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  1. ellisr63

    Height Speakers

    Subscribed... I am also looking at installing speakers (JBL ones in my signature) on the wall up high for Atmos channels.
  2. Got it...been there before too.
  3. ellisr63

    Our new Home Theater build...Negatron 2

    Our new house is in Mexico. If I am successful in my idea...we will have an electric fixed 2.4 95" screen.
  4. ellisr63

    Our new Home Theater build...Negatron 2

    I forgot my old AT screen is 15' wide...The room is 19' wide, this should be easy to mount the screen since it leaves only 2' per side to deal with mounting the screen. My idea is to install some rails on each side wall 3' from the rear wall, and then when I make the new screen frame, I will make sure the frame is reinforced so it doesn't sag. I am thinking I can make a rail to put between the 2 windows with cables running to each side of the screen, and install a motor in the center. This way I can run 3 front speakers, and drop the screen down as low as I want too. This will also save me a bunch of money vs getting an electric screen, plus I will have a larger screen than I would with an electric screen that is under $3k. As soon as we get the keys I will measure again to make sure everything will work. I also need to find a nice size rug to put in front of the speakers.
  5. Why don't you just get some speakers, and mount them to the ceiling? Sent from my SM-T550 using Tapatalk
  6. ellisr63

    Marantz AV8802A vs Anthem AVM60 vs Emotiva XMC-1

    Whatever you get, I highly recommend getting Dirac for tuning...you won't be sorry.
  7. ellisr63

    Marantz AV8802A vs Anthem AVM60 vs Emotiva XMC-1

    I know that in my setup, and a friend's Audyssey, and YPAO are not even close to Dirac. I used the MiniDSP Dirac in my last system, and it made a big difference, you could adjust the tune how you wanted, and most importantly to me the tune was repeatable. In addition with the MiniDSP you could save up to 4 tunes, and pick between them. I will never consider a system properly setup without it being electronically tuned, and tuned with absorption or diffusion. Hopefully Onkyo will be better now that they are owned by Pioneer. I really liked their equipment in the 70s and hope that tbey will return to the quality,and performance they had before their HDMI board failures. They took care of their customers above and beyond warranty, and I have to give that to themas outstanding customer service.
  8. ellisr63

    Marantz AV8802A vs Anthem AVM60 vs Emotiva XMC-1

    I agree... way out of my league, but it is the best.😁
  9. ellisr63

    Marantz AV8802A vs Anthem AVM60 vs Emotiva XMC-1

    Yeah, but Dirac is currently the best on the market.. look at the Trinnov. I think it is over $20k, but everything I have read is there is no better processor made. I used the MiniDSP ddr88, and the Audyssey, and YPAO were not even in the same league.
  10. ellisr63

    Marantz AV8802A vs Anthem AVM60 vs Emotiva XMC-1

    I have used Audyssey, YPAO, and Dirac, and IMO Dirac is the best by a mile. I am planning on buying Dirac processors for my new setup this fall. Emotiva is the only one with Dirac listed, and for me that makes it #1 feature wise. If you decide to get one of the others... I highly suggest you get a Dirac processor as it leave the others in the dust.
  11. I have owned both, but not at the same time. I currently own, and love the cxa5100. I hear ya on being out of the USA and dealing with returns. I have a Amazon purchase that is causing problems on a return now. We are living in Mexico now.
  12. ellisr63

    Our new Home Theater build...Negatron 2

    When we walked into the house for the first time the sellers realtor said we could change the floor if we liked..we said we love the Cantera Marble floors. :}
  13. ellisr63

    Our new Home Theater build...Negatron 2

    Of course...who is going to do the grocery shopping, and cooking? LOL
  14. ellisr63

    Our new Home Theater build...Negatron 2

    Then it would mess up our audio as the loft is the height of the height channels.
  15. ellisr63

    Our new Home Theater build...Negatron 2

    Does your screen always come down in the same position...so it is always in focus? I ask this as this will be my first non fixed screen.