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  1. If anyone in the Tidewater area (I refuse to call it Hampton Roads) is in need of a generator the Home Depot on 3352 Virginia Beach Blvd. had a bunch of them as of about a half hour ago. I stopped by there to pick up a few things and they had them stacked up in the aisles right by the cash registers. There was at least 15-20 generators in plain sight and they might even have more. Other locations probably have them too, call them if you need one. This is not an advertisement for Home Depot (I don't even like the place that much) but if someone wants a generator they have them in stock, beats candles and Sterno any day!.
  2. ---------------- On 9/14/2003 9:43:51 PM IB Slammin wrote: Oh My. You girls sucked me in again. People that I have listened to live............ 8. THE Frank Zappa ( sat on top of 2 Marshalls and wailed - twice) ---------------- One of the reasons I have so much respect for Frank Zappa as a guitar player is that I saw him in concert around 1981, about the time he was promoting the Shut Up 'N' Play Yer Guitar album. The venue was at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. This concert was different than a lot of his earlier shows, there was less goofing around and for the most part FZ and the band stuck with harder edged, more guitar oriented songs. FZ did a lot of solo's and absolutely cooked, it seemed he was concentrating (at that time) on demonstrating that he was as able a guitar soloist as any of the other "heavies". If FZ had wanted to he could have played lead for any of the hard rock bands around and made a name for himself doing nothing but that. Of course, FZ was too talented in other areas to just stick to lead guitar, he left a legacy of varied and interesting music that no one else will ever truly duplicate. So you wanna be a crew s l u t ? Don't make a fuss - just get on the bus!
  3. DeanG: "You're not quite evil enough. You're semi-evil. You're quasi-evil. You're the margarine of evil. You're the Diet Coke of evil, just one calorie, not evil enough."
  4. Women should be obscene and not heard. - Groucho Marx
  5. Hello all, I would like to get some recommendations on superior sounding tubes to use in the phono section of my McIntosh C2200 preamp. The built-in moving-magnet phono stage uses two 12AX7As and two 12AT7As, the OEM's are Chinese made Svetlana's and rather mediocre from what I understand. The phono section's current sound is OK but nothing special so I was thinking that upgrading the tubes might kick it up a notch (and be cheaper than buying another phono stage). For a comparison my Aragon 47k phono stage outperforms the C2200's, the Aragon is SS and not true high-end. Has anyone here swapped out tubes on a C2200? I have seen recommendations for RCA blackplates, Mullards, Telefunkens, etc. but I really don't know diddly about tubes themselves and the various qualities different brands exhibit. I don't mind spending the money for good tubes but I would rather avoid having to buy a bunch of different brands to experiment. One of the reasons I went with Mcintosh tube components was to keep it simple - high reliability and no biasing, etc. Plus, I have no way of testing tubes here (gone are the days when most drug stores had tube testing machines in them) so I would also be in need of a reliable source to buy them, such as another forum member or reliable web site. If the phono tube swap works well I'll do the main preamp tubes also. I'm putting together a 2nd Linn LP12 deck to utilize the C2200's phono section, my VPI Scout has a Clearaudio Sigma on it so the Aragon 47k is configured for MC use. Any recommendations would be most appreciated, I know a lot of you out there (Kelly, Allan Songer, Erik Mandaville, etc.) have extensive personal experience with tubes whereas my only knowledge of them is from reading on this forum and the web. In other words I can spell tube and use it in a sentence but that's about it. Thanks in advance for any suggestions! by the way, I generally listen to rock, blues, older jazz, and a bit of classical if that info will help. My current tube setup is as follows: McIntosh C2200 pre (all OEM tubes) McIntosh MC-275 Gow Commemorative amp (all OEM tubes) 1979 Klipschorns KC-BR (unmodded) Preamp/amplifier via balanced cables
  6. ---------------- On 9/11/2003 3:38:10 PM IndyKlipschFan wrote: It is the next line that totally baffles me: "There is a healthy used market for music. It is perfectly legal." Hmmm It seems that the secondary market you refer to is used CD's. While this is legal, AND, It amazes me that it is... I mean the record company only got paid ONE TIME for this purchase...Same with the artist... Are you not buying for a "service fee" a free copy of someone else's work? This is about as close to stealing IMO too. Our "service fee" online may be a modem, AOL, or cable, dsl, connection too. What is the difference??? In your thinking.. Shouldn't this be perfectly legal too? Hear me out, someone bought a CD and downloaded it to their computer. You copied it down to yours... Same as borrowing a CD from a friend or buying a used one at a record store if you ask me. You are also stealing it. ---------------- I may be incorrect here legally (although probably not morally) but there's nothing wrong with selling used CD's, LP's, or retail cassettes. The artist gets royalties when the original media is sold via retail. Once a person tires of listening to it and wants to unload it there is nothing wrong with selling it as long as no illegal copy has been made. If the persons keeps a copy (CD, tape, MP3, wav, etc.) and sells the original that's wrong, the artist is getting hosed. If the person keeps the original and makes copies for their friends that's also wrong. Selling copies is downright piracy, anyway. If only the original retail media is resold it shouldn't matter, the artist has received