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  1. 1 hour ago, Agron said:

    Hello everyone,

    Can I recone KP-43E with other model to get lower Fs?



    Most likely.  Look on the back of the cone for an ink stamped part number for the cone.  Then, look for the EIA date code, usually 6 digits, like 67-YYWW, on the magnet, to verify it was made by Eminence (67).  Then call them and ask. 

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  2. I got a quote from Audio Classics to make for boxes to ship the McIntosh gear.  They want $150 (shipped to CHI)  for a box for the MR74, MI3 & C26.  They want $175 for the 2505.  The buyer will pay for further shipping, but at least you can have a high expectation they will arrive undamaged. 


    I looked them up and the prices Gil is asking are very nice.  See page 6.

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  3. 18 hours ago, gsgleason said:

    Can the quartets be shipped?


    I'm sure they could, but I wouldn't recommend it.  My H IVs were safely shipped in their original boxes, on a pallet and wrapped with film.  We don't have the original boxes and Miss Amy does not have the capability of taking them to a trucking company to be packed and shipped. 


    If you are serious, we can try to make that happen.  It will not be cheap.  I can try to have boxes made and we might use UShip.  My experience with them has been good for 2 shipments.  


    Anybody want to loan/rent Quartet boxes? 

  4. Prices:


    MR74 AM/FM TUNER $400 needs alignment, oscillates

    McIntosh MI-3 oscilloscope for MR74 tuner (and others?) $400
    c26 preamp, variable loudness, center channel output, speaker selection switch  built in $600. SOLD
    mc2505 ss amp with auto transformers and meters $600. SOLD
    3 Belle Klipsch $1200 each nice dolly stands. All 3 Belles sold
    twin Quartets $500 pair nice tractrix  SOLD
    K400 $200 each  2 SOLD
    K500 $200 each 5 available, these are pretty rare and at 500 Hz have many uses. 
    K77 round or square $125 ea 8+, mostly AlNiCo. 
    AA xover oil None
    Two AK4  $200 each
    Pioneer  15" woofer $75
    Pyle 15" woofers $75

    EV 15W (K?) 15 inch might be ev sourced khorn woofer $200. Sold.

    We strongly recommend personally picking up the McIntosh gear as the glass faces are somewhat fragile and difficult or impossible to replace/repair. 

    Audio classics.com has or makes shipping boxes for McIntosh gear and we recommend getting a special box for shipping these.  I have asked them for a quote on the price for each box. 


    See pics on page 1.

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  5. On 10/20/2023 at 5:55 PM, munozoga22 said:


    First time posting, so apologies if I mess up. I have a pair of Klipsch rp-8000F that I bought brand new in March 2023. I only use them for music and are connected to an Emotiva XPA-200. I have been noticing since May(ish) that when I play music at high volume, the sound fluctuates. It get louder or lower randomly. This is pretty annoying to me and I am at a loss as to what the issue may be. I contacted Klipsch and they said the Emotiva does not have enough power to handle these speakers. Is this possible? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you very much.


    That sounds like a protection circuit activating.  That amp has more than enough power at 150 watts/ch.  It's hard to diagnose from a post, but I'll bet the tweeter protection is saving your tweeters. 


    Turn down the volume.  All things have a physical limit.  You've found one. 

  6. On 11/27/2023 at 12:29 PM, Bhai said:

    Hey guys!


    So I bought the La Scalas, but there's something not so great about the sound and I'm trying to figure out whats happening. I'm using the PrimaLuna Prologue Premium as my integrated amp.


    I've had a Cornwall that I've enjoyed for almost 4 years now. But when I compare the sound of the La Scalas the magic just seems to be missing. The vocals are not forward and magical as they used to be. The sound stage is great. But it almost feels a bit too clinical and lacks some warmth. And yes the low end of the bass also is bothering me I guess, but that was expected given the La Scalas don't go below 50Hz whereas the Cornwall goes down to 34Hz. I am struggling so badly for words when it comes to what I'm experiencing! But it's not just me, my wife also feels that the Cornwalls were better! Which is crazy so I'm trying to figure what happened.


