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  1. While they are remodeling my den/home theater, I’m going to get them to reinforce the ceiling, building places to mount 6 Heresy II, for incorporation into my home theater.


    First pair I want to go on modified bookshelves, where the kg3 & kg1’s are now.




  2. 19 minutes ago, jjptkd said:

    That's a very polite way to put it i was going to say something similar but refrained. They look like they might have been used or stored outdoors for quite some time.

    Kinda; roof caved in, in the aftermath of a Hurricane, with the help of a tree branch.


    Won’t reinstall, until renovation of room is complete.


    Habanos & Cuban Coffee, is the best I can do. Doc sez lay off Cuban Rum, Cigars, & salty spices.


    So, I sez, sez I, How’s 2 outa 3 Doc?

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  3. Coffee & waiting on Contractors.


    Last day of 2d week, of 1 week job.


    They are about 35% through.


    At this rate, I hope to be able to resetup old gear, set up new gear by the end of the month...


    Zac Brown take me away...

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  4. Welcome to the Forums!


    Notes about sources:


    CALL Cory with Paducah Home Theater CALL for smoking deals.


    Adorama, Newegg, et C. for Closeouts.


    Crutchfield has a generous return policy; although their prices aren’t always the least expensive.

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