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  1. 11 hours ago, JRH said:

    Without substantial combing of the logbooks, one was shipped to Rodgers as early as 1976.  At least 100 in sequence were shipped to them in 1978.  I have not seen one with woofer access at the top.    

    so if I understand what you are saying , LS powered speakers Made in 1976 and later have the woofer access at the bottom , while the LS  made prior  to 1976 would have the woofer access from the top -

  2. @Buboyeah , iron block , aluminium heads , the last Iron LT1 made before the all Aluminium engines  ,the Vette motor was more reliable  that the non LT1 Caprice classic  350/ 5.7 liter Police  cars  that were sold by GM  before 95 ,same engines as in  the Camaro Police Pursuit cars  used on the Highways  -

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  3.  Very , very close sound ,between the push pin  single phase plug  driver and  the solder K-55V dual phase plug driver  ,however the are worth 100$ more per pair , easy if not more , and they are much  rarer since they were only made for a  period of  about 18 months  -


    the current K55X -Atlas PD5VH is the old single phase plug  driver with Solder lugs in the top plate   -

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