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  1. Totally agree sir…. I recently purchased a pioneer elite VSX-LX305 receiver… pretty spendy and I’m still not sure if I’m going to keep it. Its awesome, and really wanted to try out the new Dirac live. It has no pre-outs, and for $1400 you would think it would but it doesn’t. I may still return it, and buy something else with pre outs.. I run almost a full heritage system so needing extra amplifiers isn’t really required.
  2. Is there any chance that when running Dirac live (or other room correction programs).. some of these issues may be fixed? Or is that just wishful thinking?
  3. I’m not opposed to active. Its just the cost, and the extra modifications that I would have to do. It would require pre outs (that I don’t have currently)……external extra amplification. I have an offer to buy 510s with DE 75s drivers for $400..if I could get something that would make this work all spent 1k ish I will do it (so about $600 extra after I buy the horns and drivers for everything else).
  4. What about another pro line speaker crossover? Like the 904 but one that xo lower (closer to 400)?
  5. I always thought that speakers (i’m talking full speaker not just a driver) impedance was kind of measured based on the bass section more than anything else?
  6. Please feel free to correct me on this, but isn’t the woofer the biggest issue when it comes to resistance?
  7. Would you suggest leaving the tweeter (k77) hooked up as well then?
  8. If anyone on here has tried this please chime in and tell me what happened.
  9. I’m sure others will chime in, and tell me I'm crazy 😜 lol…. it might be interesting to just try and run the regular crossover I have now (take the two connectors that connect the K 55, and the K 77…. Then just run both of them right into the 510 (stand way back 🙄) and see what happens?
  10. The DE75 is what was used on the 904s I had. It was the stock driver then. No clue what it might be now. But I bought them brand new 6-7 years ago. Of course I do realize that the transition from 904 bass bin might be a completely different animal to a la scala?
  11. *** please no mention of any unaffiliated Klipsch companies in this thread*** So I have a line on a pair of 510s with DE75 drivers, and I would need crossovers to make it all work….suggestions please (passive only) Note: please pm me info if your not sure if it should be posted here (or text/email me 651-470-4284 greenbayes@hotmail.com) Thanks Ryan.
  12. Not a great message to your customers IMHO.
  13. This is Klipsch forum I get it (I will never argue that) but help us help you is my message.
  14. I could totally live with that 👍. But can’t they just move it, or at least let me know that it was deleted for that reason so I don’t just turn around and start another thread in the wrong place again? I mean what are we doing if at the very bare minimum we can’t communicate?
  15. The La Scala is a fantastic speaker as it sits nothing done to it. The point of doing mods for me is because it’s fun lol. I have always said building, and talking about a system is more fun than using it even.
  16. I can’t think of one possible negative thing that could come of that.
  17. A courtesy PM that notified me that they were closing it, and why would’ve been helpful. Especially for future discussions (at least on my part). I’m completely new to this type of censorship on this forum. We’re discussing a 1978 speaker that somehow still has relevance. To me that is great publicity of their products.
  18. Are they OK with us talking about other speaker brands?
  19. I ask questions about my klipsch speakers…. I can’t for the life of me understand how that would ever be an issue (unless people are fighting, and speaking inappropriately to each other about it). What am I missing?
  20. Can’t they just delete the post, and warn whoever it was that posted it?
  21. Clearly I have missed the boat on the new procedures.
  22. If one of the devs sees this please send me a PM, and explain to me the new procedures that way I’m following the rules correctly…. Thanks
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