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  1. My sister-in-law works for them in Germany. She is no longer in the service. I can't speak to the AAFES Klipsch offerings, but I see Klipsch at Costco a lot now.
  2. Yes, I have bought a lot of originally military purchases. Often they are not consecutive serial numbers, just the next 2 off the pile.
  3. I was writing something similar, but @jjptkd said it better than me. Hopefully they are in the same condition. At the price they paid, they enjoyed them for several years for free.
  4. Did you forget a price?
  5. They come with a 24-hour warranty...
  6. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1903941706410048/ Not sure why they switched the drivers.
  7. My OCD on full display: Currently: SW-10II (oak), KV-3 (black), Academy (black), KV-4, (2) KLF-C7 (black), (2) KLF-C7 (mahogany) KSB 3.1 (black), RB-5 (mahogany), Rb-75 (black), RS-7 (white), KP-201, KP-250 (white), KP-301, (1) Pro Heresy (H III internal), La Scala Industrial splits (square tops) Quartet (oak), Forte (walnut), Forte II (walnut), Forte III (walnut), Chorus II (walnut), KLF-30 (rough mahogany), KLF-30 (mahogany), CF-3 V1 (black) (1) 1958 shorthorn (primavera), Heresy (walnut/cane), Cornwall (walnut), (1) Cornwall vertical La Scala (rough decorator), La Scala (BSL), Belle (rough walnut), Belle (walnut), Klipschorn (Lacewood 60th anniversary) Others I have had: RSW-12, RT-12d, KSW-200, SB-2, SS-1, KSP-C6, KSB-S, KV-1 KG4, KG 4.2, KG 5.5, CA-800T, RC-3, RC-7, RC-64, RS-62, RF-52, RF-5, RF-63, RF-83, RF-7II, KLF-20 Cornwall II, La Scala industrial, Klipschorn (oak), Klipschorn (walnut), THX Ultra II 7.2
  8. I hear this is the HIP with the slot vent at the bottom is sought after. I think it plays louder, but not lower (like my KP-250). You would need to swap speaker plugs, the black one is snapped off.
  9. Looks like he will ship: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/641409073143550
  10. I have a rough academy, if he wants to hear the difference. With the loud tinnitus in my right ear, I probably would have a hard time telling the timber difference.
  11. I have KLF-30 for fronts, Forte for side. They work well. The KLF-C7 is the matching for the KLF-30.
  12. You should get the KLF-C7 or KV-4 instead of the academy. This is a good deal on one, but a bit of a drive: https://grandrapids.craigslist.org/ele/d/smyrna-klipsch/7207346968.html closer, but more $: https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/d/elgin-klipsch-center-speaker-klf-c7/7207354258.html or this would be decent: https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/ele/d/sugar-grove-klipsch-kt-lcr-thx-speakers/7224066634.html
  13. I love La Scala, one of my favorite Klipsch. It sounds like the room is big enough for them.
  14. These would be great for your HT:
  15. From ad: Pair of Klipsch Chorus II in Oiled Oak finish. Consecutive serial numbers. Purchased from original owner. Installed updated Crites crossovers, and Titanium Tweeter and Midrange Diaphragms. I purchased a pair of custom slanted risers and removed the original risers, but still have them if you prefer the classic look. The purchased risers give the speakers a slight tilt backwards which I prefer. Cosmetically in excellent condition. The only cosmetic issue of note is the passive radiator dust caps are dented inward. No impact on sound quality and they were in that condition when I purchased. I also added some acoustic insulation to inner walls of the cabinets when installing the updated crossovers. Lastly I added a few washers to the inside rear of the passive radiators which helps low end extension (common Klipsch Chorus II mod). Included will be the original risers, tweeter and midrange diaphragms. https://fortwayne.craigslist.org/ele/d/fort-wayne-klipsch-chorus-ii/7216989761.html No affiliation.
  16. https://offerup.com/item/detail/982132561/
  17. Location would help. The RB-75 are a bit fragile to ship.
  18. Price and location might help.
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