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  1. the ed aluminium is right - it is brushed which give it a stainless steel look - here is a bit more detail on these from a thread started by Colterphoto https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/103351-aluminum-trim/
  2. The Associated Press reports 01-14-2015 from an event held by the New Zealand Screen Advisory Board where director James Cameron revealed that the release date of the upcoming Avatar 2 has been delayed from December 2016 to December 2017.
  3. How many times have I heard this over the past 25 years? First "Best Windows Ever" was 3.5 for Workgroups. Dave we are in 2015 -light years ahead of 3.5 for Workgroups
  4. AVATAR 2 trailer - "Avatar 2" Could be First Film to use High Frame Rate 4KCameron has also found ways of making his films technologically innovative or game changing. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the director is hoping to use the high frame-rate system 4K, 3D system with Douglas Trumball's system, which delivers 120 frames per second. He told the online journal he had talked with Avatar producer Jon Landau about viewing the short film "UTOFOG," which is a showcase for Trumbull's patented process, dubbed MAGI, for capturing and displaying images at 120 frames per second in 4K and 3D on giant screens using conventional digital projectors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrU6x2T-jho
  5. Avatar 1 was the best ever - AVATAR 2 is coming
  6. great - you chose wisely - expensive for sure but worth it and fire-proof - dont forget to add a bit of ventilation as foam is a chemical agent -
  7. Heritage for sure - And the Heresy speaker in any quantity is sufficient -
  8. the current latest Windows operating systems are the best ever . period - forget win 7 - the latest is the best ever , spending your money on the latest is the way to go -
  9. 5 100$ is what a player should sell for - there is nothing so advanced to brag about other than a new technology - they are over priced for the moment - the warranty is the question mark - here , what happens when these will fail - how long will they last until failures are normal -how much will ir cost to repair one -
  10. the pono player is like a 3d sound player -
  11. the other advantage of these connectors is the fact that they avoid damaging the HDMI connections on the device -as that is very expensive to repair
  12. ooops - hope nobody was offended - I was offended! What are you doing posting pictures of my wife??? /kidding +++ I saw the pic before it was removed, I doubt you offended any of the adults. It was just a little too revealing for a family friendly web site, that's all. Help me Lord , but I am a sinner , it was temptation ,
  13. - would you believe this -
  14. Glad you clarified that because I was about to ...... you know.......bust some balls! :) and some of us have big balls too -
  15. here is the picture of the lock connector
  16. here is the solution - http://www.blueechosolutions.com/info/hd-ez-lock/locking-hdmi-cables-half-picture/
  17. I would love to wrap my Heresies with that. aint cheap for sure -the best places to buy venner are the big outlets that overstock a lot of the exotics - they eventually rebate it down and the deals are insane - I just dont know how long raw veneer can last in a warehouse setting - the last deal I saw was on Zebrawood -
  18. forgot to ask you - what is the DCR reading of these K-77 diaphragms -That's a good point. To be honest I got wrapped up in making a deal. Maybe Jim will check the ones he has and report back.On that note, Jim if you do and find a problem let me know via pm. I did stop down today, unfortunately the owner who makes the deals wasn't there. I do know there are 20 on the shelf, but the clerk working thought there might be more. To make sure we don't get any bad ones I will make it a point to test them. I will be stopping in Tuesday, hopefully reporting back with good news. if you are careful with the leads - they should be fine -
  19. ooops - hope nobody was offended -
  20. forgot to ask you - what is the DCR reading of these K-77 diaphragms -
  21. this is Canada in the Maritimes - this is the way to a house's main door
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