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  1. from Crazy Poster. Getting pretty excited its been almost 5 years making the transition. Woah am i slow. Some folks do that in a week. Well its been alot of good reading over the years and sure am glad to be part of the klipsch family. Thanks all.
  2. Thanks Filmboydoug. Worked great.
  3. Well good it wasnt just me. Thanks Gilbert
  4. Anyone else having trouble logging on to their site? Looks like it just vanished today.
  5. Maybe its just me but when i auditioned the chorus II and forte II side by side back in 1990 i wanted the chorus II going home with me. Forte II was and is a great speaker but to my ears the chorus II is definitely the big brother. And man did they get it right to my ears with the tractrix mid. And for all the passive radiator nay sayers out there all i can say is get some better corners or get some better equipment or possibly clean those ears.
  6. Just up at 4:00 am this morning. Figured i would give a call before church. They sold a few days ago. Would of liked to have seen a forum member with them.
  7. Nice Marantz tuned4life. I bet it does sound good. My old 2325 sounds sweet with my chorus II's as well.
  8. Called seller and ad was placed last week. Already sold.
  9. ---------------- On 5/21/2005 11:46:24 PM Audio Flynn wrote: The stuff I have read on the VPMS is very interesting. Never could find a dealer in MIchigan to audition them at. ---------------- Hi Audio Flynn, I had a pair of the Tower 2 SE vmps. They sure did alot of things right and bass was one of them. But to my ears the chorus II horns just beat up on those ribbons. I havent heard all the offerings of Mr. Cheney and i am sure as you move up the line there are dramatic improvements. I actually could live with offerings from either designer.
  10. There might be some horrid passive designs out there. I would imagine Q factor,internal dimensions and cabinet resonance play as much of a roll. Chorus II's are simply awesome set up right. Personally i feel two companies got passives right. Klipsch and VMPS! or should i say "PWK and Brian Cheney"!
  11. Hi Corvette, Your recent acquisition of those chorus II's was a great score. I have owned just about every year of chorus II's made and i find them all to be great. Enjoy!
  12. ---------------- On 5/1/2005 2:47:03 PM codhead wrote: I'm not a big PR fan either. Always thought the I's had tighter bass, and with a sig gen, mine go into the 30's before there's an appreciable roll-off. ---------------- I guess we just have to agree to disagree. It's what makes it all so much fun.
  13. ---------------- On 5/1/2005 1:30:53 PM DrWho wrote: ---------------- On 4/30/2005 3:40:30 PM stormin wrote: Someone really needs to save these chorus II's. ---------------- lol, everything I will do will be totally reversable. I just can't deal with the rear passive radiator. It's noisy with low frequencies at loud volumes (no EQ) and I think it would be easier to position the speaker with ports on the front. ---------------- I was j/k with ya Dr. They're your speaks so have fun. I was wondering what you might be powering the chorus II's with? I've had about 10 different amplifiers hooked up to these in the past and only a couple of them were disappointments in the bass department. Personally i like an amp with a little muscle at a 4 ohm load to handle the bass driver. This being if you want to rock out. I do agree these are placement sensitive with the passive. I've tried several placements over the years and find that a couple of good corners do wonders. Good luck.
  14. Someone really needs to save these chorus II's.
  15. LMAO Sarge Isn't that the truth
  16. ---------------- On 4/16/2005 10:12:03 PM chuckears wrote: ---------------- On 4/16/2005 8:30:00 AM bsafirebird1969 wrote: the 12" forte driver gives up nothing .... i actually prefer my F2's to my Chorus 2's ---------------- Just curious... what about the Forte2's do you like better than the Chorus2's? - I'm not disagreeing; in fact I am another Forte evangelist (originals)... I have just heard comments by Forum members about how they think the Chorus stacks up well to the Cornwall in listening tests. For myself, I love the natural, uncolored sound of my Fortes, but this is admittedly biased. ---------------- Maybe the room is a little too small for the chorus 2's to really breathe.
  17. ---------------- On 4/8/2005 9:09:31 PM Number 9 wrote: Doh!! Yes, Klipsch not McIntosh. I had McIntosh on my brain at the moment. Bob. Perhaps you know. Leok once made a posting here where he thought that the midrange driver on the Chrorus II may have changed at some point. Same model number, but something about it sounding different when he compared two generations of the Chorus II ... he actually preferred the newer version. Do you know if the source or materials used in the diaphram may have changed over the 1989 to 1995 period? ---------------- Have owned every year of chorus II's and the midrange drivers were all the same.
  18. Aragon makes some nice equipment IMHO. I have spent many years with an aragon 4004mkII. But to make a long story short my old Marantz 2325 does so much better on a pair of horns than my aragon can do. Less brittle highs, a heck of alot fuller midrange and a punchier bass. Note i said punchier because its really hard to beat an old aragon in the bass department unless your talking a krell IMHO. Got a new carver zr1600 on order to see if its the real deal or hoopla. But anyways alot of nice equipment to choose from and thats what makes it all so much fun. Good luck.
  19. maybe its the second hand noise dodger
  20. Moon that was just plain hilarious. Brought tears to my eyes.
  21. The chorus is a nice speaker and less fussy about room positioning. The chorus II on the other hand i find particularly fussy about set up. The passive radiator needs a corner to shine. I have always found the mids a touch smoother with the chorus II as well. So with the proper set up chorus II gets my vote between the two. But then again i might be biased because i would take a chorus II over most of the klipsch offerings for several reasons. Good Luck, Randy
  22. Thats good to hear Russ! Thanks We are going to see how the zr amps do with a pair of chorus II's
  23. Hey Russ, How's that carving doing? I have been thinking about giving a zr1600 a try. I have a little concern about the hiss you speak of during some recordings. Do you find that happening on all recordings or just a select few? Thanks
  24. Have to agree here with the chorus II / Forte I-II comments above. You really need to place the passives near a wall or preferrably a corner to enjoy the true capabilities of these speakers. If you just set them out in the middle of the room they are weak in bass compared to the cornwall. But put them in a corner and its a different ball game. Personally i find the passive designs to actually be much tighter in response. But another side note.........they are all great!!
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