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  1. Here's a few sites to get you started. I have purchased from Elusive Disc, Music Direct, & Classic Records and gotten first class service. Elusive Disc Acoustic Sounds Audiophile International Classic Records Music Direct Red Trumpet
  2. I'm a Suzanne Vega fan, she's very unique and writes clever songs. The production values and recording quality on her albums are first class, many songs make good "demo's" for higher end systems. If you like S.Z. you may also want to check out Aimee Mann who's also quite talented and often overlooked.
  3. Sony may not have the best selection of vinyl right not but if you see something you do like: BUY IT! Their pricing is competitive and they have a free shipping offer this month. I recently bought a couple of Pearl Jam LP's and the Audioslave LP from the Sony Music Store. They're even giving a free Audioslave poster with the purchase, something I can roll up and put in the closet with my other posters. Their current prices are lower than any of the other on-line sellers like Elusive Disc, Red Trumpet, or Music Direct (on those particular titles). If enough people actually buy the vinyl format Sony (and others) just might increase their offerings but if no one buys anything the bean counters will eventually phase it out. Also, support your local stores that do carry vinyl and pester the crap out of the ones that don't. Voting on political issues is free to citizens but if you want the corporations to listen to you it involves letting the moths out of the wallet once in a while. Besides, you need more LP's - getting your butt out of the chair every 15 minutes or so to flip sides is good for the cardiovascular system.
  4. I've got the Led Zeppelin catalog in 180/200 gram versions from Classic and also a few other groups. They really are nice sounding LP's plus the jackets and sleeves are reproduced like the original release, so you get original type art work and features. Check out Elusive Disc, they are a good company and run specials fairly regulary on their e-mail list. http://www.elusivedisc.com You may also want to check out http://www.redtrumpet.com and http://www.amusicdirect.com/ for vinyl.
  5. ---------------- On 10/10/2003 8:36:36 PM reel 2 reel wrote: Then there's the other one from the 70's....."Smokey and the bandit"!!!!...The first one ...not the sequels either..... ---------------- My favorite Gleason quote from SATB: "There is no way, no way that you came from my loins. The first thing I'm gonna do when I get home is punch your momma in the mouth."
  6. Warning: Counting the "if's" in the next paragraph could prove taxing If the cartridges were stored in a dark, cool, dry and ozone-free environment they may be in a good enough condition to still use. If they have been stored in an attic or right next to your Sharper Image Ionic Breeze air purifier they're probably toast. Depending on what materials the maker used and how the cantilever is mounted the suspension may have hardened or completely deteriorated. If you have a good magnifying glass look closely and see if the cantilever is straight and if it's bushing/grommet/elastomer looks dry-rotted or melted. Using your fingernail carefully touch the stylus and move the cantilever up and down. If it moves very stiffly or extremely loose the suspension is probably shot, but different cartridge manufacturers damp them as needed so the stiffness will vary. If they survive inspection this far the next thing is to look at the stylus under a microscope to determine wear. Some audio dealers still keep microscopes around or a mediochre quality scientific type borrowed from your neighbor's budding Carl Sagan-wannabe kid will also do. If the stylus looks good just clean it and set it up but first try it on LP's you're not in love with to be on the safe side. If in doubt do not use a questionable condition cartridge, if the suspension has hardened/loosened or the stylus is shot it will sound like crap and ruin your LP's as a bonus. A cartridge's elastomer, rubber, or whatever the maker used definitely ages so the damping will also change, directly altering the sonic characteristics of that particular cartridge. It may sound decent but chances are that it doesn't sound as good as it did when fresh. I've got two cartridges around that I've had since the 80's and both still sound reasonably good. I only use them in secondary systems with worn or thrift store vinyl and play the good stuff on recently manufactured cartridges in my main systems.
  7. Anyone ever eat minced barbecue or Slim Jim's while watching "Motel Hell"? Or have ribs while watching "Night Of The Living Dead"? Chilled monkey brains, anyone?
  8. ---------------- On 10/9/2003 8:57:25 PM fini wrote: "Beaver Cheese" fini ---------------- the musical?
