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  1. Robin Trower's masterpeice What lies Beneath I'm listening to the CD, worth every penny so much more dynamic and greater energy
  2. Probably not I had the same question a few weeks ago my concern was degradation of the phynolic sp material the answer was unless they were used wide open and hot then they were probably just fine. Intelligibility on mine is excellent, so I left them alone.
  3. Post your Christmas LPs as you listen to them. Provided you recommend them...... I'll try to do one a day, but no promises..... The stores have jumped over Thanksgiving to Christmas I'm sure there are some great Thanksgiving LPs but I can't think of any off hand.
  4. What happens if you conclude that you don't really exist ?
  5. For a time, it was 1 hr from my house. All good things come to an end. With a little work, the city would be habitable again. Amazing place to visit.
  6. Hit a fork in the road YT has gone scorched earth on accepting ADs Not sure I want to pay not sure I want to drop the force fields either. WDCB Swing Shift was great today posted playlist and link in RTM section Excellent show, Swing feat Benny Goodman Great female vocals on tracks Martha Tilton (sp) is great Helen Forrest sounds great It will be up for 2 weeks, then gone https://wdcb.org/archive WDCB Swing Shift Oct 14, 2023 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Note For some reason, the R Ch is missing in the first part of the show probably didn't have mono set correctly. Thought it might be my just rebuilt tuner, but it's missing on the digital version too. Set my pre amp to copy L to LR, for the first half hour ?
  7. Thanks for the feedback. The drivers sound better than great to me listening to Norah Jones Not too late Speech intelligibility is excellent and life like During the time I have owned the drivers, .01 - .001 watts is normal listening with 2 watts ear shattering in my space
  8. Any thoughts on the Crites titanium replacements ? Do they still sell them .......
  9. 7 min in a george forman grill the Costco ones are quite good. I may have to pick up a bag and some buns coleslaw, chips fish on a bun
  10. I've had it many times in Central America maybe a Pacific coast thing. aka Corvina The Chilean seafood places I tried in South Florida were superb I hope to eat it someday overlooking the Pacific in Chile.
  11. I mostly agree, but this forum is probably the wrong place for this type of response. I would avoid the back and forth that the insults and bombs are designed to provoke to get a thread closed.
  12. Economics finance forum I like more than a few had their posting privilege revoked for multiple posts that were so nasty they had to be designed to get the web site blocked or boycotted and labeled as racist etc............ Some discovered that using the F bomb also had limits Board is still lively and wide ranging, with the occasional removal of a bomb thrower attacking the forum....
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