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    7.1 MOVIE LIST

    Mine always shows all channels when I watch a 7.1 movie. Mine will display the levels when fully installed. Yes its a Sony SDDS processor DFP-D3000 It will be used with the two AUX modes wired in with Dolby Stereo CP65 and CP45 might get the CP500 fitted up with an extra A/D 6channel board soon. The Sony will be wired modified or simply configured differently to mimic a five-screen matrix front as and when I want, the bluray Dolby/dts 7.1 will be wired normally for the common LCR and sidewall surrounds LFE.1 the front Left-extra Right-extra will be used for the stereo rear back surrounds and re-plugged, plus a dozen more ideas in the bag.
  2. But at least its there for when its needed. I have some bass shakers fitted in the cinema seating I can't recall if I played the film with shakers ON or OFF as it was rather late at night. The bluray was okay, okay film kinder like Independence Day, Aliens attack globally and at the end of day get beaten after wreaking cities into dust and rubble.
  3. I like the idea of rack mounting cooling fan systems. I'm looking around for thee lowest of low prices. I guess if on tight budget can always get parts cheaply and make one to sound very soft silent running.
  4. Many fans on this list that run as low as 6.5dbA. I'm also looking for cooling fans for my cinema equipment as they sound like leaf blowers. http://www.quietpc.com/products/casefans
  5. JBL4645

    A Team

    I brought it yesterday as the price as dropped from the silly Fox overpriced £28.00 or so down to consumer realistic pricing buy one for £15.00 get one free I don’t know which one out of the bundle bonanza that I brought yesterday was free???? Why not buy one and shoplift x10 free. LOL Its got a mild use of dialogue panning not a great deal as its mostly centre channel anchored. I thought for a moment towards the end was there a sly soft circle dialogue pan and (muted centre front) this where Face has key in mouth. The camera makes 180 pan but nope no circle dialogue panning SIGH. It would have been neat if the re-recoding mix team did that. Sound effects was plentiful low when the airplane gets blow to smithereens with tank fall to the ground with single parachute was, just a bit over the top insane nuts laughable. Cannon shots thumped nicely on the LCR with deeper oomph on LFE.1. The overall loudness of dialogue wasn’t unpleasant on my JBL Control 12SR LCR with each wired in active crossover on DCX2496. Stereo surrounds was set with matrix rear back to give a little extra listening fun for the afternoon. Metal and other objects flew around on one scene that had me looking left to right and in-between overhead for a few moments. I like how it starts off in modern day with U.S. Rangers and how the team gets assembled. The gags were funny and the 3D scene TOO FUNNY [] I wasn’t expect that and made me jump back in the cinema rocker seat. That was the best 2D effect ever better than Avatar in 2D on bluray!!! The Alan Silvestri score was entertaining to listen too on the fast action moments and The A-Team theme on the end credits right towards the end had me turning the level up to +6db. The film wasn’t too bad I’d give it an A-Team +7[Y] its not THE EMPIRE STIRKES BACK that would get a +10 know what I mean.
  6. is'n that a quote from another classic horror film Poltergeist 2 the other side. (1986) http://cdnet.myxer.com/tn/c/455051/big/%25253Ft%25253D20080420134109 Let me in! Let me in! [] Hollywood is seriously running out of fresh ides even when it comes down to "the title.
  7. Okay lets see if this works then! Let see if the text is below! It worked! Cheers for that insight that's made me feel a lot better cheers!
  8. JBL4645

    A Team

    ^^The S-Team LOL that's wrong LOL
  9. Its a demonstrable weapon that should never been made.[]
  10. I came across this and might be hope for a new way to listen as The Loudness War Is Over. http://mixonline.com/mixline/reierson_loudness_war_0802/
  11. [] that work thou it would have to be conducted miles away from the neighbours. LOL where can you get TNT from? hmm use fireworks under a few feet of earth I wonder if that would still create a mild rumble in earth.
  12. The recoding medium often sets dialogue at lower level to con to fool us the sound effects are real LOL Between dialogue and some effects there might be 10 or 15db increase but the real thing would be many times greater. Know that soft dialogue moment in Fight Club (1999) on the airplane. Then as one of the same person Narrator/Tyler look out the window WHAMMMM! That scene I just turn down its not cool on the ears the middle range will be enough to do damage to your ears its louder than earthquake on DVD! It only lasts for peak moment than gets quieter than smoothness out with (narration) then cuts back, to his, alto-ego seated besides him and starts to have conversation with him-self.
  13. The best version of "Common Man" I have heard is on Crystal Clear records' "Sonic Spectacular." While it has the brass you mention, the tympani, bass drum and tam-tam are overwhelming! There is a desk in the path of my speakers (quite a ways away) and the power of the tympani & bass drum throw it temporarly out of square. This may illustate the point that measured SPL isn't everything .... another version of "Man," on Reference Recordings can be adjusted to have equal SPL as read by a meter ("c" "fast"), but doesn't have near the force, wind, or emotional impact. I think this is because the Crystal Clear version had better micing on the percussion, and the recording had more content in, perhaps, the 40 to 80 Hz range. Between 40/80Hz I would say seems right. I do have version of this on CD-RW a friend recoded it around early late 99 to early 2000. Id have put it though Spectrum Lab and see what computer makes of it.
  14. 1978. The "movie" was just some of the TV stuff strung together. The recent series was pretty decent, though it wandered a lot before getting to the point. Dave Huh, you must have better memory of the show when it stated then I do. I might have seen a few episodes on TV. I think it used to be Saturdays, sometime around 5pm? I might have been interested in the CB radio my then you, know other frequencies and modes.[] Maybe the TV show didnt arrive in the UK till early 80s.
  15. Well, I really don't know how many of us there are, but certainly plenty that like you and I would purchase a BR with the original freq program intact even if the movie sucked. No one mentioned, perhaps because few would want to admit it, but Battlestar Galactica (which was every bit as inspid as the TV program) was also release in sensarround. REALLY emphasized how much warp engines roar in the vacuum of space. Nonetheless, we audiophools would buy it under the "Dukes" mantra: "If it SOUNDS good, it IS good!" Dave I was watching space 1999 on bluray recently and the lows to high pitched sounds of eagles LOL. I saw Battlestar Galactica in sensurround same cinema when it opened and remember the deep roar of the fighters blaster roar along the cinema and out into space blasting cylons into atoms of cosmic dust! That was the last film I saw in sensurround not sure if Rollercoaster or Midway played in town I guess Rollercoaster would be certificate AA so no one under the age of 15 or 16 to be admitted. I guess Midway would be rated A like Battlestatr and Earthquake. Battlestar tv show came out a few years later wasnt it early 80s. Im surprised they didnt mix the new show in with Dolby digital mega sound sensurround THX LOL
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