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  1. I had one pair with Type AL xovers.  The eq built in them caused a howling resonance in the range of a French horn.  My solution was a set of Al Klappenberger crossovers. 


    Type AL-3s will be your best bet.  You can convert your Type ALs.  There is enough difference in output between a K-55-M and -V that the vaunted Type AA is not a good match. 


    The K-77-M is a good tweeter.  As always, there is something better at higher cost.  If you want to replace them, try to get a later K-77-F that flush mounts the tweeter mouth, or Z brackets that do the same with your tweeters.  Should you decide to go with bespoke tweeters, be sure the horns have properly made exponential or tractrix horns.  The tractrix horn curve is a little better.  A K-77-? uses an exponential curve. 




    Flush mounting the tweeter eliminates some audible harshness from reflections.  Don't do what I did and disassemble the tweeters and reassemble them through the cabinet holes.  They might just fall to pieces in your hands!  It IS a way to improve the sound. 

  2. On 3/10/2022 at 1:09 PM, Trikxx said:

    Someone explain this to me so I don’t think I have faulty speaker. 

    the tweeter (the one at the top) produces no sound…just a very subtle hiss. All the vocals seem to come from the midrange horn. Woofer works fine. 
    is this normal? 




    Probably.  You will hear cymbal strikes and shimmer plus tamborines in the tweeter.  Very little voices. 

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  3. On 3/7/2022 at 5:19 PM, Edgar said:



    It was the first piece of high-end gear that I bought, way back in 1979. I was still in college, and FM was still good.


    Wasn't it, though!  I had a midrange Kenwood tuner and integrated.  Climbed on the roof of the dorm and installed an antenna and ran the wire in the window.  We could listen to WKDF in Nashville from Cookeville.  I awoke in the middle of the night to hear 'KDF announce the Skynyrd plane crash!  As WKDA-FM, they broadcast in quad, especially after midnight. 


    Fond memories.  No idea what happened to the Kenwood gear. 

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  4. Stuffing (foam, fiber fill) adds "give" to the woofer's back air chamber, making the woofer think the chamber is larger than it is.  if the chamber is sized for the woofer, adding stuffing will cause a ripple in the response curve at its lower limit (though you may get a few  more Hz deeper response).  I wouldn't unless you have calculated a need for the stuffing.  My older La Scalas do not have stuffing, nor did my FH-1s with original Peavey woofers. 

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  5. I've heard the RSW-15 and was impressed, but I'd want 2+.  Made the lobby scene in The Matrix feel real.


    Having started with 1, then 2, then 4 VMPS New Larger Subwoofers, More fill the room and reduce distortion.  I feed my 4 with Acurus A250 at about 350 watts each.  The "Revenge Of The Fallen" movie cost me 2 subs and another A250! 


  6. On 2/23/2022 at 11:32 PM, svberger said:


    What some folks have indicated about their subs in that much of the time they didn't even know if it was off or on is much the same experience I've and most others have had with this unit with Allison and AR speakers. .....


    Properly dialed in, subwoofers should not be obvious.  It they are, they are likely 10 dB too loud. 

  7. On 2/22/2022 at 12:36 PM, svberger said:

    I knew I'd confuse people with this thread, and that was not my meaning. I have this device, and was considering experimenting with it. That's all. I just didn't want to hurt the speakers in using it and that's why I asked the original question. ......


    Give it a try.  A La Scala is, in fact, a high-quality sealed box system.  But the excursion needed to produce 20 Hz will cause a lot of distortion if you push it.  14 dB is 25x more power than the unequalized range. 


    A better choice would be a programmable parametric eq.  Set it to about +3 at 60 Hz, +6 at 50 Hz, +10 at 40 Hz and cut off hard below 40 Hz.  There is not much music below E1, 41.2 Hz.  Though a piano goes down to 27.5.

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  8. A few old Macs has a derived center channel out at preamp level.  Does either of yours?  If not, Mr. Paul sketched up a line level box to derive the center channel and that could feed your 5100 to control the center.  I would link to the Dope From Hope had I found it. 


    I will also recommend you rework the Heresy's crossover to be as much like your La Scala crossovers as possible and drop the taps of the squawker and tweeter on the autoformer one step to flatten the Heresy's response curve.  I have done both on my HT center channel Heresy. 

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