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  1. @Stash    You can  try reflowing   the solder on the positive terminal  of the k-75  Tweeter diaphragm   ,   the solder joint or the lead may be cracked or damaged  and causing  a bad contact ,


    if that does not resolve the issue  , klipsch parts sell the Genuine klipsch  Titanium diaphragm  used in the Heresy 3-4 , Cornwall 3-4 and Forte 3-4 

    .klipsch part no  is 127123 , roughly  $35.


    On behalf  of the 45k +  Forum Members , Welcome to the klipsch Forum  .

  2. 44 minutes ago, MMurg said:


      Having them in my small living room required two PEQs per channel to tame the bass, one of them was more than -10 dB.  It's a shame the Jubilee DSP doesn't let change the low bass response.  I was fortunate that my processor has built-in PEQ capability.

    this is the 1st time I hear that a klipsch speaker needs to be attenuated by more than  -10 dB , it 's usually the contrary   ,  so from what  you're saying   , the  Heritage Jubilee pounces more in the bass  section than the UJ  , the HJ  can be used in  small Theaters or Clubs , it's that good .

  3. 15 hours ago, Tom Bird said:

    Thanks for the heads up. Looks like they are being auctioned. I'm still debating the new K33 E or the new K43 E.

    you cant fit , cast frame K-43's in a Lascala unless you grind  off at  a straight  angle   the  k-43 rounded basket , the k-43 cast frame is wider than the walls of the LS  dog house  .


  4. 5 hours ago, Tom Bird said:

     I kept hearing that their are no "Klipsch OEM" kits 

     that's right  .........all you can buy are  Aftermarket  kits +   the glue  , epoxy costs and shipping are added on top  of the price of the kit ,


     129$   for a brand new  K-33   from klipsch   is a bargain  .... 




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