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  1. Here's a shot of it next to an RF 7 II for reference if anyone's interested.
  2. I'm in San Antonio, and I just received the 15V about 2 hours ago. Much like RF 7 II's, pictures really don't do it justice. I also like the finish, it's kind of like bed liner so nothing to ever worry about with it. I was thinking it wouldn't be enough, but it get's the job done and then some. The build quality is also very impressive, its like an M1 tank, lol.
  3. Hello, I've narrowed to these two subwoofers. My living room is tiled 16'X25'X10, RF7II's, RC64III, and RS35 surrounds. I want a down firing sub due to dogs with tails. The sub will be mainly for movies, because right now I find that the RF7II's have plenty of bass for music. That's subject to change as time goes by, and I may want to start using the sub with them. At this time I only have room for one subwoofer, and one of these is what I will purchase, trust me that I've spent the past week researching everything under $1000 (the most I can afford right now). I like PSA's warranty, 60 day trial period, free shipping, and that they are made here in the states. But I'm stuck on deciding which one, and I'm not sure but looking at these specs it looks like the sealed version performs better. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks. 15V Output The 15V output numbers are acquired by using the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ Standard, ANSI/CTA-2010-B - Standard Method of Measurement for Subwoofers, formerly known as CEA-2010 16Hz - 25Hz: 115.8 dB 31Hz - 50Hz: 124.0 dB 63Hz - 100Hz: 126.3 dB 16Hz - 100Hz: 123.2 dB 15S Output The 15S output numbers are acquired by using the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ Standard, ANSI/CTA-2010-B - Standard Method of Measurement for Subwoofers, formerly known as CEA-2010. 16Hz - 25Hz: 109.4 dB 31Hz - 50Hz: 121.8 dB 63Hz - 100Hz: 136.5 dB 16Hz - 100Hz: 121.6 dB
  4. I just bought the pair that was listed for $274. These were exactly what I was searching for, but I didn't have had a clue about them. Thanks for taking the time to help me. Cheers!
  5. Everything's black. Funny, but I was checking those exact speakers out earlier. I like 'em, they would get me by just fine I think. Thanks for your help.
  6. I have RF 7 II's, and just received my RC 64 III (haven't unboxed it yet). I currently have some lousy Synergy S10's for surround. This is all in a 16X25 room. 70% music use Yamaha Aventage 5.1HT system. Single level house, tile flooring. No desire to go to 7.1, but will go 5.2 eventually. I just purchased the mains and center, so I'm not really wanting to go over $500 for surrounds. Thanks
  7. What do ya'll think of using these for L/R surround speakers? They have decent specs, and ***zon has them on sale for $398.99, regular $549.99. They don't look bad, but they are big. I'm surfing around trying to find the best bang for my buck, and ran across them. Thanks for any advise.
  8. Thanks for the tip. He offered me a sweet deal on the mk III, even better than I can get on a mk II. I'll post my impressions after I get it and play around for a while with movies, and music. Cheers!
  9. Youthman I agree with you for sure on keeping things the same. I was looking at CF, and they had them priced @ 1399 & 1499. I have found an authorized on line dealer (ASD) that has NIB @ 999, or open box @ 829. I'm going with the 64 II, but now that the prices are so close I've another dilemma to contend with. It's kind of hard to pay the same price for a center that I paid for one of the floor standers, lol. Thanks for all the help
  10. Thanks Youthman, I didn't realize they have different tweeters. Dubs you were lucky, now open box/used are a minimum $800, I'll keep looking around though, thanks.
  11. Hello, I finally got a pair RF 7 II's and am wondering if the RC 64 III timbre would pair with them. The two centers are only separated by $100 new. I see by the specs that the III is 2" deeper, and a few pounds heavier. Has anyone done an A/B comparison? Thanks for any help.
  12. Well, I showed the wife these, and she,(like me) think the best course is to go with the Cornscala C's. Don't get me wrong, I really love the community here, but Cornscala seems really hard to beat for the price, and the best of both worlds is the most awesome part of the deal. I really try hardto get Klipsch, but it's really hard to find anything decent close by, without having to drive for long miles @3.30+ per gallon for gas, and then getting something used, replacing Xovers, or whatever's broken, the Cornscala's just seem like my best bet/value. Many thanks to all, and I really think I'll eventually(officially) join the community with Heresy iii's. I'm really fascinated by these little guys! Many, many thanks, and best wishes to all!
  13. Which set of speakers is more updated/newer?
  14. Ha, thanks for the help, as I'm really not a very good negotiator. I will do, tyvm!
  15. I have a tech friend that can rebuild them for me for $25, if I buy the kits. What would be the second item to upgrade, woofers?
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