  9. BTW The "Make Cheese not War" would sell in France like hot cakes. Have a website made by Kelly and you'll get rich from this idea! Especially if you can get Jerry Lewis to do the ad campaign.
  10. ....they still amaze me with their sonic quality. I have been driving these with a Carver 4000 pre-amp and a Carver 15 TFM 120 Watt Amplifier combo and it is more than enough to get incredibly loud yet acoustically accurate, distortion free volume. Klipsch recommends a 100 watts for these. I found the Carver pair above to match these very well and would recommend this combination if you are in the market for electronics also.... No wonder he's selling them - look what he's been driving them with! And to think that he would recommend that combo to someone else - my ears are hemorrhaging just imagining how shrill that would sound. All you need is a mid-1980's CD player to create a match made for tinnitus. Can you say ssssssssssssibilance?
  11. Just a few off the top of my head: Gladiator X-Files Donnie Darko Dead Man Walking The Green Mile Lost Highway Batman From Dusk Till Dawn Pirates Of The Caribbean
  12. The large flat space on the motor plinth is where you bang your head when either listening to 80's metal or when you realize how much you overspent for this rig!
  13. ---------------- On 10/9/2003 7:17:44 AM fini wrote: Am I the only one here who has never seen a "Terminator" movie? I'm sure there is no way they could be as good as "Cannibal! The Musical." Am I the only one here who has seen "Cannibal! The Musical?" fini ---------------- Nope, I'll admit to seeing Cannibal! The Musical. It was rather uneven but the scenes with the Nihongin tribe ("Nihongin" is Japanese for "Japanese) almost made me fall out of my chair laughing! "Look at all these teepees we have. Because...we are...Indians."
  14. ---------------- On 10/9/2003 10:09:23 AM sunnysal wrote: my hovercraft is full of eels. love long and prosper. rain on my parade will ya? neat attics make for busy hands. tony ---------------- Ya! Ya! Ya! Ya! Do you waaaaant ... do you waaaaaant ... to come back to my place, bouncy-bouncy? If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me? I ... I am no longer infected. My nipples explode with delight! Judge: "Get on with it, get on with it." Bailiff: "That's fine. On the 28th of May, you published this phrase book." Publisher: "I did." Bailiff: "I quote an example. The Hungarian phrase meaning 'Can you direct me to the station?' is translated by the English phrase, 'Please fondle my bum.'" Publisher: "I wish to plead incompetence."
  15. Special Delivery! A toaster/amplifier just for Kelly! Yep, those are Western Electric tubes in that baby!
  16. I would much rather have 3 dB of dynamic headroom than 3 WPC. I wanna see the lights dim when I switch an amp on!
  17. A variation on the old snake bite joke.
  18. ---------------- On 10/3/2003 6:40:15 PM artto wrote: I kicked God's *** it's true ---------------- Better watch out for the rematch, though!
  19. How about this doggy-dude? Ain't he cool!
  20. I think this canine can talk. How about the line from the dog in the movie "Road Trip"? ..... Hey Jack, have that beeotch make me some blueberry pancakes...right now!
  21. ---------------- On 10/2/2003 8:10:19 PM mungkiman wrote: Curmudgeon - I'm not interested in arguing with you. You are welcome to have different opinions than I have on how this country was obtained/founded, or any other matter. I do not believe (again my opinion), that religion or politics have a place on this forum, but we all know they prompt responses from the likes of us. ---------------- Who's arguing? I was just making a smart-a$$ed remark. But this news story did warm the cockles of my heart: Redskins Can Keep Trademark, Judge Rules By Carol D. Leonnig Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, October 2, 2003; Page A01 http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A28449-2003Oct1.html
  22. ---------------- On 10/2/2003 7:18:45 PM mungkiman wrote: Please don't forget that this is NOT our country. We stole it by killing and imprisoning the NATIVE Americans. Please don't forget that this BECAME an English speaking country after WE immigrated here and brought the language from overseas, just as other immigrants are doing. And please keep the god crap to yourself. The above rant is my OPINION, and directed at the fool who drafted the original article, not any of you. I do agree with a lot of the other points, but please keep your arrogance and ignorance to yourself. ---------------- Attended the public school system in California, huh?
