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  1. 4 hours ago, RT FAN said:

     Thanks for any help you can offer. Stephen

    -check to make sure that the connectors of the Crossovers are plugged into the proper drivers  -if all fails , there is something wrong with the crossovers or the drivers-


    can you read the DCR on each driver with an Ohmmeter , that'll tell us if there is anything wrong with the drivers --8 ohm tweeter -16ohms midrange and 4 Ohms woofer -





    could you post pictures

  2. 2 hours ago, Coytee said:


    I hear you can walk into virtually any gas station or corner market and buy hens teeth up there.  Who knew!?

     in Quebec During the Maple sugar season , you can buy at a gaz station some "Oreille de crisse "  ,crispy pork rinds in Maple syrup ,  a bag is enough for a Heart attack




  3. 58 minutes ago, Llem said:

    Really can't understand how many people believe klipsch speakers are not so good for stereo imaging. Having them almost 10feet apart 1.5 feet from back wall and just a little toe in gives me a very wide and deep soundstage experience larger than the walls.


    Speakers set in the Corners of the walls is usually a question of ease of placement  , and the use of the walls allow the sound to travel around the room  with at least 1 foot clearance at the rear for the passive woofers -- but this depends on each person's preference -however , with the Forte II  , the distance of  8 -10 feet between each speaker  in an X  pattern toed in ,  is where the tone is richer at lower volume for the Forte II , the bass is punchy , the HF is clear Vocals , but the further apart to say 12 feet  , the Details -Nuances are the same , by  raising the Volume a tad louder -  

  4. 9 minutes ago, superfinemind said:

    Hello All


     I am selling a pair of decorator Klipschorn cabinets only (no drivers, horns or electronics), and will post photos, serial numbers, etc. tomorrow.  The serial numbers are consecutive, and the writing from the original assembly in Hope is still very clearly legible inside the bass bin access door.  The K33 woofers are still in place, and I am debating whether to leave these in or remove them for use on other projects.  I may also have the original networks, and K77's in need of diaphrams.  One top hat has water damage but can probably be repaired without losing the motorboard at all.    There is no water damage at all to the bass bins.  The backs have been painted at some point, and the current overall presentation is what I would call "scruffy", but I firmly believe these will clean up just fine.    These differ from the older Decorators in that the top hats are separate from the bass bins, so installing spacers to mimic the B-style would be easy.  I will sell these complete with new 3/4" raw birch wood fronts to the cabinets, birch top hats and birch speaker cloth frames for the sides.  These would be an excellent starting point for a budget Klipschorn build, especially if you have some spares laying around like I do, and they still have lots of life in them.  I've got several other Heritage projects to complete, and I have a line on a pair of low mileage 1974 Klipschorn KBWO in almost mint condition that I can pick up locally at a good price, so you know, path of least resistance so to speak.  With a few parts and some TLC, these would be the killer garage or workshop setup of all time.      


    Happy Thanksgiving to All. 



    Welcome to the klipsch forum , can you please take th time to post your Location , some pictures of the Speakers and of course the asking price , this would help Forum Members in your area to reply to the AD

  5. This woofer is not their least expensive   , but it can be ordered with 4 or 8 Ohms


    • NEW 15" Mid-Bass / Bass Speaker
    • Steel Frame
    • 4 or 8 Ohms
    • 35Hz-4kHz
    • 400 Watts AES
    • 800 Watts Program
    • Designed With MMS Technology For Low Distortion
    • 6.3mm Xmax
    • Waterproof Cone
    • Clean Transparent Mids & Deep Rich Thick Bass Sound
    • Nice Bass 15" Guitar Speaker As A Stand Alone Speaker
    • Can Also Be Used In 2 or 3-Way Speaker Systems As A Mid-Bass/Bass Speaker


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  6. 14 minutes ago, Audiomaster said:

    i am building a RC84 from 4 RS7 speakers   Four 8" and two Tweeters BUT i need to know the impedance of the stock tweeter in the RC64iii because i would like to use the RC64iii crossover . the woofers in the RC64iii are 16ohm wired down to 8ohm per 12db per low pass <it has two ,but the crossover calculator lines up to a 16 ohm tweeter @ 1100 hz

    anybody know the impedance or the DCR of the tweeter ??

    8 Ohms

  7. 1 hour ago, Ritchie said:

    Interesting video.

    Not my type of music but the la scala's sounded more open especially in the midrange!

    Bottom end seemed faster and punchier obviously with the la scala but not as deep.

    Hard to tell on YouTube but those were my impressions. 


     the klipsch AL5  ,



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  8. 20 hours ago, David s said:

    Can any ID the manufacturing date of this Khorn? I’m not understanding the label. Thks!


    do you own this Speaker , if Yes ,  open the woofer access door , and take a picture of the K33E woofer tag  , and Post the Tag -


  9. 1 hour ago, ClaudeJ1 said:

    The only "Honest" comment you can make about it is to MEASURE them and show the curves. Emotional testing won't do.


    "You can't make what you can't measure because you don't know when you have it made."........Paul W. Klipsch quoting Dr. Irving Gardner.

    on another Subject , did you keep the Edgar horns -

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