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  1. Ok.. ok hold on now.... lol I saw empire, and return of the jedi in the theater. I don't have a huge memory of the empire (I was born in 74). But return of the jedi I remember very well. I know this kinda contradicts my statement about having to see the first film first (I made a few posts up). But whatever.... (didn't have much choice what and when I watched stuff at that age lol). Anyway.... it changed my world also. My comments aren't meant as criticism. Those movies still hold up today. But just because I like the other movies better. Doesn't make the reasons why as criticism of the movies I like less. Yes... I guess I probably worded it in a way that sounded that way. So I see your point. Theres lots of reasons why the production isn't as good. Im not blaming the movie for it. But production is part of the experience. I LOVE all the movies!
  2. The first (new hope) has no yoda, Vader suit looks terrible. The one light saber fight was terrible (the actor that was in Vaders suit lied to Lucas telling him he was trained in sword fighting), almost no worth while force use, no death march. And John Willams score as good as it was Didn't really break though tell Empire imo. It was a very important movie. Like it a lot. Just don't think it measures up to the others IMHO.
  3. That and empire are mine. But like you I like all them a lot!
  4. For Sale Type AA from 78 LaScala. Im not positive on what these sell for. If my price is off feel free to post or pm me details. These are in perfect working condition. Im thinking $200 $175.00 free shipping Thanks
  5. Heritage_Head


    Really cool :)
  6. Dude you cant watch that without seeing the one before.. silly! You have to watch them in 1 of two orders. 4/5/6/1/2/3/7/8 (4 is the first original star wars 5 is empire strikes back). This is the order in that they were released. Or 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8
  7. Ha! I have that same problem.😉
  8. No man please do ramble 👍 This is a great post (I mean I don't agree with some of it). Rambling is the point of the thread! A few posts before the one you quoted me I mentioned some of the songs have some good parts. Those parts are the ones you can hear whats to come. I probably shouldn't have said terrible/awful. Was just being overly animated. You know I love these guys! There the big two (musicians) on my list.
  9. Every time I see him smile I think that. Looks strange on him lol.
  10. Pros and cons Is decent not great. Radio has a few songs I really like but was overall a disappointment. Amused to death IMO is his best solo work. What god wants god gets 3 is PF level, Three wishes I like a lot. His newest album (Is this the life you really want) idk not my style. I like post Waters pink floyd better than Waters solo stuff. You?
  11. Keep in mind The Wall is what I started on and then worked backwards (sorta). There was no internet so some of it was a guessing game. In fact I got The Wall on accident. I was looking for the album that had a song on the radio I heard. Didn't know the name of the song at the time. The Wall wasn't it.
  12. Pfff awful imo. Its one of many PF albums I own I barely got though even one time. The only PF album I know of that I don't have is ummagumma. I've heard it but its just as bad imo. Meddle starts to show signs of whats to come. But the bulk of the album is still just terrible imho.
  13. Everything came in good to go....Its not my first pair of new xo from Bob so knew what to expect. I did run into a few issues... The xo won't fit in without moving the mid horn (not a big deal). But I.... lol.... completely forgot after I got everything hooked up, and left the horn unattached. So I'm emailing Bob thinking somethings really not right lol.... I mean swapping an xo out is just about as basic as this stuff gets so yah I'm a dumb ***......... 👀 Anyways...Trying to compare this with the AA is impossible being that the new caps and the A/4500 change will both make a difference. But I will say (from just streaming tv shows so far)
  14. Agree to disagree A lot of those songs do have a few parts in them that I like. Theres a few songs on SOS that have some really cool effects. I just cant un hear good Pink floyd. And being that I got into them with imo the good stuff. The rest is for me impossible to take serious. If I started listing to them pre Waters era (him being the main creator). I might have liked some of that better.
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