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  1. I had a Yamaha CR-2020 receiver driving the TimeWindows... Now I have a Yamaha CR-2010 driving one of the pairs of speakers I own. I also have a McIntosh MC2105/C36 for the JBL's. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. I've owned DCM TimeWindows that I purchased new in 1978. And a Bose 5.2 system that I purchased in 1994. I think the Bose made me lose interest in enjoying music at home. Since renewing my interest in music and hifi equipment that was rekindled when I purchased a tube amp back in 2012 I have acquired 3 pairs of what are considered audiophile quality speakers to me. The first are Polk Audio LSiM 703's, the second are JBL L100T3's and the third are custom 'Heresy' speakers that were build by another member. To me all three speakers sound good...but different. When I first got the custom 'Heresy's' I thought they didn't sound that good ...but not because they sounded hornlike or shrill. I thought they sounded kind of dull. But after breaking in for 30 or 40 hours the Heresy's seemed to become three dimensional and much smoother sounding than the other speakers I have. To me horns sound much more natural and less analytical. As I said...I got back into hifi so I could enjoy music. A sound that is not as straining is a sound that makes listening less stressful and something I can do for hours. I'm glad I found horns. They sound so much better to me.
  3. The memory is the first thing to go and I don't remember what the second thing is.
  4. well a lot depends upon peoples abilities and availability of shop/tools. then there is the design aspect of it and the fit and finish quality of materials (all top notch)and that hardware is not cheap either. not defending these to you but I do have respect for them and they do represent quality value, I have listened to them. I was in Toronto demonstrating with Ze'ev at the TAVES CES show some weeks back and we won three "Best Sound at Show" awards as well as a handfull of honorable mentions in the audio press so they are not to be laughed at. The point of the link was not sell you something the point of the link is that Ze'ev runs a DIY business with lots of members and there is a lot of free design info. I guess that all that free design info and experience from members there are of no use to you? so far as I can see no one went pee in your cornflakes you just seem to be looking for an excuse to get angry perhaps there are some pills you could take? Best regards Moray James. As I said in my previous post I thought you were trying to direct me to the $3000 speakers the web site has listed for sale. I apologize for not understanding the point of your comment or what I was supposed to be getting out of the link.
  5. So now your going to tell me I better damn well listen to another senior member and spend $2000 for plywood? And if I don't you're going to all gang up on me a for not obeying a high and mighty member? You know if you don't like me you can just go away. Or...if you really want provoke more sarcasm why don't we settle this man to man. Yeah, since moronic threats are what this forum is all about, Blake. I asked a question about using Klipsch driver and crossovers in speaker shape similar to TimeWindows and asked for opinions about how something like that would sound. I looked at the link for these multi thousand dollar spears that look nothing like TimeWindows. To be honest when I looked at the images and saw the open baffle design and then saw the price it shocked me. And that's why I said I wasn't going to spend $2000 on a sheet of plywood because I figured that since I asked about putting Klipsch drivers in the speakers that that's what we're used in the $3000 speakers. So I made a mistake. From what I see its $2000 from hardware and $1000 for plywood. But I'm still not looking at at using anything but the drivers I could get from somewhere like the Crites' web site. And I'm not looking at changing the design into an open baffle design. As far as a moronic threat I'm confused. I know nothing I said was a threat. Were you saying that the "Back for more, eh Sprags" was a moronic threat. I saw that as being more of a moronic provocation. I directed my one comment to the member that made that provocation and tried to move on. That's why my next comment in the thread thanked everyone for their suggestions. I didn't start this thread to provoke arguments or threats or stupidity. And unfortunately because of people like mungkiman throwing in a remark that has no relevance to the topic and then provoking Thaddeus Smith to add some gasoline that this thread has turned to shit.
  6. The sounds that TimeWindows and Bose produce are two totally different sounds.
  7. I understand just angling 2 pairs of drivers are probably not going to duplicate the sound. But probably is the key word. If I use Klipsche type drivers and the right crossovers the 2 pairs of angled drivers would probably produce a more open sound...that's my guess.
  8. So now your going to tell me I better damn well listen to another senior member and spend $2000 for plywood? And if I don't you're going to all gang up on me a for not obeying a high and mighty member? You know if you don't like me you can just go away. Or...if you really want provoke more sarcasm why don't we settle this man to man.
  9. That is way more than anyone should have to spend unless they like to buy stuff that's way overpriced just so they can say they spent $2000 for a sheet of plywood.
  10. I used to have a pair of TimeWindows I purchased new while in college back in the 70's. Unfortunately they were stolen from back in 1988. And since then I've thought about buying them again when they thbecame available becauseI really liked the openness of the sound though I always thought they lacked the range that other speakers have. And now that I have my Custom Heresy's I really appreciate that characteristic even more. As I said I've had the opportunity to buy TimeWindows on several occasions but I keep changing my mind and not buying them. Which brings me to an idea... I'd like to perhaps try building a speaker that sort of duplicates the design of the TimeWindows with drivers pointing in two directions at the angle of the baffle boards. Rather than using small diameter drivers like the ones TimeWindows have I thought about using the drivers that are in a Bob Crite's speaker design with a full sized woofer and horns but of course have two sets in each speaker in a cabinet that mimics the TimeWindows angle. Any thoughts or ideas or opinions? Even if it's to tell me my idea is wacky. Thanks.
  11. Back in Septemper I purchased 'new' Custom Heresy's....or at least that's how they were described to me. Prior to this speaker I've never had any experience with Klipsch speakers other than a pair a fraternity brother had in his room at the house. I just remember them being huge. To the point where because they were so big no one else could bunk in his room. We still managed to cram 10 or 18 guys in the room on a Friday night for drinking though. Anyway back to mine. Unfortunately one corner on each speaker got crushed during shipping ...and as luck would have it the corners were on the top. FedEx denied the claim but the seller who built these customs ended up refunding me $360 back. I was really excited about getting these speakers because the photos of them looked great...but the damaged woodwork got me angry. I was ready to just tell the seller I wanted my money back and he was willing to do that. While waiting for the day to make the journey to return them I had them plugged in and suddenly realized the speakers were worth keeping...even with the damage. I am really impressed with how great they sound. Thank you.
  12. Sprags

    Turntable Deals!

    Those turntables are crap...but everyone here knows that already
  13. I currently live in West Dundee. My Klipsch's are custom built. I'd like to meet with other audiophiles in the Chicago area....buy due to living arrangements I wouldn't be able to open my home for meetings.
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