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  1. The short answer is No. The longer explained answer is plenty of people that have klipsch subs, and have never had anything better probably are happy. For the record I speak with plenty of experience, so I’m not just telling you what I’ve read …..They’re cheap, and expensive. A terrible combination obviously. Of course there are a few outliers. From my understanding the THX subs, although very expensive are pretty beefy, and the very first reference line back in the early 2000s had a couple of really nice subs (expensive but nice)… I have no experience with pro line subs, which from my understanding, are an entirely different animal altogether.
  2. “The solution is new speakers” that’s pretty funny 😄
  3. Level matching the two drivers easier than I’m thinking, or is there a lot that goes into it? Seems like it could be a lot of work if it’s all done by ear (one being all bass and one being all the other).
  4. I would be using two different amplifiers, how hard is it to level match the two drivers? Does the active xo do all of that?
  5. Thanks, so you guys recommend spending the extra money? If it’s noticeably better for $100 more (that’s a no-brainer).
  6. https://www.amazon.com/miniDSP-2x4/dp/B014SJ420M/ref=sr_1_2?crid=VW5Z8Q9U0CW5&keywords=miniDSP+2x4+HD&qid=1669152539&sprefix=minidsp+2x4+hd%2Caps%2C233&sr=8-2&ufe=app_do%3Aamzn1.fos.08f69ac3-fd3d-4b88-bca2-8997e41410bb would this work just as good, or would I need the more expensive version?
  7. Or does the crossover go before the amp? Then that wouldn’t work….
  8. This would be a separate one that would only do the bi amp, and nothing else.
  9. How about using an AVR that can bi amp (in place of a four or five ch amp)?
  10. La scalas fronts herseys surrounds and 2 sets of RP-500SA (Atmos)
  11. So if I’m getting all this correctly I need a four channel amp (one channel for each 510/driver, and one each for the La scala bottoms)…I know next to nothing about active xos. What are the requirements?
  12. Well I’ve taken the advice of the forum, and I bought a new AVR with pre outs 😊. So active it is!
  13. I use to..I sold them when I sold my house. Now I have 1978 La Scala that im thinking of adding 510/de75 to . I have a line on buying 510/de75 drivers. I’m wondering what my options are in terms of a crossover that would work with them (passive if possible )…Thanks
  14. I actually have a lot of experience with the 510 (The pic is my old set up). Those had mumps.
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