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  1. The Heresy might serve best when you cannot fit a LaScala. I used to put my TV on top of the LaScala but the image height is too tall. I ended up looking up at the screen instead of at. The other solution is to get an acoustically transparent screen, but that will be a compromise in image quality. Hey movie theaters do it! I'm considering going the Heresy center channel, since a projector and AT screen are not in my "Crystal ball." I must wish I had one to demo against my lascala.
  2. I am looking at crossover upgrades and trying to make decisions in a vacuum. Without going into the details, Is the round magnet K77 is lower efficiency then the K55? Klipschorns Best, Bill
  3. Okay, thanks for the effort.. If I were to replace the HF/MID XO and incorporate a MEN220... So I am thinking I would need some thing to high pass the tweeter, low pass the mid, use the men220 to high pass the mid and low pass the woofer. Next would be two MC275 amps, one for left and one for right. 75watts to the mid/hf, and 75watts for the bass. Then time delay the HF/Mid to align the signal. . Bob, What XO would you recommend? .Later on I could do a two way Jubilee, no?
  4. Yes, I don't agree with that review. Try this, Copy a CD to your computer in 192 and 320 kbps and then have the album in the same playlist with different bit rates.. play on shuffle.
  5. MOG is great but doesn't has as many songs as Rhapsody. Even at 192kbps the user interface, chart listings, recommedations, etc. are still better.
  6. For those that haven't heard active crossovers, three models of which I identified earlier in this thread (and that were immediately pooh-poohed by Mr. Dean), the advantage is that you can try what you like, many different configurations and settings, listening as you go in real time, including very steep filters and different crossover frequencies, and different balancing EQ filters, etc. You can reuse your active crossover unit with other loudspeakers that you own now or will own in the future--without having to buy anything new. If you find that you like the sound of your original passive crossovers, then you still have them to swap back in. I find that I will never go back to using passive crossovers for Khorns that cannot correct for driver/horn time alignment issues. Digital active crossovers (as opposed to analog active crossovers) have the ability to fully correct time alignment issues like those experienced in the Khorn midrange/bass bin. I recommend listening to digitally time-aligned Khorns via active crossovers if you can since the difference is so startling, IMHO. I know of two places that have them: Greg Oshiro has a pair in Pennsylvania and I have a pair in Texas. I'm sure that there are others out there. These Khorns don't seem to have the near-field listening issues and timbre disturbances that plague passive-crossover and analog active crossover Khorns operating without driver/horn time alignment. For that matter, the original passive crossover used in the center Belle that I use daily was so poor between my two Jubilee fronts that I considered selling the Belle. That is, until I tri-amped using a Dx38 active crossover with time-alignment dialed in. Now the Belle does quite well between the Jubs and integrates seamlessly in my 5.2 main rig (see profile pix and description). Chris Chris, I think you have the way ahead. Now if there were 6 amps, and a really good active 3 way crossover, you'd be in the money!
  7. I getting at I want to keep the same sound, I don't want to build a crossover, and I don't want to waste my time and resources.
  8. First, greatknowlege and expirence weighing in here and its truly great to get that level of feedback. Ed and I have talked at length about the changes and effects that aftermarket crossovers have on our Klipschorns. I believe that says a great deal in itself. That the notion of good engineering is timeless and that for the last 60 years Klipschorns have represented that level of value. Full disclosure, I purchased my Klipshorns from Ed. He had driven the 8+ hours out to the Buffalo Area of NY from the Boston Area of MA. Just to own a pair of "Mighty" Klipschorns. Anyways, when I arrived to his house with my buddies and Truck, I figured his significant other or some other force of nature had ousted his beloved Klipschorns from their corners. We got to know each other abit, as there was a generation gap. I was a young 30 something and he had at least 20 years of Music and Audio experince on me. He put on Pink Floyd's Animals on his Turntable (Something foriegn to my generation) and I knew regardless of the mile-stones in life we had one thing for certain in common. I was blown away and my friends, who snicker at my obsession, were superlativly slack jawed. Even to this day when I get the new to me speaker itch, they curse me and say "Dude, you got K-horns! You can't get any better.." Ed had also gone through great lengths to re-veneer his Klipschorns in, of all things, Zebrawood. Anyways, the forces of nature that were replacing his Klipschorns at the time were a stunning pair of dark mahogany? with light cane grilled klipschorns he scored from an estate sale. They were A+++ mint not a nick or scratch and cane/wood had no signs of their age. We listened to lots of music that day and I was happy to make the sale and help him hoist his new to him Klipschorns into his corners. As time passed, we talked about the extreme slope and other types of crossovers, but the general consensus between the two of us is "Neither one of us are as smart enough or know more about the speaker than Paul Klipsch" and it was accepted that atempting to out-do what has already been wonderfully executed was a futile exercise. Now, those who are so inclined and have the aptitude, I do not mean to rob you of your own curiousities or your advanced abilities. Still, the hard and fast answer is that in OEM form the Klipschorns are awesome and meet the sonic qualites for the masses. We are all fans, hobbiests, or aficionados and our tastes are particular (as stated previously) yet, for the consistent, reliable, and economic solution the OEM represents the best to me at this time.
  9. Yes, I am in the OEM - if it an broke don't fix it - camp. Meaning the design goals were all developed around the stock or OEM crossover. Plus the aftermarket crossovers, that alter the design goals, are much more expensive. The other hard part is to get a bunch of us together, with an assortment of crossovers, and couple sets of Klipschorns, from different generations, and do an informal sound off. I'd be willing to host. Bill
  10. I've got three in GA. Two matching pair walnut, and one single. PM me for pics. Bill
  11. Good Post. The Klipschorns should have the highest WAF, because mine tuck away in the corner and take up un-used space. My LaScalas took up WAY more space. Good engineering stands the test of time. p.s. I feel that anything larger should be a build-in design or at least back out the side of the room and place speakers behind an acoustically transparent (false) wall.
  12. That's a big sub! Is that your living room or a dedicated room?
  13. Thanks for the link! I read through the directions and I definitley was confused. I'd have to have the screen here and go VERY slowly. Thanks for posting!
  14. Awesome! Thanks for the quick turn aorund. Did you wire in the ceiling? What HMDI Spliter (or not) did you use? How is the screen and projector mounted? I almost guessed the Seymour Screen, this is like numero uno on my things I need list.. ;-)
  15. What screen and projector? Is it acoustically transparent?? Looks awesome, and I want to do it too!
  16. Ed, yes, clear out the space between the Klipschorns. Place the Belle there. Set up your electronics in another location in the room. Then run wires to the speakers.
  17. Ed, From what I remember, when I was sitting in your living room, you have windows on the back wall and a good deal of nick-nacks and furniture. I figure that you cook and listen most of the time since the furniture wasn't laid out the best for listening. So my recommendation, what I would do, is to re arrange the furniture and make it WAF friendly. Like a conversation pit or a palor room, but with a Hi Fi flair. Chairs/couch opposing each other with coffee table,then one big chair at the "head" facing the audio system. Then the idea of sliding in some custom furniture that matches the veneer of the Belle or Klipschorns is great, but it always falls short because of the custom nature and that you may block of more of the room. Therefore, create a playback workstation. Move your electronics to an area where putting on records/cd is between belt to chest level when standing. Then the pre-amp is at eye level. like this: here are some other photos I found doing a search
  18. Just want to close this out and say that I went from to this to this and now this
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