their royalty for that particular copy. Essentially, as long as the number of media copies on the street doesn't increase via copying the artist has been paid appropriately. What do they expect you to do with music you no longer want - destroy it or give it away? How about if I buy a basic CD of Duke Ellington/Blues In Orbit and then later buy a MFSL dual layer SACD version. Am I stuck forever with the basic CD or should I be allowed to recoup some money from the purchase? Does the next guy or gal have the right to purchase my old CD? In my mind, private ownership of music falls under different rules then public play: artists get royalties per media copy for private ownership and collect royalties per airplay or per public performance in the public end of it. If it's any different feel free to correct me. I believe computer software can be sold in a similar manner: If uninstalled from your CPU and no copy retained = legal to sell. If the software is not uninstalled from the CPU and/or a copy retained then it's an illegal sale. By the way IndyKlipschFan, this is strictly commentary and not meant to be argumentative with your post
  7. Note that even with my parody of the RIAA headlines I do not advocate file swapping or artist's losing control over their intellectual properties. Between my wife and myself we have over 600 retail CD's and I have over 500 LP's, plus a hundred or so cassettes I made in the 70's & 80's. The bulk of the cassettes are copies of my LP's made to play in the car and to cut down on LP wear. And yes, a few of the cassettes were taped from friends albums (gasp). We own a fair amount of music and a lot of it has been obtained used or through clubs due to the ridiculous overpricing of CD's in retail stores, there's not many (single) CD's out there worth $18-20.00. I refuse to subsidize the record companies overpromotion and overpayments to talentless bubble-gum, boy-band, Barbie-doll bands or bad hip-hop posturers (there's nothing wrong with good hip-hop) by paying inflated retail. Especially for older rock, jazz, blues, and classical CD's that have been out for years and should be more competitively priced. Universal Music's latest move to drop prices will hopefully help, paying $10-13.00 for single CD's is no problem at all to me but the record companies can stuff their $20.00 titles and Britney Spears. - The main reason I don't like the RIAA is that their tactics remind me of the marching hammers from "The Wall" . Perhaps the RIAA lawyers could get some red and black uniforms for court days.
  8. RIAA headlines to come: RIAA sues teenage mother and unborn fetus ..... The mother file-swapped therefore the fetus is an accessory, RIAA lawyer files to place hold on child's trust fund account ... Toddler sued by RIAA, Fisher-Price to be next ..... It seems that the youngster duplicated some of Metallica's chords and riffs on a Tuff Stuff® Sing-Along Karaoke Tape Recorder in a public forum (kindergarten playground) and was financially compensated (gum, candy, pencils). RIAA lawyer states that if you let one person get away with it, society will implode ... RIAA offers amnesty program ..... You have to uninstall any file sharing software on your computer and then publish a letter-to-the-editor in your local paper stating that you're a felon and are in need of a flogging. Then destroy any and all CDR's you've made, even if they don't have music on them. Delete all of the music from your computer (legal or not - remember, this is punishment), remove your hard drive and beat it with a hammer. Next, take the hammer to all of your current CD's so that you can do the right thing and repurchase them (to help the artists, of course). Lastly, destroy any CD or DVD burners you may own - they are inherently evil. Also, if you own a VCR, tape recorder, or DAT please destroy those too (we're still P.O.'d that we didn't take care of this issue sooner). Draw up an affidavit certifying that you have done all of this, sign it: I am a guilty wanker and mail it to us (at your expense, of course). RIAA lawyers state that those in the amnesty program may still have to pay fines but "we'll handle the court costs" ... RIAA suing estate of Mother Theresa ..... Developing
  9. ---------------- On 9/10/2003 12:14:55 AM fini wrote: Anything with Kevin Kostner. fini (not a big fan of his acting) ---------------- Speaking of fini's favorite actor , Kevin Costner had a memorable death scene in A Perfect World. Not just the final scene where the FBI sniper takes him out, technically it starts where the boy shoots him in the farm house. Is Butch Haynes (Costner) a good guy, or a bad guy? A victim of improper upbringing? Gets you to thinking in a Slingblade sort of way. - As for one of the goriest death scenes ever: Dead Alive has to take the cake. At the end of the movie when Lionel takes out the zombies with a lawnmower they must have had to haul in the fake blood in 55 gallon drums! All of you Lord of the Ring fans out there who are just familiarizing yourself with Peter Jackson's films should check out Dead Alive, just make sure you have a sense of humor and a few barf bags handy for your weak-stomached friends. Now, where did that Sumatran rat-monkey get to?
  10. ---------------- On 9/11/2003 12:08:46 PM Marvel wrote: TE DEUM Patrem ingenitum, te Filium unigenitum, te Spiritum Sanctum Paraclitum, sanctam et individuam Trinitatem, toto corde et ore confitemur, laudamus, atque benedicimus: tibi gloria in saecula. Great idea fini! Mrvel ---------------- Does that mean it's OK to talk dirty in Esperanto?
  11. Just thought of a few more decent ones: Dennis Hopper's death scene in True Romance. The word play between him and Christopher Walken was absolutely hilarious. Al Pacino's death scene in Scarface. Talk about lead poisoning! The scene from the first Friday the 13th where the kid in a bunk gets stabbed from underneath straight through the mattress.
