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  1. Awesome, if freight is included he will get better gear for a better price., well done
  2. Where newf lives, you might as well ship to Iceland. Best advice to give him will be to get the best matched stuff from his local Best Buy And, yes, may be much more than U.S prices.
  3. I remember you mentioning anthem stuff in another thread. I'll definitely look around for some deals on them. I've honestly never used any room correction stuff before. The YPAO on my Yammy was underwhelming to say the least. The only Sherbourn that is still available is the PT-7030...at least that I can tell. I have an Anthem MRX300, It is 5.1 channel, the 500 and 700 are 7.1 I use it as a pre/pro with an Anthem MCA5 power amp with RF7ii's and surrounds etc. Killer combo imho As Scrappy said, there is a new series out, so there may be some deals on the 300/500/700 series
  4. All of those items say "Sorry, this product is unavailable." woops, must have been a good sale if they sold them all... I went to the last stage of the cart without seeing "Sorry, this product is unavailable." Where did I miss it?
  5. The Sherbourn stuff is on sale. Looks like a fire sale. http://www.sherbourn.com/collections/theater
  6. Try to find a used one of these. http://www.anthemav.com/products/type=integrated-amp/model=i225/page=overview
  7. This weekend's find, Love for Levon, blueray. Very, very good music, well recorded and video is hd quality. Great quests and tribute to the music. Don't know why R Robertson wasn't there, but good nonetheless.
  8. Found Toto "Falling in Between Live" Blu-Ray locally and it is very good, Also picked up Santana 2011 at Montreau Blu ray, very well recorded audio and video, didn;'t care for all the tracks. Santana doing AC/DC was cool though. Also, played The Last Waltz Blue Ray again, Very good of course, Clapton was in a groove that night.
  9. Good speakers and a vg good price. I have a set of version iv for my 2 channel, great live sound and very suprising bass. Can't go wrong for $300.
  10. Try Kijiji for local used stuff, the site is down for maintenance at the moment, but there is tons of stuff on there. search for Klipsch under electronics
  11. let's keep this thread going. I got David Gilmore at The Royal Albert Hall Blue Ray on the weekend. Video side wasn't great but the music is very very good and well recorded. I love Gilmore's restrained style. Anyone see Love for Levon yet? Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scott's is excellant, may not be on BlueRay though. http://www.amazon.com/Performing-This-Week-Live-Ronnie-Scotts/dp/B001GSV3EC
  12. I think that probably sums it up for cables, well made, look good, sound the same...
  13. I just looked at the avr again. In the main setup menu, go to harware setup, then intial setup function and in that is a network setup function, if you haven't done that try it. it asked wired or wireless and a few other defaults. then finds the network. assuming your menus are about the same as my 818
  14. I forget right now, but you may need to do something in windows media player for it to work.
  15. I recently had an Onkyo 708 repaired under warranty for the same issue. The tech told me that there was internal wirewith bad connections at it's termination plug. The wire was defective, not just loose at the connection. I don't know exactly which wire but it was replaced and worked correctly. I sold it, as I had already repalced it.
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