  23. Good old UPS, you gotta love `em! Trying to give the U.S. Postal Service a run for their money!
  24. The main factor that is key to successfully purchasing used audio equipment from eBay, Audiogon, or wherever is communication with the seller. E-mail or phone the seller and asked detailed (but not obnoxious) questions about the gear. Good sellers will offer more info than you ask for and back it up with images, bad sellers will give you answers like they were filtered through a politician first. If the seller is vague about the cosmetic condition, operational condition, whether he is the original owner, etc. than RUN away from the sale, even if it looks like a bargain. Most of the sellers on eBay and Audiogon are decent people but there's always that low percentage of miscreants that are out to rip people off, you just have to be able to discern the type of person you're dealing with from the communication. Be extremely careful if a seller requests payment using Western Union wire transfers or an on-line escrow service - there are a lot of fake escrow sites out there and once the money's sent you'll never see it again. If you see an eBay auction where the seller has set it up to accept only "pre-approved" bidders ignore it, pretend the auction doesn't exist because the listed item doesn't exist either. Some low-life keeps trying to slip eBay listings in for high-dollar Levinson equipment but it's pretty easy to spot them as a fakes, so far eBay has been done OK at policing for them but eBay runs thousands of auctions simultaneously - and no one sells a current production $6000.00 amp for $1500.00. Don't get sucked into a pipe dream. If using eBay or Audiogon always check out a person's feedback. Good feedback is essential and it can tell you how a person handles transactions, problems, and if they are an enthusiast or a reseller. Watch the resellers: usually the "checked by a tech" statement means he loaned the piece to a drinking buddy and it seems to work. I have had 99.9% good experiences buying used equipment on both eBay and Audiogon, saving a lot of money vs. buying new (or used) from local dealers. Along the way I have met many nice people that are dedicated to audio and very informative (like the bulk of those on this forum). Most of them are like the rest of us, scratching and scraping their way up the ladder in search of better sound, trading out components to achieve a certain goal. Most of those that pay the heavy prices for well constructed gear take very good care of it; it's not unusual to find Klipsch, Linn, Levinson, McIntosh, etc. components that are 20-30 years old in like-new condition. Most forum members will also offer up their for-sale equipment here first as a courtesy which is another good way to find fair deals, especially if you're looking for Klipsch speakers or the appropriate gear to drive them with. Overall, use a common sense approach to buying used gear: 1) Talk to the seller, ask pertinent questions, ascertain cosmetic & operational condition 2) Examine and listen to items beforehand if possible, request images of actual item 3) Discuss packing & shipping issues before committing to the sale 4) Discuss any included accessories (manuals, remotes, cords, etc.) 5) Ascertain the number of owners and if any warranty left is transferable (verify warranty transferability with manufacturer) 6) Always pay using a traceable form of payment (like credit cards) 7) Discuss who pays any PayPal or credit card fees beforehand If buying gear long-distance ask the seller to send it COD, there's no risk to the seller and it gives you a chance to make sure there's something other than bricks in the box. If the gear is really expensive consider having the seller ship it directly to a dealer/repair facility to get checked out, it's the buyer's responsibility to pay for the check-out charges but it might be worth the peace of mind on high-dollar pieces. Good luck and hope this info helps you!
  25. On-line auctions that ask for Western Union money transfers as the only form of payment are a big tip-off that it's a scam. Another major red flag is an eBay auction that restricts bidders to only those pre-qualified (via e-mail) by the seller. Personally, I don't think eBay should even allow that type of auction as it lets thieves pick and choose among their victims. Thieves have also tried to sell vehicles on eBay, one zero tried to sell a Kawasaki ZZR-1200 that was non-existent. He had pulled images of the bike from a private web site and gotten a VIN (vehicle identification number) from another ZZR registry site. The thief's mistake was that the real owner's truck was in one the picture's along with the motorcycle, the real owner saw the auction and notified eBay to get it shut down. It's amazing what some of these low-life MF'ers will try just to extract money from unsuspecting buyers. Never, ever give out VIN's or serial numbers for vehicles, audio equipment, or anything worth owning because somewhere out there is a lazy slimeball just waiting for something to legitimize their next listing.
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