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  1. I know what they used to call that when I was in high school. But you certainly put it more, shall we say, delicately.....
  2. But, but…..speakers don’t break in…..
  3. Helluva deal for someone. And I was just up in your neck of the woods last weekend picking up a car. I would have taken you up on it if I had known. GLWS
  4. I'm sure they will fill in with more hours. My old CW IVs improved quite a bit with break in.
  5. So what are your first impressions?
  6. Everything vibrates. YOU are vibrating right now as you read this. Vibration control is a real thing and most every component in your system benefits from it if you are willing to put forth the effort. It's also another reason why massive entertainment centers are detrimental to the sound. What you sit your components on matters, so why wouldn't you expect vibration control to benefit speakers?
  7. I did something similar to a pair of Von Schweikert VR4 Silvers back in the 90s by using a semi inflated bicycle inner tube. It did make a difference.
  8. This followed me home.....
  9. I don’t have any thoughts on the cartridge. But I do have thoughts on your thread. You might get more action on it if posted in a more appropriate sub forum.
  10. I’m not going to be an apologist or a fan boi. No speaker is perfect. But as I type this, I’m grooving to some Joe Bonomassa on my LS IIs with an ear to ear grin. Resonance and all, I’m still digging ‘em.
  11. You haven’t found the right tube amp. The right one will sound fantastic with all genres of music and make you forget about solid state. Not sure where this idea of “tube compression” comes from. Tubes breathe life into music.
  12. Denafrips Pontus II and a Soundsmith cart with 2.2mv output, phono stage has 46 db of gain. Plenty of range on both, more on the phono actually.
  13. No it’s 1.5. We had that discussion during the build process. I have an EL84 amp also built by Aric with 2v input sensitivity and I can get pretty close to running out of gain on some material. The 300B amp seems about right in comparison.
  14. I agree. In the past I’ve liked to stay at 1v or less. But this works fabulously. I have all the usable gain I need and dynamics are off the chart. I’m very happy with this amp.
  15. In all honesty, if this anomaly presents itself in a very small percentage of your favorite recordings, why do anything? Let’s say it’s 1 out of a 100. Is it really worth the effort? Focus on the music that does sound good. And if you really must play that 1% , just suck it up and enjoy the music and not sweat the less than stellar recording quality. That advice is free and worth what you paid.
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