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  1. Looks like he will ship: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/641409073143550
  2. I have a rough academy, if he wants to hear the difference. With the loud tinnitus in my right ear, I probably would have a hard time telling the timber difference.
  3. I have KLF-30 for fronts, Forte for side. They work well. The KLF-C7 is the matching for the KLF-30.
  4. You should get the KLF-C7 or KV-4 instead of the academy. This is a good deal on one, but a bit of a drive: https://grandrapids.craigslist.org/ele/d/smyrna-klipsch/7207346968.html closer, but more $: https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/d/elgin-klipsch-center-speaker-klf-c7/7207354258.html or this would be decent: https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/ele/d/sugar-grove-klipsch-kt-lcr-thx-speakers/7224066634.html
  5. I love La Scala, one of my favorite Klipsch. It sounds like the room is big enough for them.
  6. These would be great for your HT:
  7. From ad: Pair of Klipsch Chorus II in Oiled Oak finish. Consecutive serial numbers. Purchased from original owner. Installed updated Crites crossovers, and Titanium Tweeter and Midrange Diaphragms. I purchased a pair of custom slanted risers and removed the original risers, but still have them if you prefer the classic look. The purchased risers give the speakers a slight tilt backwards which I prefer. Cosmetically in excellent condition. The only cosmetic issue of note is the passive radiator dust caps are dented inward. No impact on sound quality and they were in that condition when I purchased. I also added some acoustic insulation to inner walls of the cabinets when installing the updated crossovers. Lastly I added a few washers to the inside rear of the passive radiators which helps low end extension (common Klipsch Chorus II mod). Included will be the original risers, tweeter and midrange diaphragms. https://fortwayne.craigslist.org/ele/d/fort-wayne-klipsch-chorus-ii/7216989761.html No affiliation.
  8. https://offerup.com/item/detail/982132561/
  9. Location would help. The RB-75 are a bit fragile to ship.
  10. Price and location might help.
  11. Very lucky buyer at that price! Congrats to buyer and seller.
  12. Awesome speakers at an awesome price.
  13. Looking forward to trying these out.
  14. Very pretty, they match my 60th anniversary khorns. GLWS
  15. Awesome deal on a great pair of speakers. GLWS!
  16. Scott and I finally met up last weekend, so that I could pick up the E-V ELX118 subs. He drove closer to me, so he saved me a long drive as well. He was right that they are big 26" x 22.6" x 20" each. I finally got a chance to play today, added some bass to my La Scala, now I need to buy an amp to give them more power. My first experience with passive subs, so I will need to do some experimenting. Thank you Scott for the generous offerings to the Forum!
  17. No affiliation: https://madison.craigslist.org/ele/d/waunakee-klipsch-rc-7-center-channel/7181812299.html
  18. opusk2k9


    Looks like he is looking for more to buy low and sell high: https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/wan/d/milwaukee-wanted-klipsch-speakers/7177322642.html Wanted Klipsch speakers (Greenfield) I'm looking for Klipsch speakers Cornwall, Chorus, Forte, Heresy. Cash buyer!
  19. I've always wanted to try a 300b amp. Location for locals?
  20. From ad: Selling my La scalas. This is a great pair of originals that haven't been mucked with. Cabinets are in great shape for the age and they even have the screens. 6167two31two7nine https://grandrapids.craigslist.org/ele/d/caledonia-klipsch-la-scalas/7190618160.html No affiliation. They look nice.
  21. He is in the DeKalb, IL area, but he is willing to drive.
  22. I picked the wrong day not to check the forum. Congrats to the seller and buyer.
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