarding QSC.
  2. This SRA has a very low noise floor.
  3. QSC SRA 2422 QSC's home version of amplification.
  4. A while? 16 years so far here. How much longer do i have to wait[]
  5. My original chorus II's cost me 1,800.00 and back in 1990 I thought i got a heck of a deal for those speakers. No need to justify a great speaker for a measly 150.00. I would pay 1,800 for another new pair of chorus II's.
  6. Nad 2600 and Nad 7600 use the same amplifier section.
  7. I own the big brother 4004 mk II. Never tried a peach in front of it but have an audible illusions L1. Marantz 2325 is alot of fun. HK 930 has its moments as well. But the new flavor of the month is a Luxman L 580 integrate. Now that is one sweet sounding unit with some real drive. A much clearer window into the music than either of the old ss receivers. Its class A the first 8 watts and with my chorus II's at 6 watts this thing is pounding out some serious bass.
  8. I believe adcom makes some very reliable equipment. I've had the 555MKII and the 565 monos. Both were on the bright side for me as well. Not bad equipment at all but paired with horns i would keep looking.
  9. I would be interested in that 1200. I just got to hear this awakening that Jeff speaks of. Tell me. Exactly what did you hear, and how was it different? I don't know. I haven't heard it yet. That is what i am trying to remedy here!
  10. I would be interested in that 1200. I just got to hear this awakening that Jeff speaks of.
  11. My comments were merely a statement of acceptance that I and my company have for Quickbooks. We do use several Licensed copies of Quickbooks. The reason for several copies is because we have Quickbooks installed on several computers. And yes, it was a topic of interest. Thanks!
  12. We really enjoy using Quickbooks at our facility. We use the same program at 5 different locations. We just send it up to our domain and download updates on a daily basis. Anyone making changes just drops an email that updates have been made and the others just download and restore. When i get at home with notebook i just update and restore and take over where i left off. Works great.
  13. That question might be funnier than you avatar[]
  14. Jeff, Your Marantz Model 1180dc weighed in at 30 lbs and was 90wpc rms. Where as the Marantz 2325 weighs in at 50 lbs and is 125 wpc rms. Just maybe thats why one of these slam and the other doesn't. But i have had and still have amps that slam Aragon, Adcom, HK, Parasound. They all can act as a jackhammer but its the mids and highs that really make or break an amp with klipsch IMHO. The 2325 is as smooth as any ss i've heard and still slam. But then again it has alot of the faults of a receiver with getting conjested and rolled off highs. I think tube monoblocks are really the way to go if you are looking to rock out and have high quality be it old Dynacos or new VRDs.
  15. Thanks Mark for the clarification of which preamp would be more suited for an amplifier with such a low input impedance. You wouldn't happen to have any trade-ins lying around would you?[]
  16. please tell me thats a clothes dryer in the basement and not an oven in the kitchen. ROTFLMAO.
  17. Well if he had the bipolar designed adcom like i have owned and that is similar to your crown then i guess i am familiar to the sound you are hearing. I had the 555mkII and the 565 mono blocks. I would strongly suggest finding the right tube preamp that doesnt rolloff the bottom octaves and isnt an impedance mismatch and you will be much happier with your mids and highs.
  18. Well if i might add that was a generalization of the what some folks tend to say of the marantz. Actually Craig might of given a better description "They have a sonic signature all there own. Very warm and soft much like a bone stock vintage tube amp." It is without a doubt not your normal harsh or hard sounding ss amplifier. And by that statement i am in no way implying that marantz is the end all in music reproduction. You do tend to lose some of the upper information in the recording because they are rolled off in the highs. Since i have not heard a crown i cant compare the two but i can say a marantz is on the opposite of the ss spectrum to lets say an adcom. And to all the adcom fans this isn't a slam either just a comparison. Just to put some folks at ease and prevent them from having to take a defensive posture on the tube subject i am not saying most or all tube amps roll of the highs. Like most i am still searching for nirvana myself.
  19. The volume might be there with a tube amp or just about any ss amp but i doubt many tube amps or lower powered ss amps are going to control the woofers like jeff is accustom to. He likes the woofers pounding his mid section very hard. Most folks add a sub if they need the extra bass reinforcement without losing resolution of their system.
  20. If I go downstairs and outside, I can still hear the mids and highs well - even though there are no windows or doors open. i.e. there is little degradation in tonal mix through exterior walls. LMAO. Now that is loud. If i am jamming i've had my wife say she can hear the bass a block away but the highs are subdued out in the front yard. You might need to lower that volume a bit. Maybe you just need a couple of big subs to kick you around a bit. But those highs are really going to hurt ya.
  21. Another note Jeff, My 125wpc marantz 2325 will kick you in the chest. So depending on which model you choose and which listening habits you have there are many marantz to choose from. But i do agree if you are for pulling out every single detail out of the music and that is what you listen for you will not be happy with any vintage marantz. But i can rock the house and not get an earbleed[]
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