    Here's a couple of theories I have:

    Amp pairing: Could it be that I just need a much better amp? That maybe the one I have is not doing the speakers justice?


    Low end: Or maybe I'm just reacting very badly to the low end being capped at 50Hz instead of 34Hz? Many of the people who recommended the La Scalas also recommended getting a sub. But looks like getting a tube amp which has a separate out for the subs is going to be quite an investment.


    Also it could just be my mind playing tricks on me. I've moved the Cornwalls to another room so will be a real pain to try and do an A/B test just to see if I'm tripping or what. Maybe my expectations were too high.. Or more likely maybe I'm just going through a rough patch in my relationship to music and sound.


    Please do share your wisdom, it always helps! :)



    None of that sounds off at all.  The PrimaLuna should be excellent and it has plenty of power. 


    It sounds like you may have 2 issues.  The woofers are new.  Woofers really do need some time to loosen up.  After I first heard them, I was disappointed in my new Heresy IVs thin sound.  So, I ran dub-step with full bass boost through them for about 80 hours (not too loud).  Just shut the door.  At 40 hours they were much better and probably didn't change after that.  Give that a try. 


    You can experiment with using the 4 ohm speaker outputs, too.  Older La Scalas ran about 6 ohms in the woofer's range and I expect the new ones do, too.


    The other is that the La Scala's don't reproduce the lower 5 or 6 bass notes of a double bass/bass guitar very well.  Cornwall's will, but also add some distortion that will "fatten" the sound. 

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  7. On 11/21/2023 at 11:13 PM, PeteLB said:

    I'm looking for a nice pair of La Scalas in good condition, willing to pay a reasonable price. Preferably original, wood grain rather than black.


    I'm new to the Klipsch world. Not too long ago I inherited a pair of original Fortes. I was a casual listener, using mostly headphones on the go. I set the Fortes up in a make-shift listening space and I was really taken aback by their sound. I found myself more and more looking for reasons to just sit and listen to music. What surprised me most was the Forte's clarity and how they changed the type of music I listen to. I'm looking for better quality recordings and slower music where I can focus on the instruments, their separation and tonal quality.


    I'm looking to repurpose a room and set up a dedicated listening space. I've been doing a lot of reading on the Klipsch Community forums. I've considered upgrading the Fortes but I really can't resist the lure of the La Scalas. From what I can gather they will give me more of what I like about the Fortes. They are also so iconic looking and may be more flexible in my space. 


    So, if you have a pair of La Scalas you are considering selling or if know of someone who might be, I'd appreciate if you'd send me  a message. My search area is Ontario and anywhere in the US within a good day's drive from Buffalo. 


    Cheers and thanks in advance!


    How about a nice pair of Belle Klipsch?  In Chicago? 


    Or even 3 for a center-fill?


  8. I'm working on that.  There are some pics in a PDF on page 1 of this thread. 


    I just talked to Gil.  He said he'd be glad to go with someone to the location where everything is stored and talk "turkey".  You'll need to come with a truck or van for the larger stuff and pick him up where he lives.  


    We will pack and ship the smaller stuff, at buyers expense.


    Contact him at w.f.mcdermott@gmail.com or PM me and I'll give you his phone number. 

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  9. TTT.


    I've talked to Gil a few times and he does want to sell his gear to generate some cash.  I'll attach the list here after I find it.  The 3 matching Belles are the centerpiece, but the rest is interesting, too. 


    If I understand the situation, opus2k9 has passed and his wife is still storing the stuff in her house.  We need to get this into new homes to unburden her, too. 

    Gil inventory.xlsx

  10. 4 hours ago, Schu said:

    So that's a NO on having the ability to daisy chain the subs straight from the factory if someone wanted to line array them CB?



    Line Array?  Do you mean stacking?  I don't think that would be needed from a performance point of view.  Yes, the mouths are small, but a larger mouth or longer horn is apparently not needed to get lower frequency output.  These are kinda odd beasts from the way the ports and short horn interact. 


    I can't imagine why you could not parallel 2 or 3 on one sub out connector, whether they had a pass through or not. I use these to parallel 2 sub's on each sub out.  Is that what you're asking?



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