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  1. I did this a few years back. Rolls makes a small mixer that works like PWK's circuit and mixes stereo to mono. Just add an amp and you get a summed mono center. Had a La Scala between two widely spaced K-horns and this setup worked well. A modern ht receiver will do it easier and better though.

    So I would be wasting my time, is that the general consensus of others who tried it as well?  

  2. I hired a buddy of mine to build my THTLP.  Parts and wood were around $500 and I paid him $150 to make it from the plans.  I asked him to build it 18"x18" by 72".    I placed it against a side wall and stapled carpet to it, it lays down behind a couch but I sometimes use it as a seat when I have parties.








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