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  1. Message sent to beerguy. If someone else feels this deal for the Cherry RSW-15 is theirs, SPEAK UP NOW! I have the ca$h now.
  2. Want a Pair of AA Crossovers. Original preferred. Going to go in my 1980 La Scalas. Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you.
  3. Very interested in the Cherry RSW-15!
  4. ^^^ I too, have vaulted ceilings...
  5. ^^^ only cure is a new dog...
  6. Tolerable, thanks for asking. Remodeling entire home, room by room. Got new & old gear stacked all over, waiting on Den Remodeling, which is next... Only have the La Scalas & RW-12d operational, just now...
  7. Not to steal his thunder, but this is the pic he sent Moi :
  8. 😀 😃 😄 😁 😆 💖 ❣️the late Lieutenant Colonel Paul W Klipsch lovingly worked on every pair of these, marketed exclusively to Soldiers and Airmen, in Europe, c. 1986. Thank You Oicu812! Extra Special thank you to carlthess40!!!
  9. can’t get spreadsheet to download
  10. My lab ran off to die. Guess he was trying to save us the grief. Adopted another lab recently, who’d been abused (over fed) by his owners. 64 lbs overweight. Vet he sez there’s a nice dawg in there, waiting to get out, sezee. 😉 🤣 Needless to say, he’s on a special diet. First check up, weigh in, next week. He’s already able to move easier.
  11. “Come on down, and lose your mental balance” Jimmy Buffett Dallas
  12. Road trip to Dallas??? Studying on it...
  13. Cm, Thanks for answering here, in stead of my pm, so others can read your answer... Pretty much as far as desired, they could go say 13 feet apart. I’m thinking of staying with the La Scala spread, and having false corners built, because I’ve about one and a half good corners now. Going to have more precise measurements done by the contractors...but, that’s gov’t enough for close work, for now...
  14. Contacted through Face b; they did give me a faster, initial response. On Fri, Feb 26, 2021 at 2:02 PM Support <support@klipsch.com> wrote:
  15. ^^^ How about my den where they’ll only be 8 feet apart? It’s 400 square feet minimum, so, I could flip the room, if necessary, for wider spacing. La Scalas are 8 feet apart now, from inner tip of each; longer if measured from outer edge, or center...
  16. Heresy II does a really good job between my La Scalas, too...
  17. Can’t wait to see how the dual SW function works with Audyssey & my Denon 4700.
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