  12. ------------- Goobers on the left, raisonets on the right. ------------- Is this like the scene from "The Jerk" where Steve Martin has the difference between $hite and shinola explained to him?
  13. ---------------- On 9/9/2003 1:48:23 PM RickB wrote: I can't believe Michael Schenker, Alvin Lee, Leslie West or Frank Marino are not on either list. At least they got Yngwie Malmsteen on this list. ---------------- Speaking of Alvin Lee, I've got an original Deram/London vinyl copy of "Undead", Ten Years After's second live album that was recorded in a London blues club called Klooks Kleek. I think it was done around 1967 or 68. Good live recording in a "club" atmosphere, Alvin Lee really tears it up on "Woodchoppers Ball" and "I'm Going Home". Yup, Alvin deserves a place on the list, even if he hasn't done much lately.
  14. Phantasm has a couple of good ones. The scene in the mortuary when the silver ball flies in and drills into the victim's skull, gushing a gallon or so of blood. At the end of the movie (not a true death scene) when the Tall Man reaches through the mirror and grabs the boy - that will stick in your memory! Another standout is Fargo: the wood chipper scene.
  15. I'm wondering why Zappa is so far down on both lists, although not directly known for it he is a serious guitar player. Should be in the top ten, at least in my opinion. Guitar Magazine's list makes a lot more sense than the Rolling Stones one, though. And by the way, where is Mato Nanji of Indigenous on either list? That dude can literally channel SRV on stage - a hell of a guitar player! A "must hear" in a concert venue, CD's can't capture the kind of show Mato puts on. Anyone else seen Indigenous in concert?
  16. That's the first twin-powered MINI Cooper I've seen!
  17. My suggestion to to take the copy-protected CD back to the store where it was purchased and demand your money back! Especially if it has no external markings stating that it's copy-protected. If enough people refuse to buy them and keep returning the P.O.S's to the retailers eventually the artists and record companies should back off. If an artist or record company wants to utilize copy protection - let 'em starve! The following site has a list of CD's with known problems: http://www.fatchucks.com/z3.cd.html
  18. I find that when I watch David Copperfield videos the cables will just levitate themselves!
  19. Here's a recipe for ya! Eat `em up! CAT POOP COOKIES! (Author Unknown) Here, by popular request (believe it or not) is the recipe for the infamous disgusting cookies that look like cats poops (rolled in grape-nuts, which makes lovely fake kitty litter.) There are two flavors-chocolate (dark brown) and gingerbread (light brown). The author seldom measured carefully, so the amounts may need adjustment, especially on flavoring. The cookies are dense and not very sweet, this is necesssary so that they will keep their shape during baking. If you use white flour or sugar, they may be tastier but they won't look like poopies. Chocolate ingredients: 1/2 cup honey 2/3 cup (1 and 1/3 stick) butter, margarine, or lard 1 egg 1 tsp vanilla or peppermint extract 2 cups whole wheat flour 1/3 cup cocoa powder grape-nuts cereal Gingerbread ingredients: 1/4 cup honey 1/4 cup molasses 2/3 cup(1 and 1/3 stick) butter or margarine, or lard 1 egg 2 and 1/3 cups whole wheat flour spices-ginger, cinnamon, cloves to taste (maybe 1/2 tsp each) grape-nuts cereal Mix-ins: Coconut = tapeworms Chocolate chips = poop chunks! Butterscotch chips = diarrhea! Peanut butter chips = diarrhea! Cooked spagetti or ramen noodles = roundworms Corn = self explanatory! Peanuts = chunks To Make: Microwave the honey till it bubbles (about 1 minute). Add the butter, (I've been told using lard makes for a more realistic texture and softer cookie) and the molasses, if any. Add the egg, mix well, then mix in all the other stuff. Add mix-ins of your choice to some or all of the batter. Chill 1 hour in the freezer or several hours in the fridge. Roll dough logs of random length and the diameter of cat poops. Roll logs in grape-nuts and bake at 350 degrees till done (about 20 minutes, but this varies so watch them.) Serve in a disposable cat litter box on a bed of grapenuts, with a cat litter scoop. I hear you get lovely effects by decorating the box and scoop with melted chocolate or pudding. Brown sugar might work as a substitute for the new clumping litters... Mixing brown sugar with the grapenuts "sweetens up the cookie a bit while still looking truly hideous."
  20. ---------------- On 4/13/2003 2:50:52 PM Audio Flynn wrote: I would rather spend $ 100 on a pair of AQ Coral interconnects than on one LP. ---------------- Yes, but would those pedestrian AQ Coral interconnects make you really cool ? Lately I've taken to draping my Linn Silver 1.2m interconnects over the inside rear view mirror of my car, and now I have to beat the girls away with a short length of AQ Mammoth carpet snake when I'm out crusing the strip. Plus, the Linn IC's look better than fuzzy dice.
  21. Pikers? You wanna buy my caravan for $100k?
  22. WHAT?? No Leonard Nimoy or Boxcar Willie? What kind of a record collector are you, anyway?
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