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  1. On 5/20/2024 at 9:35 AM, AudioBuff123 said:

     My question to the audiophiles out there is if the sonic characteristics would be better to mount the horns on the surface of the front panel rather then behind the plywood (ignoring how you would do that for a minute). 

    yes ,  it would sound more open  , however the screws + the outer section of the horns would be apparent requiring a set of grilles to hide the K-400 casting  

  2. On 5/3/2024 at 10:51 AM, Trikxx said:

    there's a hissing sound coming from the midrange horn.

    You don't hear it from the front (obviously) but if you're behind the speaker, you can hear it. I also don't think there's any sound coming from the tweeters. 

    How do I fix this? Should I be looking for replacement parts? Where do I find them? Totally noob. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


    1st step is to get an Ohmmeter  , set the dial to Ohms ... tweeters are 8 Ohms /  mids are 16 Ohms  , take a reading directly from the positive /negative terminals of the K-77 tweeters and K-55M mids drivers ......post the results on the forum , this will tell us whether the diaphragms are in good working order or if they will require a replacement  .


    2nd step , take pictures of the crossover 's monster style clear plastic jacket wiring , since these wires were known to corrode   and cause poor connectivity issues , post the pictures on the forum 

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  3. On 5/4/2024 at 2:46 PM, Neener said:

    What might the value of these speakers be with serial #2117  


    the speakers are Klipsch Lascala Industrial    Ser# 2117 rough guess is 1980 .

     ▶️   as-is 1200$  if the drivers are in good working order  . 

  4. On 4/7/2024 at 6:03 PM, Rbalboa said:

      my Klipsch KDA-1000 was off.  I tried to turn it on and off and it did turn on for a second (red light on) and then went off again.

    Start by updating or re-installing the Firmware of the KDA-1000  , as the FW may be corrupt following a surge or transient 

     -if the FW update does not download or resolve the issue  ,  the problem could be related to a Hardware issue  


    KDA-500/1000 DSP Firmware Update




  5. On 4/11/2024 at 10:49 AM, jspass said:

     The serial #s  55S725 and 55S726.  series 1 


    Serial nos  55S725 and 55S726 are Klipsch Heresy 1 series... Made in 1978 ,  with Alnico V magnets for the K77 tweeter and the K-55V midrange driver , +  a Ferrite square magnet for the K-22 12 inches woofer .

    -the mids K-700 horn and the tweeter horn are metal /aluminium , these speakers share the HF drivers with the larger Cornwall and the high end  Belle-LaScala -Khorn series .

    -the crossover is the E network , the cabinets are birch/fur plywood  with Klipsch copper badges and cloth grilles , 

  6. Cornwall Serial numbers  9P411 and 9P412. were Made in 1976 with Alnico V magnets for the K77 tweeter and the K-55V midrange driver +  a Ferrite magnet for the K-33 woofer , the mids and tweeter horns are metal /aluminium , the crossover is the B network , the cabinets are birch/fur plywood with Walnut oiled veneer , value is 1500$ or 2000$ if in mint condition with the klipsch PWK pie badges or copper badges and grilles ,the speaker risers were optional for 1976 .

  7. 7 hours ago, komori said:

    many years ago I spent a lot of money on a set of Klipsch speakes  they are in a light oak cabinet, approx 31" tall, approx 13.5" wide and the plate says approx 4.2kg   SN is 105297250  THAT is all , no model, no date, nothing.  would anyone have access to SN look ups for these?  wattage, model,  are they part of a new model lineup?  year?  anything is appreciated.

    thank you

    The speaker model is Klipsch KG 4.2 Oak veneer  , Made in 1992 

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  8. FYI , the 1st series of the 1 piece Lascala cabinets from the 60's through the early 70's were built with the woofer access door panel relegated at the top of the cabinet rather than at the bottom of the cabinet  

    -The top panel of the  1st series LS Cabinet was held down with screws ,  thus in order to have access to the woofer  ,one had to unscrew the top panel off followed by removing the tweeter + the mids drivers , the woofer access panel   was also held down with screws 


    - the 2nd series of the Lascala cabinet simplified the procedure , the woofer access panel / woofer door was moved to the bottom of the cabinet .

  9. 1 hour ago, audiophile18 said:

    Ok so I used the series x cable to my tv directly and verified that it supports 4K@60hz I also did the same directly from my series x to my tv via the provided HDMI that came the 1200 and it also does support 4K@60hz  

    what's the model-brand of the TV you're using 

  10. On 3/27/2024 at 11:35 PM, DeeJayVin said:

    New to channel but need help with my RSW as well. I think the copper coil things are bad and keep popping fuses. I was helping a buddy out and normally I can fix these types of things. He runs his stuff hard so something is bad and looks like the board is showing problems there. Unfortunately there’s not much out there so I’m hoping I can get the P/N’s or alternatives to fix it. 


    here's the RSW-15 service manual , the  RSW-15 and RSW-12 are technically similar 


    Klipsch RSW-15 SM.pdf 448.29 kB · 8 downloads

  11. 13 hours ago, luca78 said:

    Do these drivers have alnico magnets? What restoration work should I do on these speakers?

     the  Woofers ,  Midrange drivers + Tweeters have Alnico  magnets , Made in 1969  , the speaker cabinets are in original condition including the  badges- fabric -wood finish ,  I would leave these rare speakers as-is for preservation  .

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