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  1. 8 hours ago, Bhai said:

     I think the clean bass is actually what threw me off before - as someone said, I maybe got used to the muddy bass from a direct radiating speaker like the Cornwall.  

    dont believe everything you read ,   a CW III is said to have a very warm bass because the woofer is placed higher up  ,    and it's far from being muddy .

  2. 4 hours ago, brewcityupstart said:



    I have 2 RF7's and an RC7 that I bought brand new (maybe 15-20 years ago?) I'm curious about the manufacture date, and what they may be worth. I have ZERO plans to sell these as they have been my constant companions. 


    RC7bk - 04390062


    RF7bk - 04450093


    Both were inspected by Barbara Miller (just in case anyone knew her :)  )

    the year is 2004  for both  ,used prices for  RF-7's show  1500$   , RC-7  500$  

  3. 1 hour ago, Bill the sevens said:

    Have scoured the Internet for days cannot find the thread diameter and pitch for buying some mounting screws for the bottom of them or possibly using spikes to prevent resonance from the cabinet they will be sitting on. Please let me know what size screws or spikes for these. The KS speaker stands come with them but the manuals do not tell you what size they are please please help  :)

     all you need is a thin rubber pad under the speakers , 

  4. On 11/19/2023 at 12:53 PM, KSP400 guy said:

    Hello all KSP400 owners.  I am happy to see many people own these speakers.  As I mentioned a few minutes ago I found a place to repair the plate amp and will let you all know how I make out.  Just in case, has anyone tried to replace the stock KSP400 plate amp with an aftermarket amp ?  If so what amp did you use, how did you hook it up and what were the results.  I have grown tired of repairing the stock amps.  Thanks in advance.  Johnny D 

    from what I read on the forum , the repairs to these amps  are pretty straight forward but there are no feedbacks as to how long the repairs lasted or if there were any come backs

  5. 1 hour ago, cannotlogin said:

    It is funny that I have no other login info in my possession but I have logged in since Dec 2022, it was auto log in so who knows. 

     the Software of the Forum.... Invision   records the logins automatically on a meter as it tracks all the activity  ,   if the login was successful , it would show up , if it does not show up , the account was locked , some locks   can only be unlocked by an admin with Rights ,   while others are temporary and they fall off after a few days 


    do you remember the email and the password on @cyto  , if you do , log in ........erase what you see on the email and password box  , and type both  again ,  manually 

  6. On 11/27/2023 at 12:29 PM, Bhai said:

    But it's not just me, my wife also feels that the Cornwalls were better! Which is crazy so I'm trying to figure what happened.


      the AL-5 need a sub and SS power ,   it's not a coincidence if klipsch are coming out with new subs by summer 2024 ,  hang tight ,  buy a new sub   and you'll be very happy . in the meantime , try a Yamaha A-S1200 or 2200 or a Rotel Michi X3  , and you may find  a bit more clean-tight punchy bass with the AL-5  

  7. 9 hours ago, MrT58 said:



    I'll try to get a picture up of the labels, first two digits are clearly 85. 


    It could easily be labeled as a K-53 mid, the stamp ink was smeared badly. 


    So even with near 40 years the original caps are ok?




     I'm still getting used to them, but love the sound so far- There have been some recordings where I hear stuff (clicking, popping) I haven't heard before, (stuff I know pretty well), and I don't know if it is source or speaker. I don't see it on all material so it seems to be source related, but the clarity of the speaker is quite revealing!



    if the  2 first digits of the serial no  are 85 , then they were made in 1985 , the K-53 is grey , the K-55V is a lighter blue ,  

  8. 11 hours ago, MrT58 said:

     1985 Heresy set  squawker appears to be labeled K55  that's very odd


    I see a number of posts about adding some resistor, changing tapping,  NO     


    1. Are the Crites kits worth buying   NO


    a 1985 Heresy 1  would not have shipped with a K-55V , but rather a K-53 mids driver  , are you sure the tag is 1985 ,please post a picture of the tags

    -  do not modify the crossover ,  the  schematic is optimal with original klipsch capacitors only , steer away from Aftermarket  parts from Crites..

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