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  1. I'll take an offer. let me get some pics today.
  2. These are sold, but I have the KP-115's and the KP-3002's still. Taking offers
  3. I have 2 of these. I would consider selling them.
  4. I'm thinking about replacing the crossovers in my 3002s with Eminence 500 watt crossovers. Im also thinking about just bi-amping them and using an external crossover. One of mine still cuts out on the HF sometimes.
  5. I have a pair of KP-115 SW, these don't have crossovers, the wire from the jack just goes directly to the speaker. I'm thinking about replacing the speakers with a Peavey 1508-4 Black Widow. It's 1000 watt speaker, any opinions on this? the Klipsch drivers are still good, but I think I'm beating the crap out of them. I really just love the size, weight, and build of the Klipsch box. What do you guys think?
  6. These are all up for sale again. I really want to move these out, I'd love for someone to come pick them up
  7. Here you go before I put it all on ebay and craigslist, I want to sell all these by the end of December. KP-301 $300.00 for the pair. KP-3002 $300.00 for the pair KP-115SW $300.00 for the pair
  8. These are up for sale again folks if anyone is interested.
  9. Hi I still have them. I am in southwest Virginia, very close to the Tennessee state line on I-81. Pickup only, where are you? maybe we can work something out. Bobby
  10. Does the KISS Army count? Seriously, Thanks for all you folks do and have done for our country.
  11. wish I could say they were my legs, but I'm the other guy
  12. The owner says they were painted black then stripped, but they have handles on them. Do you all think they were industrials and have had the metal removed? Did they all have the metal around the edges? Or painted stripped and had handles added? It looks like the sticker was over the black paint to me. Take a look
  13. Rundgren, Beatles, Elvis =no sub Jay-z, Eminem, James Earl Jones' voice=yes sub []
  14. I would go with the actual piece of equipment. Red is positive, Black is negative. Good luck
  15. my Altecs have 288's on them with a 3 bolt pattern. 805 horn
  16. would that work backwards with a DH1A and an Altec horn? I just wanted to try the DH1A's with my Altecs sometime.
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